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Couchbase News & Analysis

Couchbase Claims It'll Lead the NoSQL Market by 2015


Don’t tell Oracle's Larry Ellison, but NoSQL databases are the future of the enterprise. Yesterday’s databases weren’t built to handle today’s avalanches of data streaming from social, mobile, web transactions, the Internet of Things and God knows what’s next.

And Couchbase will be the NoSQL database that enterprises who are serious about winning the future will choose, according to Bob Wiederhold, CEO of Couchbase. He said that NoSQL databases have gone through an evolution that began four or five years ago when developers discovered and downloaded technologies like MongoDB to play with at home.

“They liked the ease of development, so they brought them to work and built lightweight applications,” he added.

This was an important period in NoSQL adoption, he continued. It set the stage for 2013 when enterprises decided that NoSQL was ready for prime time and that it could be used for mission critical applications.

“This is when Couchbase took off as company,” he said. “It’s when companies like AT&T, Walmart and eBay began to rely on us, the enterprise NoSQL leader for running high performance mission critical applications."

Will Couchbase Power Future Mobile App Development?

2014-21-May-Ace-of-Spades.jpgCouchbase may have an ace in the hole when it comes to giving mobile developers the tools that they need to build apps that rock.

This morning the software provider that sells commercial packages around Open Source Couchbase Server brings Couchbase Mobile to market. It includes mobile data synchronization and what the company’s Chief Mobile Architect, Wayne Carter, calls the world’s first and only native NoSQL mobile database.

It’s an important innovation that comes at exactly the right time -- as mobile becomes the new major touch point.

Watch Your Back, MongoDB - Couchbase is Coming After Your Customers

Watch Your Back, MongoDB - Couchbase is Coming After Your CustomersAnd Datastax, you may be next.

Sure the headline seems a little dramatic, but we’re not exaggerating at all.

Big Data Bits: Back to School with Cloudera and Udacity, Splunk Goes to Washington

Big data never sleeps, or at least big data vendors don’t. We thought that after we reported and recapped all that went on at Strata+ Hadoop World, all would be calm for a while …

That didn’t happen. 

Big Data Bits Featuring Couchbase, Datawatch, Panopticon, MongoDB, Hadoop 2.x

Information Management, Big Data Bits Featuring Couchbase, Datawatch, Panopticon, MongoDB, Hadoop 2.x

Europe seems to be on holiday this week and in North America it’s the unofficial last week of summer. But in the world of Big Data there’s no time for reclining or relaxing. Though we can’t cover everything, here are a few bits of news we find worth mentioning.

Couchbase Releases Version 2.0 of Couchbase NoSQL Server

Today, Couchbase has released the Couchbase Server 2.0, an updated version of its NoSQL database product, designed to improve server functionality and database capabilities.

Open Source Is All Fun & Games Until Somebody Loses a Project

Enterprise acceptance of open source software has grown tremendously over the last few years. Few voices in the open source community complained about the newfound popularity, but maybe they didn’t know that hanging with the cool kids came with expectations.

Couchbase Attempts to Unify Big Data Languages and Combines Membase with CouchDB

couchbaseLogo.png NoSQL provider Couchbase (news, site) has announced the release of two new products today -- Couchbase 2.0, which consolidates Membase’s key-value repository with CouchDB’s document repository and Unstructured Query Language (UnQL), a query language.

More Companies Embracing Open Source Means Explosive Market Growth

Organizations think open source software (OSS) is bad. You know, bad meaning good. Do people still say bad? Never mind. A Gartner (news, site) study has found that enterprises are increasingly including open source software in their technology portfolio. Propelled by rapid innovation, lower adoption and implementation cost and features rivaling commercial options, OSS is becoming pervasive.

CouchOne and Membase Merge to Form NoSQL Powerhouse

They ran in same technical circles -- NoSQL cool kids. Membase had an open CTO search; CouchOne (newssite) had an open CEO search. It was a match made in data management heaven. Membase and CouchOne have announced their merger to form Couchbase. What does this merger mean for users and the noSQL movement?

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