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DAM Lowdown: Razuna Version 1.5 + Hollywood IT Talks Asset Management

Another DAM week has flowed under the proverbial bridge, and, in recent digital asset management news, Razuna updates, Active Storage gets more active, Primestream adds an add-on, and Hollywood exclaims for asset management.

Revenue Generation Using Digital Asset Management Solutions

The business case for buying a DAM system to enhance productivity by helping users to find assets more quickly is fairly widely understood by most end users. In some situations, however, either that isn't enough to justify the expense of a new DAM system or there are additional factors that cause organizations to look for other ways to make the investment case stack up.

Razuna Unveils Version 1.5 of Open Source DAM Software

The newest version of the open source digital asset management (DAM) platform Razuna is now available.

DAM Lowdown: Olympic Photo Sprints, Celum Adds to Team, #DAM Twitter Feeds

It’s been yet another DAM week -- and, in recent digital asset management news, photo delivery should become an Olympic sport, Celum gets a new CSO and the DAM community could get serious about Twitter.

TACTIC Digital Asset Management Software Goes Open Source

Digital asset management vendor Southpaw Technology announced last week that it is releasing its TACTIC software as open source.

ADAM Cross-Media Collaboration Tool Enhances Digital Asset Management Platform

ADAM_logo_2012.jpg ADAM Software has released Teamwork, a new solution for managing cross-media marketing campaigns. Teamwork addresses many of the workflow and tracking weaknesses that customers have long complained about in ADAM’s digital asset management (DAM) platform.

DAM Lowdown: Widen's Audit Advice, TACTIC Goes Open Source, Assets After Death

It’s another DAM week, and, in recent digital asset management news, Widen lays out 10 steps to DAM audit heaven, the DAMMY Awards extends its nominee deadline, TACTIC goes open source, and being dead is no longer an excuse for losing assets.

Real Story Group Releases Updated Subway Map for Content, Web, Collaboration Vendors

Independent analyst firm Real Story Group has updated its 2012 Content Technology Vendor Map, and it's a convenient way to view the enterprise landscape.

Weekend Reading: Fun in the Sun with SharePoint + Content Marketing Thrills

IMG_2301.JPG Ah summertime: days at the beach, sand beneath your toes, water lapping the shore and our thoughts turn to ...SharePoint. SharePoint?

This week kicked off our month long focus on all things SharePoint with some thoughts on its use in today's social enterprise, its capabilities (or lack thereof?) as a Web Content Management platform and some confusing nomenclature in the latest version. 

Digital Marketing was still on our minds though, with some ideas on how to focus your content marketing and some examples of bad content to put out on social media.

Kick back, enjoy the sun and read on. 

Digital Asset Management: Why You Need Version Control

A version is defined as a particular form or variant of something. In the case of Digital Asset Management (DAM), versions apply to digital assets and their respective metadata. Without version control and history in DAM, errors during the editing process can turn into disasters.

DAM Lowdown: Picturepark Travels, Peter Krogh Awarded, WebDAM Updates

Another DAM week, another DAM Lowdown. In this week’s digital asset management news, Picturepark continues its region-by-region world tour, Peter Krogh scores an award and WebDAM keeps everyone on a deadline in the loop.

Who Should Enter Metadata in Digital Asset Management?

Smith_July_image.jpg Metadata is important because it helps you and other DAM users find the right files (keywords), understand the content of the files you find (descriptions) and use those files correctly (rights management). That sounds great and all, but who is going to enter all that metadata?

The short answer is: hopefully someone else!

Apple iPhone, iPad Might Soon Have Fingerprint Authentication via AuthenTec Acquisition

Apple's iPhone and iPad have become a mainstay in today's enterprise setting, in view of the higher level of security that the iOS platform offers over main rival Android. But with Apple's recent acquisition of security company AuthenTec Inc, future releases of the iPhone, iPad and the MacBook might be even more secure with fingerprint-based identification built in.

DAM Lowdown: DAM Maturity Model, DAMMY Awards, NBCUniversal

It’s another DAM week, and, in this week’s digital asset management news, a new version of the DAM Maturity Model emerges, the DAMMY Awards hit three and NBCUniversal gets hit. 

New Version of Digital Asset Management Maturity Model Now Available

A new version of the Digital Asset Management (DAM) Maturity Model is now available.  

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