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Navigating the 3 C's of Customer Experience - Part 3: Control

This is the third article in my mini-series on managing the customer experience; in the previous article I discussed the first C – Customer and then in my last article I discussed the second C - Content.

Top Three Weekend Reads: Gamification of SharePoint, Breaking Down Silos for CXM

Super Bowl, Schmuper Bowl. The only game you should care about this weekend is the gamification of SharePoint.

The Experience of the Customer Comes First

When I was originally asked to write this piece, I was asked to write about the Customer Life Cycle Experience -- how great customer service and ongoing experience continues the customer journey. However, I wanted to take a different angle. One that I think better reflects the new normal in the market: How does a customer experience the Customer Experience Life Cycle?

Why Extending CRM is Critical to Meeting Customer Needs

Remember when the front office and the back office were separate things? When the folks who actually spoke to the customers had to dress nicely and even bathe daily, and use manners and speak in clear and coherent sentences, because they were the only representatives your customers would ever see?

A Question about Customer Experience

I've often said, it's not "all about the _____." It's about everything. Focusing on tech or people or process alone is rarely a road to success. The more years I spend looking at technology and the ways that organizations leverage it, the more I find this to be a universal truth.

Want to Keep a Customer? Report Advises: Handle Their Emotional Needs

Anyone who has badmouthed a company because a customer service agent badly handled their problem will not be surprised about the findings in a new report from AchieveGlobal. The study by the global workforce development firm found that emotion is the “key to building customer loyalty and advocacy.” 

Top Three Weekend Reads: Facing Complexity, Agile or Waterfall Marketing

This week was all about taking a problem and applying lessons from other disciplines to answer it. Whether the topic be the sales funnel, content marketing or facing the challenges of Enterprise 2.0, our contributors used their unique perspectives to tackle the questions.

Aspect's CMO: Customers Decide Which Channel to Use for Customer Service

Social media is now migrating in full force to the enterprise, with particular importance for contact centers. To find out its perspective on this aspect of business socialization, CMSWire recently talked to customer contact vendor, Aspect Software’s Chief Marketing Officer Jim Freeze.

Forrester - Ditch the Funnel, Go for the Customer Life Cycle

As customers gain numerous new channels such as mobile and social, the linear purchase path is fragmenting into a loose collection of numerous touchpoints over which marketers have little control. Forrester advises it's time for marketers to abandon the traditional marketing funnel and instead adopt an approach that revolves around building an ongoing relationship with the customer, that the consulting firm calls the Customer Life Cycle.

Fostering Customer Relationships with Social Media, One Tweet at a Time

There’s certainly not even a remote bit of controversy in saying that customers are truly the lifeblood that sustains the survival of businesses today. But are you doing everything you can to stay connected?

Tweet Jam Recap: The Customer Life Cycle #CXMChat

The Customer Life Cycle Experience belongs to everyone and no one. Every person within an organization who comes in contact with a customer is responsible for carrying the torch of customer service. And if you listen real close, your analytics can tell you what the customer wants. These and other insights were among those shared with us during this month's Tweet Jam.

Ignoring the X in CXM is Ignoring the Future

There’s an old saying that goes “learn from the past, prepare for the future and live in the present.” This is typically good advice -- and as the new year kicks off, and as marketers start to plan for 2013, we would do well to heed this advice.

Spredfast Adds Bazaarvoice to Improve the Voice of the Customer

Spredfast Social Media Management.pngSpredfast meet Bazaarvoice. For many of you, this may be the first time you’re hearing either name, but if you’re continually trying to effectively capture the voice of the customer, you may want to remember them. Today, the social marketing software provider has integrated Bazaarvoice’s technology into its social media management platform. As a result, brands will have the ability to monitor, manage and amplify ratings and reviews across multiple social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tweet Jam Reminder: The Customer Life Cycle Experience Today #CXMChat

It's that time again, we're a little over an hour away from our Tweet Jam on the Customer Life Cycle Experience. We have a great group of panelists lined up to provide their thoughts and insights on the strategies and tools being used by businesses today to form lasting relationships.

What Marketing Can Learn from IT about Content

Marketing sets the tone and pace for content strategy, but there’s a great deal marketers can learn from their IT counterparts.

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