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DAM Lowdown: Picturepark Travels, Peter Krogh Awarded, WebDAM Updates

Another DAM week, another DAM Lowdown. In this week’s digital asset management news, Picturepark continues its region-by-region world tour, Peter Krogh scores an award and WebDAM keeps everyone on a deadline in the loop.

Who Should Enter Metadata in Digital Asset Management?

Smith_July_image.jpg Metadata is important because it helps you and other DAM users find the right files (keywords), understand the content of the files you find (descriptions) and use those files correctly (rights management). That sounds great and all, but who is going to enter all that metadata?

The short answer is: hopefully someone else!

Apple iPhone, iPad Might Soon Have Fingerprint Authentication via AuthenTec Acquisition

Apple's iPhone and iPad have become a mainstay in today's enterprise setting, in view of the higher level of security that the iOS platform offers over main rival Android. But with Apple's recent acquisition of security company AuthenTec Inc, future releases of the iPhone, iPad and the MacBook might be even more secure with fingerprint-based identification built in.

DAM Lowdown: DAM Maturity Model, DAMMY Awards, NBCUniversal

It’s another DAM week, and, in this week’s digital asset management news, a new version of the DAM Maturity Model emerges, the DAMMY Awards hit three and NBCUniversal gets hit. 

New Version of Digital Asset Management Maturity Model Now Available

A new version of the Digital Asset Management (DAM) Maturity Model is now available.  

WebDAM Makes Digital Asset Management Collaborative with New Features

webdam logo 72412.pngWhen you’re under a deadline, can collaboration features in your digital asset management system help? WebDAM thinks so, and has launched new notification features to speed up collaboration efforts.

DAM Lowdown: Picturepark, FATS Digital ... and the Law

It’s another DAM hot week. In this week’s digital asset management news, Picturepark partners south of the border and nearer home, Australian broadcast/multimedia facility FATS Digital expands its digital asset management capability, law enforcement demos the high value of DAM, and the law tries to catch up with a deceased’s virtual assets.  

DAM Lowdown: Updated Widen Media Collective, New Canto Platform for Cumulus

It’s another DAM week, and this week’s digital asset management news includes the updated Media Collective from the venerable Widen Enterprises, a new Canto Platform for integrating Cumulus, and a beta version 3.4.3 of the open source FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager. 

DAM Lowdown: Broadcasting Assignment in Australia, iGATE/ADAM Partnership, Upgraded Cumulus

It’s another DAM week, and this week’s digital asset management news includes a tough broadcasting assignment in Australia for Aspera, a new partnership between iGATE and ADAM Software and an upgraded Cumulus from Canto.

Have You Audited Your Digital Assets Lately?

Auditing is not just for taxes or financials. If you want to bring clarity to the digital assets you have, auditing is one of the ways to do this. You can audit digital asset whether you have a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution today or not. The following is what you should think about ...

DAM Lowdown: How Much Are Your Digital Assets Worth?

This week in DAM, we learn how much your digital assets are worth, how to survive DAM and how one company aims to innovate DAM solutions. 

Content Marketing: Best Practices for Integrating Video with Your Web CMS [SPONSORED]

Content marketing is taking the center stage these days as digital marketers work to engage customers with relevant content for each stage of the customer journey. Video content stands out as video experiences provide superior levels of engagement combining different sensory experiences with emotional and informational content.

But managing video is a new practice for many people, and the tools are in a state of constant evolution. This presents challenges and that's before we even start talking about delivering video to the mobile channel.

Source: B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends

Video Marketing on the Rise

According to a recent content marketing study 60% of marketers plan to increase their spend on content marketing and the use of video ranks as one of the top five tactics used. Use of video has increased 27% year-over-year since 2010.

With the increased reliance on video content ROI marketers are demanding more from their content management platforms and not always getting what they need. This is where vendors like Brightcove (the sponsor of this article) step in.

Unified Content via Strong Integrations

Brightcove has authored a new white paper entitled: Integrating Video with Your Customer Experience Management Platform. This document lays out the challenges marketers face when utilizing video content alongside other content forms.

The white paper also maps a plan for a "unified content environment" and explains how Brightcove has built strong integrations with Web CMS platforms like Adobe CQ5, Drupal, Ektron, Sitecore, WordPress and others.

If video content management is on your plate this year, jump over and download the free white paper.

Delivering a Successful Customer Strategy for Digital Media

A successful customer strategy will lead to increased sales by offering customers what they want in the way they want it. It is important to invest in getting your customer strategy right from the start rather than jumping into new or existing channels without considering how they fit into the overall customer strategy.

Lean, Mean, Effective Digital Asset Management

How having a marketing technologist on the team helped Coty find the best fit DAM software

No matter what they do for a living, if you’re around people who talk shop long enough, you start to get the impression that everybody’s showing up at work in fatigues.

Between the war between sales and marketing, the clashes between creatives and coders and the battle between accounting and advertising, you’d think that just about everyone who spends their workday sitting at a desk is constantly dodging bullets.

How Much Do Digital Asset Management Professionals Earn?

What to pay a Digital Asset Management (DAM) professional, especially a position your organization may not have had before, is a frequently asked question (FAQ). It is asked even more frequently as the DAM community continues to grow year over year. As a Digital Asset Management (DAM) professional myself, the goal of this blog post is not to state what I earn per year nor start 'salary fixing' what it costs an organization to employ one or more DAM professionals. But I am going to ask you to do something.

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