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Video Portal Provider Qumu Adds Speech Search

According to business video platform provider Qumu, three-quarters of a company’s business knowledge is spoken in meetings, not written down. When those meetings are video recorded, finding that knowledge has traditionally required that the videos first be transcribed into searchable text. Qumu is removing that step, by adding Speech Search to its video portal.

Salesforce Spring '13 Preview, Chatter, Sales, Analytics & Mobile All Updated

Although not yet officially announced, Salesforce has a bevy of updates planned for its Spring '13 release, and we've got a snapshot of some of the heftiest possibilities.

Zoho Adds Document Library, Mobile Location Awareness to CRM Solution

Productivity/collaboration solutions provider Zoho is adding updates to its CRM tool that make the solution more collaborative and social. New features include a document library, email filter and mobile location awareness capability.

CRM 2012-2013: Separating the Substance from the Hype

Hype drives us all: we cheer for our products and later duck the jeers from market pundits and customers. 2012 saw plenty of hype in CRM. Let's separate the substance from the hype and see where CRM is headed in 2013.  

Intuit Execs Say Give the Customers What They Want

Technology for customer experience management is designed with one basic end goal -- enabling enterprises to deliver a great customer experience. But determining how to best deliver, and what even constitutes a positive experience, are not always easy tasks.

Cloud Sherpas Buys CRM Consultancy CloudTrigger

Cloud services broker, Cloud Sherpas has announced they've acquired and integrated with CloudTrigger, a cloud CRM solution consulting firm.

Cloud Sherpas Buys CRM Consultancy CloudTrigger

Cloud services broker, Cloud Sherpas has announced they've acquired and integrated with CloudTrigger, a cloud CRM solution consulting firm.

Prediction: More Change for Enterprise Applications in 2013

If the enterprise social applications market was a music genre, it would be punk rock. Everything about it just seems faster and louder. As I look ahead to 2013, I expect a continuation of 2012. In other words, the enterprise application market will continue to mutate rapidly under the effects of social, mobile and cloud.

Oracle Buys Eloqua, Cloud Based Marketing Automation Company, for $871 Million

One of the biggest names in IT, Oracle, has announced it plans to purchase Eloqua, a cloud based Marketing Automation provider that had been positioning itself as a revenue performance management company.

In 2013 I Wish ...


For marketers to embrace content marketing as the third strategic pillar alongside marketing automation and CRM as key enablers of their marketing strategy -- to scale demand and lower their overall costs of sales. -- Aaron Dun,  Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Percussion Software


[Infographic] Customer Experience Management in 2012

In 2012, the focus on customer experience was all about delivering a great experience across platforms, channels and touch points. Leveraging key user data is integral, but so is delivering key messages and opportunities back to the user.

HootSuite Adds Social CRM, Brand Advocate Apps to Its Platform

Social media management provider HootSuite is riding an app wave. In addition to the release of several apps last week for its platform, the Vancouver, California-based company is now unveiling several new apps.

2013 Global E-Commerce Trends: More Personal, More Mobile, More Channels

2012 was a great year for e-commerce, for both consumers and marketers alike. And from the looks of it, 2013 is shaping up to be even better.

Totango Updates Customer Engagement Platform, Enables Customer Journey Tracking

Customer Engagement Solution, Totango has announced updates to its platform designed to improve the digital marketing experience.

Insightly Releases Customer Relationship Management App for iOS Devices

Insightly, a developer of CRM applications specifically aimed at small businesses, is making its free Insightly mobile CRM app available for iOS devices.

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