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Christmas In July: Optimizing Your Website for the Holiday Rush

shutterstock_87693331.jpg Summertime is here, the temperature is steadily rising and most people are lounging on the beach, not at all thinking about the holiday season … which is precisely why it’s a good time for e-tailers to get prepared.

Taming Fickle Mobile Shoppers with Customer Experience Optimization

shutterstock_93458563.jpg Over the last couple of years even the most timid of technology adopters have made the leap to mobile. In comparison to technological innovations before it -- the onerous switch from direct mail to email, the mass migration to online and the initially slow adoption of social media -- mobile has suffered far less from naysayers preaching the “this too shall pass” gospel.

Building Customer Experiences Requires Building Bridges

In response to my treatise on qualitative and quantitative thinking styles and the need to find a new way that transcends the zero-sum game played by each side, Rich Wood asked: "I see it as the duty of the third-party consultant to push for the qualitative, because sometimes clients are myopically focused on the quants. I'd be curious to see what strategies you've used to state this case in your UX career."

Webinar Redux: Using Analytics and Customer Data to Build Great Customer Experiences

How can you deliver optimal online customer experiences across channels? What tools and processes must be in place? How do you connect web analytics and customer data? What is big data and what skills do you need to make smart use of it?

CMSWire explored these questions and many more in our May 2 webinar, "Using Analytics and Customer Data to Build Great Customer Experiences."

The event featured Dan Keldsen, partner at Human 1.0 and Kevin Cochrane, VP Product Marketing for Web Experience Management at Adobe. For those of you who could not attend the live event, this redux gives you a summary of who said what and why it’s important -- and includes the full video of the webinar at the end of the article.

Let Your Customers Optimize Your Website for You

Brands that regard their websites as a primary revenue source have three very distinct priorities: give customers an optimal experience, create loyalty and convert potentially passive browsers into active buyers.

Enterprise CMS Provider Hyland Brings Customer Engagement to the Real World

What is customer experience management? A marketing discipline. A set of software features. Deep Social integration. Nope. At its core, customer experience management is something much more fundamental: Ensuring the right experience for customers; the technology is just a mechanism to achieve it. It seems that enterprise CMS provider Hyland Software is at least one software company trying to get it right.

Customer Experience Optimization: A Custom Website for Every Customer

A truly personalized online customer experience -- what essentially amounts to a custom website for every customer -- has been the Holy Grail of Marketing for over a decade.

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