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Digital Marketers, It's Not All About You #GartnerDMC

Companies striving to create the perfect customer experience always put the customer first. Don’t they? Of course, this is Marketing 101.

Digital marketers got a shock to the system from presenter Richard Fouts, Gartner research vice president, speaking at the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in San Diego yesterday: too many of them are failing Marketing 101.

“No one’s ever going to disagree the customer is the most important part of your story. They’re paying your bills,” said Fouts. But where are they in marketing efforts? Fouts said the customer ends up taking a back seat to the brand. “It’s the ‘we’ word. Stop the ‘we,’ stop the ‘our.’  It’s not all about you. It’s about your customers.

“When someone asks, ‘What do you do?’, they really mean, ‘What can you do for me?’ Any answer that begins with ‘we’ is a red flag. If we answer the question correctly, it opens a conversation,” said Fouts. “Every story, every movie or book, is a situation begging resolution.”

IBM Teams With Facebook, Expands Social Love

In the "right time, right message" marketing technology race, IBM and Facebook partnered up today took the lead, officials said.

IBM's marketing cloud clients can now use Facebook’s ad capabilities such as Custom Audiences. The collaboration between the enterprise software and social media giants helps marketers "reach the right people at the right time with the right message."

IBM Commerce, the portfolio that draws from IBM's $24 billion investments in analytics, is the engine behind the partnership with Facebook, which has 1.4 billion active users.

The news comes six months after IBM hooked up with the other social media king, Twitter.

Twitter announced in November it will integrate its data into IBM's Watson cloud analytics portfolio, customer engagement capabilities and consulting services in what company officials call a "landmark" partnership.

"IBM and Facebook’s technology collaboration will marry deep analytics and customer data, providing marketers with highly tailored marketing capabilities to deliver personalized experiences at each step along the brand journey," said Jay Henderson, director of strategy of IBM ExperienceOne, the Armonk, N.Y.-based giant's marketing suite.

What Do Your Customers Really Need? #GartnerDMC

Thumbnail image for 2015-6-May-can't-have-this

Kids sometimes have trouble differentiating what they want from what they need. A child may fuss and cry during playtime, but will forcefully say "no" if you ask if she needs a nap. 

It’s a case where the observable data tells one story, but when you ask, you get a completely different story.

Today’s digital content marketers often face the same dilemma with their own customers. They know to gather data from customers through endless measurement of analytics, surveys and assessments. In a sea of data, it can be nevertheless be difficult to figure out why your customers are squirming.

Content Marketing Strategy: Context, Context, Context


"Location, location, location" may have been the mantra for brick-and-mortar businesses in the past, but in today's content-driven economy it's "context, context, context."

Content marketing these days is more complex than ever before. A few moments on the Internet will show you that companies are creating massive amounts of content and distributing it across multiple channels, languages and geographies.

Surround-sound tactics and automation have been crucial elements of marketing programs for quite some time now, enabling marketers to reach new and existing customers across a variety of platforms and channels. One of the keys to scaling your content marketing program is using the right tools to help automate, standardize and streamline your efforts so that you're getting optimum results.

My POV: Go Local for Digital Experience Insight

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There's no shortage of digital marketing conferences, given the rapid changes in technology and convergence of purposes that can arise from these technologies. But the best conferences often have a dedicated focus on local issues or highlight local leaders, like the recent MBO15 digital marketing conference in Indianapolis.

Since 2007, the annual one-day conference in has been pulling together top local marketing firms and thought leaders to share trends and ideas. This year more than 600 attendees, primarily from the Indiana area, gathered to discuss trends that are disrupting digital best practices.

Microsoft was the title sponsor.

In an era of virtual reality, it was a worthwhile way to spend the day — sharing insights with other digital focused marketers face-to-face.

Where You Need to Be in Coming Weeks (6-May-15)

Our industry event planner gives you the heads-up on what key industry events are coming around the corner. If we've missed something, don't hesitate to add your event to the list. (You can also view the full calendar here.)

You're Invited: New Use Cases for DAM in the Enterprise

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Guide the Buyer's Journey with Web Experience Data


Happy with your last purchase, you visit a brand’s website intent on buying more of its products. The website loads, and you’re immediately greeted with a pop-up advertising the exact product you recently purchased.


Well, the brand has failed to leverage its web experience data -- in this case, your purchase history -- and provide you with relevant content about accessories, support service, etc. By failing to retarget its messaging, the brand has likely lost an additional purchase from you.

Web experience data is crucial to connecting with buyers. It helps marketers better predict their next moves and tailor marketing campaigns to meet buyers at the right time with the right content. 

Martha Pease: Marketers, Forget Silver Bullets


Martha Pease has spent more than two decades as a marketing, media and strategy executive, building brand value and promoting growth for companies in competitive categories. So she has the experience to recognize that the digital experience has radically changed advertising. 

Thirty years ago was a simpler time, she told CMSWire. "Now, forget about a silver bullet. Even if you could find one, there’s not just one target," she continued.

But that doesn't mean companies and brands should stop trying. Instead, it just means they have to work harder, think strategically and plan carefully for optimal outcomes, she said.

As CEO of New York City-based DemandWerks, a company that advises businesses on marketing strategy, Pease said she tries to help companies create demand and reduce risk while generating value for shareholders, employees and customers.

Does Your Data Fall Short? Get it From the Source


Consumer data is invaluable to digital marketing. It allows brands across all industries to track customer behavior online, measure checkout amounts, identify loyalists and model top-performers to find lookalike consumers.

Within the realm of consumer data, the two most popular sources are first party data, which a brand collects directly, and third party data sold by tech providers. While both have their advantages, they also have their limitations -- ones that brands can overcome.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Facebook


Hi, I'm Deb, and I'm a social media user.

As a business professional, I frequent such places as LinkedIn, Twitter, SlideShare and even at times Google plus. I'm on Facebook, too, but have always reserved it solely for sharing with family and friends. Now Facebook is making some strong moves in the business-to-consumer space, and it's time for me to rethink.

Putting the Customer First is the Best Business Case

Over the years, we have done a number of task identification projects for health organizations. Generally, the top task was checking symptoms. However, when we worked with Norwegian Hospitals, we found the top task was: “what happens before, during and after treatment.”

Week in Review: Salesforce for Sale + Intranet Killers

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce 
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Success in marketing boils down to a lot of small things done right, every single day. Success synthesizes what the marketing and sales teams know, what the prospect wants and the ability of the demand team to execute.

And there you have it -- the secret of scaling: orchestration, synchronization, execution and discipline.

This is what organizations can accomplish with marketing automation software.

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Could StepOne's CX Solutions Close the Multichannel Divide?

Weaving together the fragmented customer experience across various channels is a daily challenge for today’s digital marketers.

But StepOne, with the release of three new customer experience solutions, hopes to change this.

Using machine learning and predictive analytics, the new solutions – which include post-retail engagement, order fulfillment and customer onboarding and personalized self-help – address the gap between online and offline experiences, the company noted.

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