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Cxm Life Cycle News & Analysis

Navigating the 3 C's of Customer Experience - Step 2: Content

Content managers, our time is now.

CMSWire's January Customer Life Cycle Tweet Jam: Meet the Panelists #CXMChat

The Tweet Jam is close upon us! On Wednesday, January 23rd CMSWire will be holding its first Tweet Jam of 2013. We will be looking at the Customer Life Cycle Experience and have lined up a great group of panelists to share their insights. 

Engaging Customers After Purchase: What is the Value of an Existing Customer? [Infographic]

This month, we're talking about the customer life cycle experience and how companies can best optimize the way they engage with customer throughout their journey from discovery through purchase to brand ambassador. While there are many ways companies can engage and entice prospective customers, what happens after a purchase is made or a transaction is completed?

Making the Business Case for the Web

As business value increasingly moves to the interface we need new models of how we describe and measure value. 

Adapt Business Process Improvement for Customer Experience

To deliver great customer experiences, firms must orchestrate a complex system of interdependent people, processes and technology. 

Top Three Weekend Reads: Adventures in the Customer Life Cycle

How does your business approach the stages that make up the customer journey? Our contributors this week offered macro and micro views of the customer life cycle.

How Much Do Service Experiences Matter to the Customer Life Cycle? Ask USAA

Back in the 1970s, my dad was already complaining about the decline in customer service he’d witnessed in his life time. But then he’d inevitably mention USAA as the shining exception. “How in the world do they do it?” he’d ponder. “No one else seems to be able to anymore. ”

Navigating the 3 C's of Customer Experience - Step One: The Customer

Whether you call it CEM (experience with an E), CXM (Experience with an X), web engagement, digital experience management, customer lifecycle management or Susan  -- read any contemporary marketing writing and you’ll discover that there is a business imperative to pivot your organization around the empowered consumer.

Get to Know Your Customer Experience Lifecycle #CXM

This month as we examine the customer experience lifecycle, there's no doubt that we'll ponder the marketer's most pressing, philosophical question -- when does a customer become a customer? Just as the 24-hour news cycle has impacted the way users stay informed, the 24-hour always online lifestyle of users has impacted the way they learn about and engage with brands. The potential customer is always on the look out for new brand experiences and their word of mouth is louder than ever. So how can organizations make sure that they attract new customers and keep the ones they have?

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