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Forrester: How to Use Agile Marketing to Enhance CX

2014-10-July-SS-Robert Hoetink.jpg

The hardest part of shifting to a customer-centric corporate culture may be getting your employees to embrace it. But your strategies and technologies are useless unless they do, according to a Forrester Research analyst.

"It's not just delivering a customer experience. It's making and centering our business around a customer-first attitude and a customer-centric attitude," Anjali Yakkundi, who focuses on digital experience delivery and related topics for Forrester, said Wednesday during a CMSWire webinar.

The webinar, entitled "Agile Marketing: Creating a New Generation of Enterprise Digital Experiences," also included a case study of Zoetis by Nilo Paredes, global product and technology leader for Zoetis, and a review of customer requirements by Steven Plaat, marketing director for CrownPeak, which also sponsored the session.

In a 'Troubled' WCM Sector, Analysts See 3 Innovators


Fireworks may explode in the night sky as the US celebrates the Fourth of July weekend, but things are much quieter in the web content management market.

The frenetic pace of nine-figure WCM acquisitions of the past four years ended before Christmas, and the once-deep river of venture capital funding for fledgling players ran dry long ago.

Market shifts and technology trends -- the somewhat surprising strength of mobile, the stampede to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), a growing infatuation with digital marketing -- were missed by many players, leaving the field "fragmented" and "troubled," according to fresh research by Matt Mullen and Alan Pelz-Sharpe at 451 Research.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Yahoo, Box, Hannon Hill, Crownpeak, Janrain, and Elcom (6-Sep-12)

Start off Summer with a new gig -- we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

CrownPeak Previews Upcoming Version of its SaaS Web CMS

CrownPeak doesn't call its web content management platform a customer experience platform (CXM), instead it chooses to focus on what it does best -- web content management. With a new user experience coming your way, it may be just the right solution for your needs

Web CMS: CrownPeak, Magus Partnership Promises Web Governance in the Cloud

A new partnership between SaaS Web CMS provider CrownPeak (news, site) and Magus (news, site) targets governance-concerned organizations managing their web content in the cloud.

GRC Roll-up: CrownPeak Gets Governance; Records Management for SharePoint

This week in GRC, CrownPeak and Magus team up for SaaS Web Content Management system governance, Socialware picks up US$ 7 million in Series C funding, DocuWare v5.1 gets FDA certification renewed and McAfee goes mobile with Sony. Also this week, we took a look at records management for SharePoint again.

CrownPeak SaaS CMS Adds Omniture's Test and Target Capabilities

CrownPeak_logo_2009.gifIf you don’t remember when CrownPeak (news, site) added their own testing, targeting and measurement tools last November, then don’t worry. They’re adding similar tools -- again -- but this time it’s via integration with Omniture (news, site).

CrownPeak Offers New Testing, Targeting and Measurement Tools

CrownPeak_logo_2009.gifCrownPeak (news, site) offers a new host of marketing tools to help refine and target marketing strategies for websites and content.

CrownPeak Integrates SaaS Content Management and Google Optimizer


CrownPeak (news, site) announced its integration with the [updated] new Website Optimizer Experiment Management API (based on Google Website Optimizer) [/updated], claiming to be the first content management vendor to do so as one of three “inaugural partners.” This integration is "a new API program that will provide users with an integrated solution for Web content management." Sounds a tad confusing, doesn't it?

Truth be told, quite a few other CMS providers -- including the direct SaaS competitors like Clickability, Ingeniux, Marqui and others -- have already dabbled with Google Optimizer integration. But let’s take a look at what CrownPeak had done and how it might be different from the others.

Editor's Note: Leave it to Google to provide some clarity ;) According to the big G, this is a "new Website Optimizer Experiment Management API...  [that] allows for the creation and management of experiments outside of the Website Optimizer interface." So, pretty much everything we talk about below in regards to tapping into the existing API, less coding steps and a more native within the CMS integration still seems to be valid.

CrownPeak CMS Launches Social Media-Friendly URL Shortener

CrownPeak CMS Launches Social Media-Friendly URL Shortener

CrownPeak (news, site) recognizes the importance of URL shortening for social media and social networking, while retaining the ability to measure that content through web analytics tools.

The news release of the CrownPeak URL Shortener allows CrownPeak CMS users to take advantage of the automatically generated short URLs, or modify them manually to create a customized URL. Voila, and we are social media-ready.

A job that can be done by services like and, is now handled within the CMS itself to generate and alike URLs.

Some of the uses of CrownPeak’s new URL Shortener include:

  • Web and social media content publishing with CrownPeak CMS ability to automatically publishe content directly into some popular social networks.
  • Web analytics integration (with CrownPeak Analytics, WebTrends, Omniture’s Site Catalyst, etc.) can be used to track both regular and short URL-ed pages with a breakout of the traffic.
  • URL illustrations for highlighting available content in CrownPeak CMS Social Networking Tools for further dissemination and re-use.

Being a module of the SaaS CMS, The CrownPeak URL Shortener is available to all current customers as part of their existing SLAs with no extra licensing fees.

Autonomy Interwoven Takes a Bite at SaaS CMS, Landing Page Optimization

Autonomy Interwoven Takes a Bite at SaaS CMS and Landing Page Optimization

Imagine a combination of SaaS CMS, Web analytics, A/B and MVT testing, and optimization of landing pages -- sounds like a novel idea? Hardly.

Although every vendor wants to make us believe they are the first ever to step on the surface of the hosted Web CMS/analytics Moon, we know that others have approached this endearing to marketers subject before.

Nevertheless, here’s Autonomy’s (news, site) announcement about a new product designed to enamor marketers and allow them to build and test website landing pages in a hosted environment. The Autonomy Optimized Landing Page offering comes hot on the heels of Webtrends’ newest version 9 release. It sure is a hot summer for the web analytics industry.

CrownPeak Expands to a New York State of Mind

CrownPeak opens New York City office

CrownPeak (news, site), a provider of SaaS web content management solutions, now has a home in the heart of New York City. The newly opened East Coast office will be run by Scott Samios, who used to work for Omniture as a regional director.

Samios is a seasoned executive with more than 15 years of experience with expertise in business development and online marketing.

The new Manhattan office in the epicenter of interactive marketing will focus on CrownPeak's roster of East Coast creative and interactive agency partners, including Molecular and The Berndt Group.

Location, location, location… CrownPeak has, certainly, picked the right city to work their agency magic.

Samios said that digital agencies "need to take control of the visitor experience from the ad through the on-site success metric." How do you achieve this in the best way possible? By using the marketing-centric and SaaS-based CrownPeak CMS, of course.

"My goal will be to help our interactive agency partners in this region develop both a technology platform and a content process that delivers on the true promise of marketing ROI," concluded Samios.

Crownpeak's Customer Service Gets A Stevies Nod

Crownpeak's Customer Service Gets A Stevies NodAnyone working in marketing will know that while your customers won’t love you for offering poor service, your competitors definitely will. Perhaps with that in mind, SaaS web content management solutions provider CrownPeak (news, site) has really been pushing the customer service side of their business over the past year with at least one notable success.

The success this time comes as a finalist – for the second year running – in the Best Customer Service Department category of the American Business Awards 2009 (the ‘Stevies”). The awards ceremony next month will be the culmination of a judging process that began in March and only finished recently.

CrownPeak Manages Your Message Across all Social Sites

 CP-small.jpgCrownPeak (news, site) is joining the many companies adding social publishing features to their web content managment packages. They allow a company's message to be spread far and wide -- and more importantly, consistently -- across the social Web.

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