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Salesforce Extends Mobile Reach Of Service Cloud, More Mobile Apps on the Way

The only surprise in today’s announcement from Salesforce that it is adding more muscle to its Service Cloud is that it hasn’t done it before. Given the focus of Salesforce’s customer-centric apps and the fact that so much customer prospecting is done on mobile, adding better mobile functionality is just about obligatory.

Gartner: Business Intelligence Market Grows, Data as a Service Upcoming Trend

Last week, we saw that the worldwide growth in analytics revenues would be pushed by developments in big data, social business and mobile spaces. Running parallel to this, Gartner says growth will be in sales of business intelligence software.

Gartner MQ for CRM Web Customer Service: Kana, Moxie Software, Oracle-RightNow Among Leaders

There's a new Magic Quadrant Report out from Gartner that focuses on vendors providing one of the most critical tools in a company’s online toolkit -- CRM Web Customer Service Applications. 

Customer Relationship Management as a Customer Experience Differentiator

In the annals of enterprise information technology, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has a storied, if not necessarily checkered past. The term has been associated with expensive implementations with hard to measure returns. CRM is also too often confused with Sales Force Automation (SFA), a system used to track deals and report to management. CRM is bigger, more comprehensive, encompassing Sales, Service and Marketing. 

Forrester: Navigating The Customer Landscape Across 20 Technologies in CRM Ecosystem

With all the discussion around customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience management (CXM), it is hard to believe that one of the major issues facing enterprises is defining CRM strategies. According to Forrester’s William Band, this problem is compounded by a shifting CRM landscape.

Salesforce Acquires Content Integration Specialist EntropySoft

In what has to be one of the deals of the week it has just been announced that Salesforce has bought out the French content connector software company EntropySoft. The interesting thing about it is that it appears to have happened about a month ago, there was no announcement made, and EntropySoft’s website doesn't really exist anymore.

Why Extending CRM is Critical to Meeting Customer Needs

Remember when the front office and the back office were separate things? When the folks who actually spoke to the customers had to dress nicely and even bathe daily, and use manners and speak in clear and coherent sentences, because they were the only representatives your customers would ever see?

Fostering Customer Relationships with Social Media, One Tweet at a Time

There’s certainly not even a remote bit of controversy in saying that customers are truly the lifeblood that sustains the survival of businesses today. But are you doing everything you can to stay connected?

Tweet Jam Recap: The Customer Life Cycle #CXMChat

The Customer Life Cycle Experience belongs to everyone and no one. Every person within an organization who comes in contact with a customer is responsible for carrying the torch of customer service. And if you listen real close, your analytics can tell you what the customer wants. These and other insights were among those shared with us during this month's Tweet Jam.

NextPrinciples Offers Insights with New Social CRM Solution

Social analytics/CRM technology provider NextPrinciples is releasing a new solution called Insight-to-Action that the company terms an integrated social analytics and engagement platform for medium-to-large-sized users.

Data Savvy Marketers Will Own 2013

Marketers, and particularly those in the CMO positions will be forced to deal with the changing nature of the field in 2013. In addition, many marketing departments in all industries will need to become much more technically sound.

Video Portal Provider Qumu Adds Speech Search

According to business video platform provider Qumu, three-quarters of a company’s business knowledge is spoken in meetings, not written down. When those meetings are video recorded, finding that knowledge has traditionally required that the videos first be transcribed into searchable text. Qumu is removing that step, by adding Speech Search to its video portal.

Salesforce Spring '13 Preview, Chatter, Sales, Analytics & Mobile All Updated

Although not yet officially announced, Salesforce has a bevy of updates planned for its Spring '13 release, and we've got a snapshot of some of the heftiest possibilities.

Zoho Adds Document Library, Mobile Location Awareness to CRM Solution

Productivity/collaboration solutions provider Zoho is adding updates to its CRM tool that make the solution more collaborative and social. New features include a document library, email filter and mobile location awareness capability.

CRM 2012-2013: Separating the Substance from the Hype

Hype drives us all: we cheer for our products and later duck the jeers from market pundits and customers. 2012 saw plenty of hype in CRM. Let's separate the substance from the hype and see where CRM is headed in 2013.  

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