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Oracle's New Retail Analytics Release Offers Better Customer Insights

Oracle logo 6412.png A last June release in the customer experience management space is from Oracle. While the value of customer experience management cannot be overestimated, without customer insights, it’s not very effective. To provide that, Oracle has just released Oracle Retail Customer Analytics.

Symantec: Information is 49% Of Enterprise's Value, Still Badly Managed

The really surprising thing about "Symantec’s State of Information Survey 2012" is just how mundane it actually is. Not because the facts that it contains are mundane, but because the problems around information management, or lack of management, are so well known that it seems not a lot can surprise any more.

Concentrate on Smart Analysis, Not Big Data

One of the advantages of having been around technology for a while is that you gain a perspective on trends. What younger people are seeing as new, looming directions for technology tends to be the latest wave of a past phenomenon, but if you haven’t seen it before, it looks unprecedented.

Big Data is just a trend. It’s nice to see the proliferation of data called out and identified as a potential problem and a distinct opportunity, but before anyone gets too wigged out about the sheer volumes and the potential challenges, you should consider the past.

Eloqua, Marketo Conquer Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management

Eloqua and Marketo are the highest-ranking leaders in the June 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management. Read on to find out what got them there and how they fit into the overall customer relationship management strategy for an organization.

A Recipe for CRM Success: The Secret is in the Sauce

Is your CRM optimized to deliver the greatest return for generating sales? If you answered no, you’re not alone. According to SAVO Group, nearly three out of four companies consider their CRM solution to be their sales process and as a result, are not optimizing their sales execution for maximum return.

Oracle Launching Subscription-Based Cloud Platform

Oracle logo 6412.pngAnother subscription-based cloud platform is about to hit the skyline. Oracle launches its public cloud platform as a service, featuring subscription-based access to the company’s Fusion CRM, Fusion human capital management and the Oracle Social Network. 

IBM-Unica Tops Gartner Multichannel Campaign Management CRM Magic Quadrant

IBM-Unica received the highest ranking among the leaders of the May 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Campaign Management (MCCM) CRM. The viability and lifecycle management functionality of the IBM-Unica MCCM CRM solution helped earn it top billing in the report.

Salesforce Owned Goes Multilingual for Global Customer Support

salesforce_logo_2010.jpgCompanies who have international customers can now do business in 39 additional languages and dialects at the Salesforce owned customer support service

HP Slashes 27,000 Jobs as Revamp Begins, Lynch Jumps From Autonomy

Just because you know something is going to happen -- particularly something bad -- it can still have a negative impact. A case in point is the loss of 27,000 jobs at HP out of its estimated 350,000 workforce.

New Admin Features From Box Aim at the Heart of the Enterprise

box_logo_2012.PNG Online file sharing and collaboration sevice Box has a host of new updates aimed firmly at major enterprise users. From new admin tools to an improved license agreement, they will improve the service's appeal to IT admins and department purse holders.

Moxie Software Enhances Spaces Products for Regulated Industries

Enterprise social software provider Moxie Software is enhancing the functionality of its Spaces by Moxie customer communication suite to aid customer service efforts of companies in highly regulated industries. New features are designed to make internal experts available to assist customer service agents with complex inquiries and to ease compliance with regulations regarding data security and customer privacy.

The Calendar Disconnect

shutterstock_47537689.jpg While apps exist to sync calendars across multiple devices, the equivalent solutions don't exist to integrate calendars with key enterprise tasks. Calendars are key in many applications, such as CRM and support and ticketing systems. Let's look into some of the technologies that exist and if they could provide the solutions needed.

The Secret to CRM Adoption: Putting the User First

It wasn’t that long ago that salespeople feared that sales force automation (SFA) tools would result in the loss of their jobs. It sounds like a reasonable fear -- automation in other areas resulted in fewer people doing the same amount of work.

Twitter Eyes Automated Emails with RestEngine Purchase

Twitter is purchasing RestEngine, a provider of technology that enables social app publishers to send individually targeted emails to subscribers based on their usage history. Befitting an action performed by a company specializing in 140-character blurbs, neither Twitter nor RestEngine appears to have released any detailed information about the purchase or future plans, but that has not stopped widespread online speculation about the deal.

Ponemon Institute Study Looks at Mobile Risks

The Ponemon Institute has released the results of a global study into the risks presented by the use of mobile devices, which they define as including “laptops, USB drives, smartphones, and tablets.”

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