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Eloqua: Social CRM Takes Customer Relationships to New Level

Although analysts peg the value of the CRM industry at between US $12 billion and US$ 18 billion annually, CRM has yet to deliver its full potential of transforming the customer experience. But Social CRM, or the incorporation of external social networks and online communities with more traditional CRM channels such as email and text, may hold the key to unlocking CRM’s transformative potential.

MindTouch Offers Its Salesforce CRM Connector on AppExchange

MindTouch Offers Its Salesforce CRM Connector on AppExchange The San Diego-based MindTouch, provider of a social help system and knowledgebase, has announced a partnership with Salesforce that offers a connector for its enterprise-level product to Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Service Cloud.

CRM: Customer Acquisition is Nice, but Retention is Key to ROI

Why do you buy customer relationship management (CRM) software? In most cases it’s because you have an issue in the sales department that’s screaming for attention. Forecasting may be going awry, lead data may be loose and impossible to locate, or your sales team is no longer able to discover best practices in selling.

The Death of SharePoint Designer?

For many of us who eagerly await the release of the latest and greatest from Microsoft we were shocked and awed when we discovered that this release removed one of the primary tools for Business Users from the product. SharePoint Designer, as we had come to know it, had been drastically changed.

The Dreamforce Takeaway? Salesforce Gears-up to Takeover the Enterprise

And you say you want a revolution, we all want to change the world….

Promote Your Brand on Instagram via VenueSeen

logo-venueseen-2012.jpg How can brands promote themselves on Instagram without violating the site’s pristine, ad-free presentation of images? Ohio-based VenueSeen has some ideas.

Marketo VP Jon Miller on Becoming a Marketing Automation Ninja #DF12

The way people buy things has changed -- and this has changed how we should market, Jon Miller, vice president, marketing content and strategy at Marketo said at Dreamforce 2012.

Salesforce Unveils Marketing Cloud: Merges Radian6, Buddy Media for Advanced CXM #df12

Salesforce has been buying all around in the social marketing space for a while now with acquisitions that cover social engagement, monitoring, content and advertising. Today at Dreamforce, it brought them all together and unveiled its Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Badgeville Makes CRM Engagement a Game with Salesforce Integration #Dreamforce

Anybody that has implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) or sales automation platform knows a dirty little secret most vendors don’t reveal: most people hate to use them. Well, they hate to use them unless they get something for it. That is exactly what Badgeville is attempting to provide with its new Salesforce integration.

Moxie Software Updates Knowledge Spaces

Moxie_logo_2012.jpgMoxie Software, a vendor of enterprise social software solutions, is updating its Knowledge Spaces CRM/customer service application.

Demandbase Adds Real-Time Identification for Salesforce #Dreamforce

Demandbase Adds Real-Time Identification for Salesforce #DreamforceLooking for a way to integrate the functionality of real-time customer analytics into your account? Look no further than Demandbase. Today, the targeting platform announced the availability of a Real-Time Identification API for Together, valuable customer insight from Demandbase’s proprietary platform used to identify otherwise anonymous web visitors and key corporate data, is pushed right into the CRM platform.

CloudCraze Brings E-commerce to Salesforce #dreamforce

CloudCraze has released an e-commerce services bundle on the Salesforce platform.

Gearing up for Salesforce #Dreamforce 2012, Chatterbox Details to Come

Salesforce will host the Dreamforce 2012 conference Sept. 18-21, but CEO Mark Benioff has already announced the cloud storage system Chatterbox at another tech conference.

Coveo Integrates External Search Indexes with Salesforce

Information management technology vendor Coveo is introducing Coveo for Salesforce, an integration that brings functionality from Coveo’s enterprise unified indexing engine into the Salesforce environment.

DoubleDutch Releases Contextual Mobile Customer Relationship Management With Hive

At the last Enterprise 2.0 conference, San Francisco-based mobile customer experience vendor DoubleDutch, launched its Pride application. Today it is announcing the release of a new mobile solution -- Hive.

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