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G2 Crowd: 'Disrupting' Enterprise Software Reviews

Godard Abel, Matt Gorniak

What do we want to do next? That was the question Matt Gorniak and Godard Abel pondered after their software startup, Big Machines, was sold in 2011 at a valuation of more than $100 million and later bought by Oracle. 

“One of the things that really became evident quickly in our 10-year experience as a vendor is that when you are trying to differentiate software in the marketplace you’re engaging with traditional analysts like Gartner and Forrester,” said Gorniak. “That model is very much based like it’s still the 1980s.”

Accenture Report Highlights Hardware Renaissance as a Digital Disrupter

hardware renaissance.jpgAccenture's annual Technology Vision Report, entitled "From Digitally Disrupted to Digital Disrupter," highlights the return of hardware and big names after years where software development by smaller companies have been the stars for business.

The six trends that the company believes could shift the industry barometer also cover crowdsourcing, applications, resilience and the data supply chain, something for any CIO to be thinking about.

Telligent Updates Enterprise and Analytics Software, Adds IM + Social Insights

Social collaboration specialist Telligent has updated its Enterprise and Analytics offerings, adding instant messaging to the Enterprise social layer and social insights to its Analytics package.

Lionbridge Debuts Outsourcing Cloud for Enterprise Hiring

As pervasive as technology has become in people's daily lives, it should come as no surprise that nearly everything around us is available online. Outsourcing of many types of jobs has been a popular practice for 25 years, and now Lionbridge, a company known for providing testing and translation technology, has built a cloud based outsourcing platform.

Vetting Enterprise Vendors with VendorStack

Everyone knows that consumers these days do not buy a product or service without first going online to consult with a myriad of objective sites (ok, there are attempts at manipulation but savvy consumers know that) and forums to obtain third-party reviews and recommendations. But what about companies trying to decide if a particular solution or service vendor is the right one for them?

Spigit's Social Innovation Platform Updates Improve Engagement and ROI

Social innovation software provider, Spigit has announced a series of engagement and ROI-centric updates to its platform.

Customer Experience: Following the Crowd #rdm12

From an early age, most of us are taught not to “follow the crowd,” but instead to chart our own path. However, when it comes to sales and marketing, following the crowd can produce impressive results

Should I Auto-tag or Crowdsource my Metadata?

With the advent of more technology to help add metadata to digital assets, it would good to review a few tagging options available aside from what may already be done within an organization. 

Moxie Announces Crowdsourced Enterprise Knowledge Solution

Enterprise social technology provider Moxie Software is planning the release of what it calls an “enterprise social knowledge” solution called Social Knowledgebase.

User Experience, It's Not Just for Customers #TheBigSocial

Telligent’s second annual conference, The Big Social, is in full swing. On the first full day, Kip Silverman, analyst and platform evangelist, presented “Many Tools, One Experience -- Reimagining Employee Collaboration at Intel” that provided lots of information about adopting social tools to improve internal collaboration.

Social Innovator Spigit Buys Social Business Intelligence Provider Crowdcast

Social Innovator Spigit Buys Business Intelligence Provider Crowdcast Social innovation, meet social business intelligence. Social innovator Spigit has acquired business intelligence provider Crowdcast, which Spigit said will help it transform innovation into “a predictable discipline with business rigor”.

Use Your Social Networks to Overcome International Marketing Barriers

Language is an obstacle for e-commerce. In order for businesses to compete globally for customers, they must ensure that the content they produce is readily available in each target market.

Wildervoices: Anthony Goldbloom on Crowdsourcing Big Data Analytics

As someone whose career in the 21st Century has focused mainly on user contribution systems and user created content, I leverage several crowdsourcing sites on the Web. One of my favorites is San Francisco based, which according to its CEO, Anthony Goldbloom, enables people to outsource big data questions. 

Aragon/Spigit's Open Forecast Project Looks to Crowdsource Value of Emerging Technology

Developing a new tech platform? Looking to invest in one? If only there was a way to kick the tires and evaluate its true value in advance. Now there is. Last week, Spigit and Aragon Research launched the Open Forecast Project, a community designed to leverage the power of crowds to accurately size and value emerging technology markets.

Spigit Wins Exclusive Yammer Integration, Announces ICON Crowdsourcing Tool

spigit_logo_2009.jpg A new free crowdsourcing and collaboration tool from Spigit called ICON is available today, and the workplace just got even more social with its exclusive integration with the popular enterprise social network Yammer.

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