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ThoughtFarmer 6: Social Intranet Gets Archiving for User-Generated Content

Blogs, wikis, activity feeds and other user-generated content are turning intranets into vibrant internal social networks. But what should be done with all that content, much of which gets old fast? In the newest version of its software, social intranet software vendor ThoughtFarmer has released a new archiving tool just for that purpose.

Navigating the 3 C's of Customer Experience - Step 2: Content

Content managers, our time is now.

Paywall Provider MediaPass Helps Online Publishers Go Beyond Advertising

Can paywalls become an even larger factor in moving online content away from a dependency on advertising? Los Angeles-based MediaPass, which offers customizable paywalls, is betting they can.

Facebook App of the Week: Auto-posting with Post Planner

For this week’s Facebook App of the Week, we’re looking at Post Planner, an application that auto-posts information to fan pages or groups.

Tell to Win: Good for Business, Good for Customer Experience

Who better to talk about the power of storytelling than someone in the entertainment industry? That’s exactly what Peter Guber, chief executive officer of Mandalay Entertainment Group and co-owner of the NBA's Golden State Warriors did. His most recent book, Tell to Win, isn’t new -- it was published in 2011, but it came across my desk at a peculiar moment.

Struggling with Content Marketing? Here's What to Do Now

Chances are pretty darn good you’re already a content marketer. But do you find yourself sometimes hitting a wall?

Content Marketing with Google Analytics

I think we can all agree that Google and other search engines are putting a very large emphasis on content development in 2013 and beyond. Better stated; want to show up better in search engines? Write more content!  

Websites Holding Steady with Mobile, Social Content Mix

As the content landscape appears to be shifting toward mobile and social channels, websites are still considered by customers to be the most trustworthy of content sources. 

BuzzFeed Raises Another US$ 20m, Builds Media Company on Social Content

Anyone that thinks there is no money in news hasn't been following the fortunes of BuzzFeed. Describing itself as a social publisher, BuzzFeed has just announced that it has managed to raise another US$ 20 million to put towards its expansion plans.

CMSWire's Top Contributors 2012 - Stephen Fishman

Pulling in references as varied as South Park, Wittgenstein, John Donne and Andy Warhol, Stephen Fishman's articles cannot be accused of being dull. His opinionated takes on customer experience, user design and the social enterprise provoke discussions at every turn. Find out what drives Stephen in this interview. 

Content Marketing + Web CMS = Better, More Targeted, More Effective Content

Many companies and organizations are making a significant investment in content management in terms of technical resources (including Web CMS and analytics) as well as in time and human resources (such as IT, Communications and Marketing departments). But are they investing the same time and effort in their content strategy?

Outbrain Acquires Scribit to Form a Content Marketing Union

Content discovery platform provider Outbrain is acquiring content curation specialist Scribit.

Web Experience: Designing for the Right Amount of Information

There is a growing need for a much more professional and scientific approach to the management of information. 

In 2013 I Wish ...


All I want for Christmas is for people to stop piling on with more content. Content is a means to a relationship, not a goal in itself and it is not always necessary to push out more content. Instead, look to compound the value of existing content by sharing, discussing, curating and amending. Related to this, I want people to understand that all engagement is not valuable -- engagement for engagement's sake is just a waste of time. -- Rachel Happe, Co-Founder and Principal, The Community Roundtable


OneSpot Helps You Turn Content into Display Advertising

A new platform will enable brands to take those glowing blog posts and turn them into ads. The company behind that platform, OneSpot, has just raised US$ 1.5 million in support of that mission. 

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