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IBM Improves Customer Experience With Business Intelligence And Smarter Commerce

IBM Improves Customer Experience With Business Intelligence And Smarter CommerceWithout smarter commerce there can be no smarter planet, and IBM is very attached to its smarter planter strategy. While it has done a lot over recent months with analytics and business intelligence to create smart cities, it hasn’t been as vocal with smart commerce releases. So today’s releases for Smarter Commerce are well worth a look.

HP Pushes Autonomy's IDOL Into Customer Experience Management In VPI Integration

So the reasons behind HP's disappointing Q3 results of US$ 8.9 billion in August were many, with Autonomy said to be weighing HP down. But CEO Meg Whitman was optimistic and said they would continue pushing Autonomy and IDOL. The announcement that it is integrating IDOL into VPI's workforce optimization solutions appears to be the kind of thing she was talking about.

Marketing Automation Provider Pardot Upgrades Platform for Personalized Web Experience

pardot_logo.jpgB2B marketing automation provider Pardot has upgraded its platform with features that it said makes sales initiatives easier. 

The Three P's of Avoiding Social CRM Failure

With the social era in full swing, we hear on a near daily basis about all the benefits a social media and social CRM strategy can bring. Tactically, they can help sales with potential leads, give service a new window into building customer satisfaction and provide marketing with fresh opportunities to engage and entice new customers. Strategically, they can help you avoid becoming obsolete and irrelevant as customers increasingly go social. Makes the Business Case for Twitter

communit.pngSocial media management gave way to community management which has given way to relationship management. It used to be that managing relationships was something your CRM did, but as social media becomes an integral part of business, you’ll need additional tools that can help cultivate your online followers and make important connections.

Salesforce Communities Released for Private, Social Connections with Customers and Partners

Are you in the loop? Do you really know what your customers and partners are talking about and how to quickly engage them on those topics? Saleforce thinks it has an innovative new way to do just that, and the new Communities release is the CRM powerhouse's way of making social interactions easier and more productive. 

Zoho Launches Marketing Campaign Management App

zoho_2012_logo.jpgOnline application provider Zoho is launching Zoho Campaigns, a campaign management app for reaching out to customers via email or social media.

Next Generation CRM: Combining Power of Live Chat with Online Communities

When businesses engage in customer service, there is a unique thing that happens: science and art collide. Satisfying customers and creating ongoing loyalty is a true art form, while ensuring that call center representatives are highly efficient falls more on the scientific side. Blending both of these worlds can be very challenging.

Sales Enablement - Unleash the Potential of Your Sales Team

Sales enablement is a hot topic lately, with an increasing number of CRM and sales/marketing automation vendors providing sales enablement solutions. However, according to Dan Schleifer, senior director of marketing for enterprise sales collaboration software provider SAVO Group, the full potential of sales enablement lies in revealing what happens in the middle of the sales process.

Gartner: Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP Dominate Sales Force Automation MQ

It’s the middle of the holiday period, so it’s a little bit surprising to see Gartner release another one of its Magic Quadrants. This time it’s the Sales Force Automation quadrant that features quite a number of the vendors we've seen in the customer experience management space, except this one has a slightly different focus.

Oracle CRM On Demand 20 Offers Industry Specific Customer Experience Solutions

oracle logo 71012.png Oracle continues to snap at Salesforce’s heels in the CRM space, this time with an upgrade to its CRM on Demand product. Release 20 adds industry-specific functionality for the financial, automotive life sciences and insurance sectors.

Sales Enablement: The Future of Sales is Now

Despite the popular image of a salesperson relentlessly pursuing prospects and then closing deals with their charm and persuasion, the reality is buyers avoid salespeople until they have already educated themselves through publicly available data and online networking with peers.

Forrester Wave: Oracle, Microsoft, SAP Among CRM Solution Leaders Q3

In the first part of this examination of Forrester’s Wave: CRM Suites for Large Organizations, Q3 2012 earlier this week we saw that organizations are struggling to define a CRM strategy for their organization. Even still, the CRM market is one with seven companies making it into the Leaders section.

Content Marketing: 5 Tips How Not to Kill Your Leads

For many companies, content marketing is a direct way for getting new leads. Before they allow you to read or download e-books, white papers, videos or any other content, they present you with a form.

Through forms, companies get personal information about people reading their content. While this approach is absolutely legitimate, in many cases if done wrong, it may lead to an opposite result by losing potential customers. Let's go through the five most common errors companies do in getting the leads through content marketing.

UpSync Updates Sales Mobility Solution, Includes SharePoint Quick Search

UpSync logo72312.pngUpSync has released version 3.0 of its cloud-based software, with new tools for creating mobile presentations, managing content and delivering HTML5 apps.

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