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Five Rules to Select the Right Online Community Platform

Choosing the right online community platform is, like most things, about due diligence. 

Due diligence, that is, before you get a potential vendor inside your company walls and while the vendor is inside.

That was part of the message during the CMSWire webinar, “How to Choose the Right Online Community Platform.” The event was hosted by Ben Martin, chief engagement officer at Online Community Results, and Dennis Shiao, director of product marketing at DNN.  

Here are five tips to help your organization ultimately find the right provider for your online community:

Customer Journeys: What Can Go Awry on the Path to Making Customers Happy

What can go awry in customer journeysThere is much written on the virtues and triumphs of mapping customer journeys, but little about what can go awry.

Weekend Reads: Mapping the Customer Journey, Bigger vs Better Data

It was a busy week here at CMSWire as we finished up our month long focus on Customer Communities and moved over to look at Customer Journey Mapping. In addition to a great line up of customer experience articles we also took a look at the choices Enterprises have yet to make in the 21st century and examined whether or not bigger data actually means better data.

Where's the ROI in Community?

7271415680_b64ecd8752_n.jpgIf you need help calculating the ROI of a community, there are tons of resources that can provide processes and best practices, but where can you find ROI in the first place? Where should community evangelists look, and where will ROI be easiest to prove?

The Five Point Plan for Customer Success without Boundaries

Let's start with two grounding statements for context: markets are communities and communities are markets. And from an open or social business perspective, a customer community does not necessarily mean it's a destination on the web, computers or mobile devices that's only accessible with personal IDs and passwords. 

Designing for Community: Mastering the Art of Narrative

What makes a great story?

Weekend Reads: Customer Experience Needs Smart Technology, ROI of Engaged Employees

This week we talked customer experience and the need for smart technology. We also looked at Employee Engagement -- how it can improve the bottom line, and the Cloud growth within Europe. 

Tweet Jam Recap: Challenges + What Comes Next for Customer Communities #CXMChat

In part one of our recap we learned the many great ways that customer communities can benefit organizations, provided that they add value and allow opportunities for real engagement and include everyone, from employees to stakeholders in the process. In part two, we explore the challenges in growing and engaging communities. Don't be scared, our participants also helped us learn how to overcome them.

Tweet Jam Recap: The Purpose and Value of Customer Communities #CXMChat

On Wednesday, we all came together for another monthly Tweet Jam -- this time to discuss how to grow and engage customer communities. Sure, it sounds simple enough but we wanted to dig deeper to learn what really goes into developing and managing opportunities for customer engagement. Since there were lots of questions, we've separated our recap into two parts. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Moving Across the Globe in the Name of Customer Community

How far would you go in support of customer communities?

Four Steps to Successfully Leading Today's Tribes

Just like prehistoric tribes were centered on survival, today’s online users gather together around an idea, except it can range from fans of kitten furniture to political groups.

Tweet Jam Reminder: Today - Growing + Engaging Customer Communities #CXMChat

It's that time again! We're a couple of  hours away from this month's Tweet Jam and, as usual, it's sure to be a hit. This month we will be talking Customer Communities -- How are they useful to an organization? How can we measure their success? How will they continue to evolve?

Community Design is Like Throwing a Good Party - It Takes Planning

Creating and sustaining healthy communities is part art and part science. 

The Vendor/Customer Relationship: Top 3 Tips to Get What You Want After Tying the Contractual Knot

There's a right way and a wrong way to share your input with software vendors: share it the right way and you can influence the next release. Share it the wrong way, and you could become the squeaky wheel.

This Week: Why Customer Communities Work & What's Driving Employee Engagement

What Makes Customer Communities Tick
What makes people join? Why do they stick around? Check out these customer communities insights. And watch the replay of our recent Google #CXMHangout on Customer Communities -- it's not to be missed!

Social Business: Then and Now
Deb Lavoy has been a prolific writer on the topic of Enterprise 2.0. In 2010 she talked about how social media was changing Enterprise 2.0. This week she goes further looking at the real drivers of employee engagement.

He Said, She Said: Records Management in SharePoint?
Joe Shepley says you can't do records management in SharePoint. Mimi Dionne fiercely disagrees. Read her take on the SharePoint/Records Management debate.

Tweet Jam: Customer Communities
Join CMSWire on April 24th 10am PDT, 1pm EDT, 1700 GMT for our #CXMChat Tweet Jam. The topic -- Building successful customer communities. Read the Tweet Jam questions and see the experts who will be tweeting. Mark your calendars!

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