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Content Strategy: Five Predictions for 2013

Good news, folks. Last year, I wrote this about my predictions for 2012: “My crystal ball is cloudy, my tea leaves are clumped together and my tarot cards are ripped.” I just wasn’t sure what would happen.

This year, I’m absolutely certain about what 2013 will bring.

2013 Content Strategy: Do Less

Last month, the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs released their report “B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends -- North America.” Not surprisingly, almost everything about content marketing has increased in the past year -- budgets, channels and volume.

Percussion, DivvyHQ Partner For Excel-free Calendaring, Content Production #Gilbane2012

From the Gilbane Conference in Boston Wednesday, Web content management and marketing vendor Percussion has announced a partnership with DivvyHQ, a vendor of a spreadsheet-free editorial calendar applications.

[Infographic] The Future of SEO in the Enterprise

As long as content is king, search engine optimization remains relevant. It takes more than just a few Google updates, or the mounting evidence that shows pay per click advertising gets more leads to keep marketers from pouring time, effort and lots of money in to SEO strategies.

InboundWriter Introduces Enterprise Version to Hone Online Content

Content optimization software provider InboundWriter today released an enterprise version of their online application. The software, which initially catered to individual writers, has been updated so it will appeal to larger organizations that publish online content. 

Clicking Through: Consumers Click on Related Links More than Social Shares

Clicking Through: Consumer Click on Related Links More than Social SharesFor some time now, publishers have been directing readers to “read more” or click through to similar articles they may like. But does it really work? Are readers curious to learn more about related topics? According to the results of a new study, yes.

The Future of Content Marketing Will Require a More Reliable Infrastructure

Curata-Logo-final.jpegLast month, Curata’s Curation Adoption Survey revealed that most marketers are curating content whether they know it or not. Now Curata has surveyed more than 450 marketing professionals about B2B marketing trends and the changing role of content marketing and the results, while not revolutionary, do present an interesting picture about content marketing and the role it plays in overall marketing strategy.

Consumerization of IT: B2B Buyers Edition

More enterprise IT buyers than ever before expect e-commerce to be more consumer like, a new hybris study reveals, and nearly all large companies surveyed said their suppliers needed to make their websites easier and more compelling to use. 

How Data Analysis Helped Obama Win

Smart people use behavior-based data. They make decisions based on what people actually do.

Not Provided: Investigating the Impact of Google's SSL Enhancement

Not Provided: Investigating the Impact of Google's SSL EnhancementQuick! Open up Google Analytics, go to Traffic Sources. Click on Search and then select Organic from the drop down menu. Chances are the first item in a long list of keywords will be “not provided.” But what exactly does that mean? Recently we spoke with Doug Wheeler, Optify's chief marketing officer for an eye-opening account of the impact that Google’s “not provided” keywords have had on referring traffic.

The Future of SEO and Content Marketing: Author Authority

More than ever before, the customer controls the majority of the decision process: they are overall more savvy and more critical of marketing messaging.

Attention Content Strategists, Your New Career is Calling

Woe unto you, content strategists, who have been unlucky enough to end up in a niche discipline that most enterprises look at as a luxury (if they even recognize it as a separate and unique discipline at all). Jumping from one freelance gig to another like a traveling jongleur, simultaneously hoping to find a home, and dreading the thought that you'll end up as a common minstrel in a corporate communications job writing the dreaded corporate-speak content pieces that employees ignore at best and hold in contemptuous disdain at worst.

Addressing the Real Digital Content Problem - People

It is a generally held truism in the digital marketing community that “content is the biggest challenge to manage.” But according to a presentation from Erin Scime, Associate Director of Content Strategy of Razorfish at the recent MIMA Summit, people are the root of the problem when it comes to creating and executing a digital content strategy.

Weekend Reading: Collaboration Needs Trust

skydiving_shutterstock_79760971.jpgWorking collaboratively involves a leap of faith. You enter into a project hoping that everyone will not only carry his or her part of the workload, but will work together to make the project come to fruition. 

Trust came up in quite a few of our features this week. Always a necessity, it is becoming more of a challenge as the number of people working remotely increases. 

What can companies do to foster trust? Are there any tools that help? Read on to find the answers.

Content Strategy: Distracted Behavior is Good for Content Producers

If you’re involved in the business of digital content, then you know you contend with distracted consumers, multi-screened attention and multi-threaded conversations. You probably have thousands of post-its on your desk reminding you to use odd numbers in your headlines, refer to pop culture, tell stories, use video, don’t use video, etc. to make your content stand out.

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