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4 Secrets to Successful Customer Engagement

customer engagement

We're still very much living in the age of the customer. So what can businesses do to increase engagement between employees and customers? Here are some suggestions from Gartner.

Engaged customers are generally better brand advocates. They are more loyal and spend more on that brand. In a report titled "The Four Attributes of Customer Engagement," Gartner researchers stress that it is important to understand the foundation of customer engagement. It defines that as "attracting and influencing of customers" to hold their attention and induce them to participate in a long-term relationship.

Yep, It's Still the Age of the Customer

Still need evidence that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology is hot? Then take a quick look at recent research from Gartner, which shows CRM spending in Europe remains strong despite continuing economic problems.

Half of the 102 businesses surveyed in 30 countries and 20 industries in the fourth quarter last year plan to increase spending an average of 2.5 percent on CRM projects this year.

Brands Still Struggle to Engage with Customers on Social Media


Social media and customer service go hand-in-hand these days. We know consumers are likely to turn to social media to ask brands questions, complain, praise or to just say hi.

Though brands are more active on social media than ever before, they still struggle to engage with customers. To help us better understand how brands are connecting on social, we consulted the Sprout Social Index. It looks at channel growth, brand responsiveness and consumer behavior across more than 160 million inbound messages on 20,000 brand profiles and fan pages.

Zendesk Integrates with MailChimp, SurveyMonkey; Extends Customer Support


 A month ago, we reported on the state of the multichannel customer experience. Despite brands' ability to create a presence across mobile, social and desktop channels, a Zendesk survey found that a majority of customers felt as if brands weren't necessarily using these channels to deliver a consistent or seamless customer experience.

As if answering the need for better support experiences, Zendesk has introduced capabilities to conduct proactive customer surveys and email campaigns through new integrations with SurveyMonkey and MailChimp.

Data Overload, Inefficiencies Plague Customer Call Centers

Customers are often left feeling unsatisfied after calling customer service to resolve an issue. Many wonder why the call agent seemed to know so little about their purchase history or prior complaints. What are the problems? According to a new report, it could be data overload. Many call centers are paralyzed by too much data, rendering them unable to meet customer needs successfully.

The Internet of Things Will Change Everything, Including the Economy

Sure the development of the Internet of Things has a way to go before it becomes a  reality. But IT research firm Gartner already estimates it will be worth $1.9 trillion by 2020. Gartner also predicts the Internet of Things will create an entire new economy based on interconnectivity of devices.

How Marketers Can Capitalize on the Coming Internet of Things

Thumbnail image for screenshot-amphionforumintelkeynote-2012.jpg

The so-called Internet of Things? Fugetaboutit ... at least for a while. The Internet of Things refers to a world where everyday physical objects are connected to the Internet and are able to identify themselves to other devices.

According to new research from Forrester, the concept is well developed, but the reality is  three to five years away. But the delay is a good thing:  it gives marketers a chance to optimize the Internet of Things for customer engagement.

Making a Case for Digital Transformation


Are you heading towards a digital transformation? A new study from Capgemini and MIT Sloan Management Review shows that the opportunity offered by new digital technologies is clear. Making it happen, however, is a little fuzzy.

Get More Loyalty, Engagement and Insights In Store with PunchTab

Get More Loyalty, Engagement and Insights In Store with PunchTab

If you have a product in today’s marketplace, it may be hard to control how it gets marketed to customers once it’s in a retail store. Unless, it’s sold exclusively in its own store, there are only so many things manufacturers can do to ensure it ends up in a customer’s shopping cart. In store displays are costly, and manufacturers’ coupons aren’t always user-friendly. Now, thanks to a new solution from the folks at PunchTab, consumer packaged goods (CPG) can now gain valuable insight into purchase behavior, no matter how they’re displayed in store.

Mediaspectrum Picks Up US$ 38.5m To Develop Multichannel Advertising, Content Platform

Mediaspectrum platform, customer experience, online advertising, funding Mediaspectrum received an endorsement for its technology from SAP at the end of last year and today it adds a financial endorsement to the tune of US$ 38.5 million from Insight Venture Partners, which specializes in raising funds for technology companies.

Crowdsourcing the Voice of the Customer Through Feedback Management

Your customers are talking about you. Are you listening? While more and more companies are embracing the voice of their customer, what the customers says isn’t always true or accurate. How can organizations begin to filter reliable feedback from the noise? We spoke with Questback’s Senior Methodologist, Darren Bosik about how feedback software management solutions can amplify the voice of customer.

Control Your Brand Assets Without Disrupting the Customer Experience with SYNQY

For as much as digital media has evolved, marketing behaviors have remained the same. That is, we’re still quite obsessed with driving traffic back to our websites even though that often means disrupting the customer experience. Think about it -- for every link you provide to your product, you’re letting the customer leave the page that they deliberately sought out. While you might think it’s a win for you, unless it leads to something the customer actually wants, it’s probably not working as well as you think.

Does Your Website Have the Mobile Touch?

The mobile web is growing up. ClickTale, who just last year introduced ClickTale Mobile has evolved the mobile usability and analytics program into ClickTale Touch, which allows businesses to view their mobile customers’ “True-to-Life User Experience."

Facebook Case Study: Marketing with Coca-Cola

shutterstock_66439312.jpg The key to marketing through Facebook is simple: engagement and interaction. But how these two tasks are accomplished isn’t done through simply posting a product photo. It’s a tactical process that requires a company to become less of a corporate identity and more of a business of the people. One such brand that has done this successfully is Coca-Cola.

Nielsen Study: Newspapers Hold Edge in Engagement, Ad Effectiveness

Which type of media channel -- TV, newspapers, radio, Web -- is most effective in getting ad messages noticed and responded to? A new Nielsen study, underwritten by the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), says that newspapers -- both print and online versions -- come out on top. 

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