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Bad, Very Bad, Awful Ideas - The Canned Social Media Response

Have you ever had a moment when you heard something so doomed to fail, so absolutely guaranteed to result in catastrophe, that it made you feel for a split second like you were falling?

Customer Experience Frustration Points and Their Consequences

Accommodating today’s always-connected, app-enabled customers who interact with brands through multiple devices requires turning many of our thoughts about customer service inside-out.

Online Marketing Helps SMBs Weather Tough Economy

Small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) have come a long way from the neighborhood “mom and pop” outfits of the 1950s, according to a new research study from Forrester Research

Customer Value: It's About a Bigger Pie

By focusing all their customer relations on getting that final transaction, companies are thinking too small.

8 Ways Businesses Can Use Facebook and Customer Relationship Management

CRM + Social = Power. Social media is the latest and greatest tool for customer relationship management, learn how to use it to your advantage.

Get Satisfaction Adds Marketing, Feedback Features to Free Customer Engagement Platform

Online communities, how do they work? Seventy thousand of them live on the free Get Satisfaction platform, a system of message boards, customer support and marketing features. That free platform now has a few added features that were previously only available from the paid versions.

SAP Launches Customer Experience Revolution #SAPTechEd

SAP is a big company that likes to take big steps. The SAP 360 Customer solution introduced at this week’s SAPPHIRE NOW/TechEd conference in Munich, which SAP says will “revolutionize” how companies engage with customers, certainly qualifies as a big step.

Social CRM Is Not A Strategy - But You Do Need A Strategy To Succeed

Did your airline make you wait hours on end on the tarmac? Did your favorite online shoe merchant send you the wrong sandals for your trip to Bermuda? Poor customer experiences can quickly damage the reputation of your brand. And let there be no doubt about it -- social computing has changed the game for managers in customer-facing roles such as customer service.

Maintain Loyal Customers by Improving End-User Engagement

Following up on yesterday's look at customer experience from the internal perspective -- employee engagement, today we look at the second half of the equation, providing better experiences for end-users and customers.

Sitecore 6.6 Adds Advanced Targeting, Mobile Previews for MultiChannel Campaigns

With this week’s release of v.6.6, Sitecore demonstrates that mobile is indeed a priority for marketers.

Going Global with Social CRM, Aprimo Offers Advice

Putting the Global in Social CRMAll marketing is local, except when it’s global. Thanks to social media and targeted advertising, marketers can now reach a much wider audience than ever before. How can you ensure that you’re reaching the right audience with the right message?

Socialbakers Jan Rezab on the Road from Traditional to Social Marketing

Remember the good old days when customer interactions were between you and the customer?

Marketing Automation: From Lead Generation to Sales Management

B2B selling organizations today rely on marketers to generate the leads necessary to start their efforts, and marketing organizations rely more and more on technology to generate those leads. But it's time now to connect the dots between marketing and sales.

The Current State of Social CRM [Infographic]

Just as companies are getting more comfortable with social media, they are still learning how to capture and take advantage of all the information they're gleaning from their fans and followers.

Start-up Helpshift Raises US$3.2m Funding For Mobile Apps Customer Support

True Ventures has invested US$ 3.25 million in Helpshift, which has just gone into private beta with its customer support solution for mobile apps.

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