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Customer Service News & Analysis

Next IT Releases Next Gen of Virtual Assistant, Designed for Live Chat Handoffs

Next IT Releases Next Gen of Virtual Assistant, Designed for Live Chat HandoffsIf computer scientist Alan Turing were around today, he might be hard pressed to verify if the virtual agents we commonly encounter on websites are software programs or live, breathing humans. Virtual assistant provider Next IT is committed to making a would-be Turing’s task all that much harder, and in an exclusive with CMSWire talked about its next generation of virtual assistant, called Alme for Chat.

How Can Big Data Improve the Customer Experience? [Infographic]

This month as we examine the different ways that big data fits into marketing, we'd be remiss if we didn't talk about the ways big data can help improve the customer experience. It seems obvious, but with so much data it's hard to know what exactly to look for or how to put data into action.

inContact's Newest Release for Customer Service Engagement is Personal

Customer engagement centers, contact centers, call centers. Whatever your organization calls them, there are requirements for a successful one. According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for customer engagement centers these include customer service and support problem management, trouble ticketing, knowledge solutions, content management, advanced desktop search, decision support based on real-time analytics, engagement possibilities through social media and support for the mobile customer, among many others.

Customer Experience: Being Loyal to Your Customer Pays

Organizations need to be loyal to their customers if they want their customers to be loyal to them.

5 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Campaign More Successful

As we wrap up our content marketing theme this month, it’s helpful to put some of what we’ve learned into perspective. While we can conveniently group content marketing strategies into two categories -- one for B2C and another for B2B, at the end of the day, it’s all about creating compelling experiences.

Zendesk Introduces the Help Center to Help with Customer Self-Service

customer experience: zendesk help centerCustomer service is slowly moving toward a more self-service model, and organizations need to consider how that model will fit in their current customer service strategy. Zendesk, a provider of cloud software, now offers a Help Center platform to support the technical implementation of that self-service model.

Forrester/KANA Report: Customer Service Falling Short in Omni-Channel World

Customer Experience, Forrester KANA Report,Customer Effort.png
From the KANA-sponsored Forrester report

So many channels, so little time. That might be the consumer’s lament, if he or she could voice one. A new report from Forrester finds that customers are feeling free to switch between channels of communication and companies will just have to learn how to adapt.

Is Social Media the Place for Customer Service?



Is social media where customer service goes to die? Can virtual agents help companies breathe new life into their brand’s customer experience? David Lloyd, CEO of Intelliresponse thinks so.

The Path To Excellent Customer Experience is Paved With Good Intentions

customer experience, delight your customers

With so much focus these days on the customer experience, I wonder how many companies understand the role they play. I'm not talking about the technology they use or the workflows they develop to keep the well-oiled machine working. No, I'm curious as to how many organizations and their employees provide good customer experiences because they assume it's their job to do so. 

The Real Value of Social Media for Customer Service

Customer Experience, customer service social mediaInteracting with customers on social media carries risks and benefits for companies, but the opportunities can outweigh the risks when you understand your customer's needs, wants and habits and use this knowledge to shape your customer service.

Listening to Customer Feedback is Great; Acting on it is Better

Customer Experience, Acting on Customer Feedback, CRMThis weekend, I stayed at a chain hotel while traveling on business. This particular hotel offered a free breakfast until 10 a.m. as an amenity, and as a former journalist I naturally gravitate toward free food.

Gartner MQ: CRM Customer Engagement Center - Oracle, Pegasystems, Salesforce Lead, Microsoft, SAP Challenge

Customer Experience: Gartner Magic Quadrant CRM Customer Engagement CenterOur first look at Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Centers (CEM) showed a market littered with obsolete business applications. However, the three vendors in the Leader’s Quadrant -- Oracle RightNow Cloud Services, Pegasystems and Salesforce -- appear to be bucking that trend.

4 Steps Toward an Improved Customer Journey

4 Steps Towards Improved Customer JourneyThe old adage, “The customer is king,” still applies in today’s digital world. While the objective of obtaining and maintaining customers remains the primary goal, the rules of engagement have changed.

Aspect Software Buys IVR Provider Voxeo for Multi-Channel Customer Service

Aspect Software image.png

In all the talk about omni-channels, interactive voice response (IVR) is rarely mentioned, yet it is the channel many customers must struggle through. Customer interaction vendor Aspect Software is fully aware of IVR’s continued importance, so much so that it announced this week an agreement to buy IVR provider Voxeo Corporation for approximately US$ 150 million.

Instaply Launches Customer to Business Texting Platform

Instaply Consumer to Business TextingInstaply entered the customer service fray today with its launch and release of its Mobile Customer Interaction Platform (MCIP), a product that allows customers and businesses to communicate with another via text messages.

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