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Cyber Monday News & Analysis

Dear Marketers, Thanks for Ruining My Holiday Shopping Experience

2014-04-December-vintage-christmas.jpgMy earliest memories of my late father include heading out to scoop up bargains on the day after Christmas. What, I wondered at the age of four, could be better than buying plastic reindeer and strings of fat multicolored bulbs for 50 percent off — 364 days before you'd ever want to use them?

Nothing, I concluded. It was fun, even exciting, a way to effectively extend the magic of the holiday just a little longer.

And now, through a flurry of ill-conceived marketing, the fun is over. Some Master Marketer who clearly lacked access to a calendar decided that After Christmas Sales would be even better before Christmas. And that triggered a rash of related, equally annoying decisions to accelerate sales of all kinds.

Black Friday on Thursday, anyone? How about Cyber Monday on Saturday? Why don't we just have sales all month long?

But that's not all. After the sales are accelerated, many of them are extended — so all those Cyber Monday specials are still out there on Thursday.

#BlackFriday Tech Winners, #CyberMonday Deals


As the focus shifts to digital sales on Cyber Monday, you may be wondering: What products scored wins on Black Friday?

Retailers are already seeing how shopping on mobiles and tablets is changing our buying behavior. Whatever your perspective, the results make for interesting reading as stores plan for future sales to drain us of yet more cash.

The Silliness of #CyberMonday and Insanity of #BlackFriday

Call me a media traditionalist, but there is nothing I hate more than a lazy two-or-three-word catch phrase or the like to describe something bigger than what it conveys. It must have started with TV news catchphrases dumbing down some vastly important world event.

Cyber Monday is an easy target. Not only does it steal from the already pathetic Black Friday moniker, it’s just ... stupid. 

In 2013 I Wish ...


In 2013 I wish that businesses would take a moment to realize the wealth of technology and capability that they already have. The technology platforms they buy have so many untapped and unused features that can help plug holes and fulfill needs that are acutely felt every day. Too many businesses get enamored with the shiny new software pitched by that year's sales rep while missing out on the ROI and efficiency and expertise that lies latent and waiting.
In 2013 I wish that organizations would take a moment to inventory the expertise, tools, best practices and insight that is freely available on the web. From whitepapers to freemium software to graphics to templates for everything from expense reports to business plans, the World Wide Web abounds with the answer to any question you have if only you'll invest the time to find and read and use it. The information you seek is out there, usually for free. Tap into that resource and enjoy an amazingly prosperous 2013! -- Billy Cripe, Founder and Principal BloomThinker of BloomThink


IBM Study: Consumers of the Future Value Self-Service + Personalization

Holiday shoppers spent 20% more on Black Friday this year compared to last year, and several real trends emerged from an IBM study based on its Benchmark digital analytics package.

Adobe Reports Cyber Monday Leading the Online Shopping Season; Black Friday Remains Strong

Cyber Monday has not only become one of the highest grossing online shopping days, but according to data from Adobe almost reached its predicted goal for 2012.

Adobe Predicts Cyber Monday Surpasses Black Friday Sales With $2 Billion Reach

With the Holiday season just around the corner, Adobe predicts Cyber Monday will become the leading online shopping day for 2012.

Apple Stock Price Bounces Back, Thanks to AC/DC and eBay?

applelogo.png Apple's star-kissed run may finally have come to end on the stock market, despite the company's recent run of launches and with more positive news coming out. Is reality finally knocking down Apple's distortion field?

LTE-Equipped iPad 4 and iPad Minis Go Onsale Today

 applelogo.pngThose who were waiting for the mobile-equipped versions of the latest iPads can now rush out to the store and bask in their 4G goodness, and the ensuing huge data bills. 

Black Friday, Cyber Monday: Rise of the Tablet

If you had little doubt what the most sought-after gadget was over the Thanksgiving break, the stats shows that tablets were the hottest ticket in town. Both online and in-store sales were through the roof as people seem hooked on tablets.

Black Friday Smartphone, Tablet Bargains: Mad, Sublime or Desperate?

amazon_store_logo_2011.jpgWith the big news that Amazon has put a great range of smartphones (except iPhones) on sale for just a cent on a two-year contract, others are slashing and burning, depending on need.

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