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Dynamics CRM Gets Yammer, Skype Integration, Windows 8 Mobile to Come

If you've been following the progress of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you will be aware that it is on a release cycle of two outings a year. Today, Microsoft has announced that second of those releases for this year will be available in December, and that it comes with enhanced device, collaboration, social and marketing support, not to mention Yammer and Skype integration.

Organizations Must Leverage Social Media for Customer Service

Social care, or customer service delivered via social media, is becoming an imperative for global brands as consumers feel more empowered to share their customer service experiences online.

Built-In Customer Support Turns Feedback into Conversations

Modern businesses need to do more than just provide customers with a way to provide feedback, they need to drive their customers to engage in a conversation about their product.

Cisco Sees and Hears Social Media at New Listening Center

Networking technology provider Cisco has opened a Social Media Listening Center where interactive touchscreens offer visual data about the social media conversations Cisco “listens” to in real time.

SDL LiveContent Improves the Relationship Between Customer and Company

SDL has announced a new product family designed to improve customer experience. SDL LiveContent helps companies by monitoring a “customer’s journey” and providing relevant feedback and technical information.

Don't Let Sales Push Customer Relationships into the Background

Customer relationship management (CRM) is, in theory, a broad topic: it’s about building relationships and that encompasses a lot of different activities.

Unfortunately, the activities that are seized upon by most companies are all sales-related.

Optify Connect Improves Lead Management: Links Behaviors, History to Website Visitors

Optify Connect Links Behaviors, History to Website VisitorsLast month, Optify revealed the secrets of digital marketing performers. Today, they’re announcing a new capability that presents the entire behavioral history and detailed information about a lead in one place. Talk about a secret performer.

Socially Devoted? A Challenge to Be More Responsive on Facebook

Socially Devoted? A Challenge to Be More Responsive on FacebookSo your company is on social media. You have a Facebook page, a Twitter presence. You dabble with Pinterest and have a blog. But what happens when someone asks a question about a product, upcoming release or the implications of that new research study? Do you reply? Or is it radio silence? A few months ago, the folks at SocialBakers, after conducting a study that found that Facebook page admins ignored seventy-percent of the questions they received, challenged companies to open their Facebook walls to a productive dialogue. So what happened?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Beefs up Social Insights Analytics, Partners with TrendSpottr & Lexalytics

Now that Salesforce Marketing Cloud has added several new Social Insight Partners, it's clear that the company is ready to push forward from simply listening to the social stream to turning it into real action.

CXM: Meeting the Buyer with Data #rdm12

Buyer behavior patterns are changing as a result of their access to increased data, and marketers must use the same trove of new information to meet them halfway. This was the main message of “Marketing and Sales Intelligence: Using Data to Meet the Buyer,” a session at the Revenue-Driven Marketing Summit hosted by Aberdeen Group in Boston, MA on Thursday, Oct. 18.

Connect Business Apps with CloudWork, Featuring Tarpipe App Integration Technology

Small and medium sized businesses have a shiny new toy to help connect their productivity apps.

Keeping Your Marketing Customer-Centric #rdm12

As the world moves from a product-centric economy to a customer-centric economy, marketers must move in tandem to ensure the customer experience is always at the heart of their efforts. Tim Gilbert, Chief Marketing Officer of Campus Management, a provider of enterprise software for the higher education industry, addressed this issue during a session at today’s Revenue-Driven Marketing Summit
held by Aberdeen Group in Boston, MA.

Citrix Introduces GoToAssist, Cloud-Based Service Desk

Citrix is offering support for what it identifies as the new workshifting business environment with the release of GoToAssist Service Desk. The company is introducing the cloud-based support tool at its Citrix Synergy 2012 conference in Barcelona, Spain.

Eloqua Launches Customized Marketing Automation Solution For Asset Management Market

Now that Eloqua has become a publicly traded company, it has taken a logical next step by offering a new automated marketing tool focused on financial investors.

Optimizing Organizational Effectiveness Through Social Business

Many organizations today are seeking opportunities to be more responsive and effective. Typical goals are to improve sales efficiency, accelerate innovation and increase responsiveness to customers. As companies have leveraged the benefits of external communication using social networking, leading organizations have recognized the potential for similar impact through full transformation into a social business.

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