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DAM Lowdown: Razuna Adds Chrome Extension, PicturePark Integrates YouTube

Another DAM week gone by … and, in digital asset management news, Razuna churns out updates, Picturepark gets cozy with YouTube, Real Story reports on media asset systems, KIT cuts back, and DAM systems may be speaking another language. 

Weekend Reading: In Social Business - Context is Everything

shutterstock_93816259.jpgThe Jain legend of the blind men and the elephant came up at this week's Dachis Social Business Summit during David Gray's presentation. 

The story goes a little like this: six blind men are led up to an elephant, each left in front of a different part. One man feels the tail and says, "It's a rope." Another feels the ear and says, "It's a fan."  You get the idea. The story is usually told to show the value of collective intelligence, but I think it works for many of this week's articles as well. 

If you segment and analyze your data without keeping in mind the bigger context, you lose value. If you search for information in your DAM system and it's missing context, your results will be irrelevant. If technology continues to explode at a pace faster than people can adapt to, we run the risk of losing perspective on its place in our lives. 

Curious? Read on.

DAM Lowdown: Updates from WebDAM, FocusOpen & Razuna, Expert Insights

Following the vacation season, DAM news is beginning to bloom again: updates for WebDAM, FocusOpen and Razuna, MediaBeacon and Aspera join forces, experts look at digital asset management trends.

Digital Asset Management's Missing Context of Discussion

shutterstock_56909617.jpgEver had one of those discussions in which neither you nor the person with whom you were speaking seemed to understand one another? No matter how many different ways you restate your points, it’s clear that meaningful communication is not what’s taking place. What goes on between a DAM and a DAM user often feels much like this.

What a Digital Asset Manager Needs to Know

shutterstock_80843131.jpgAfter reading one of my most popular blog posts, a few readers have asked "What does a Digital Asset Manager need to know?"

WebDAM Adds PowerPoint, Batch Downloading Features

Thumbnail image for webdam logo 72412.pngDigital asset management (DAM) provider WebDAM Solutions is launching new features that are designed to increase efficiency and streamline productivity.

DAM Lowdown: Front Porch Digital, Nuxeo 5.6 & Media Asset Management Startup axel video

It’s been another DAM week … and in this past week’s digital asset management news, Front Porch Digital and Nuxeo update, axel video gets radically simple, Amazon hearts CORS, and some thoughts about EMI’s needs and filenames’ possibilities.

Digital Asset Management Industry Trends

shutterstock_63756370.jpgDAM user I’ve worked with in the past recently emailed asking for a few bullet points on DAM industry trends. He is planning to expand his DAM service in 2013 and wanted to know my thoughts for an upcoming presentation. After giving it some thought and responding, I realized that these bullet points would be useful for anyone involved in a DAM initiative and therefore would make a great CMSWire article. 

DAM Lowdown: Damcloud Launches, Amazon Glacier Puts Assets in the Deep Freeze

Yes, it’s been another DAM week … and, in this past week’s digital asset management news, Damcloud is rising, Daminion updates, Amazon goes for the cold metaphor, Cumulus and CHILI get together, and DAMMIES hit a record.

Dropbox Videos Now Easily Upload to Vimeo

dropbox_logo_2011.jpgUsers with full Dropbox accounts now have the opportunity to free up some space via an integration that loads videos seamlessly into the Vimeo platform through a Dropbox API.

DAM Lowdown: Razuna Version 1.5 + Hollywood IT Talks Asset Management

Another DAM week has flowed under the proverbial bridge, and, in recent digital asset management news, Razuna updates, Active Storage gets more active, Primestream adds an add-on, and Hollywood exclaims for asset management.

Revenue Generation Using Digital Asset Management Solutions

The business case for buying a DAM system to enhance productivity by helping users to find assets more quickly is fairly widely understood by most end users. In some situations, however, either that isn't enough to justify the expense of a new DAM system or there are additional factors that cause organizations to look for other ways to make the investment case stack up.

Razuna Unveils Version 1.5 of Open Source DAM Software

The newest version of the open source digital asset management (DAM) platform Razuna is now available.

DAM Lowdown: Olympic Photo Sprints, Celum Adds to Team, #DAM Twitter Feeds

It’s been yet another DAM week -- and, in recent digital asset management news, photo delivery should become an Olympic sport, Celum gets a new CSO and the DAM community could get serious about Twitter.

TACTIC Digital Asset Management Software Goes Open Source

Digital asset management vendor Southpaw Technology announced last week that it is releasing its TACTIC software as open source.

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