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How Much Do Digital Asset Management Professionals Earn?

What to pay a Digital Asset Management (DAM) professional, especially a position your organization may not have had before, is a frequently asked question (FAQ). It is asked even more frequently as the DAM community continues to grow year over year. As a Digital Asset Management (DAM) professional myself, the goal of this blog post is not to state what I earn per year nor start 'salary fixing' what it costs an organization to employ one or more DAM professionals. But I am going to ask you to do something.

Studio One Takes Marketers to Content Leveraging CAMP

studioone-logo.JPG Brand marketers seeking to leverage their complete digital content library across disparate distribution channels may want to investigate CAMP (Content Asset Management Platform), a new proprietary dashboard that content creation/distribution technology provider Studio One says offers “plug and play” DAM functionality.

DAM Lowdown: Picturepark 8.3, Taxonomy Lessons, Hoarding Rich Media

This week, we take a closer look at the role of taxonomy in digital asset management, product news from Adobe and Picturepark and how to avoid media hoarding.

Picturepark 8.3 Makes DAM Friendlier With Ease of Use, Collaboration Features

Picturepark, a Swiss vendor of browser-based DAM software, is trying to make digital asset management a more friendly process with the latest version of its SaaS and on-premises software. Picturepark 8.3 features upgrades aimed at improving both overall ease of use and collaborative discussions and workflows.

Digital Asset Management: Are You a Rich Media Hoarder?

shutterstock_91988876.jpg Images, videos and documents, oh my!

When you’re in charge of managing a large collection of rich media files it’s easy to become a rich media hoarder. Since data storage is cheap, and image capturing devices and content creation apps are aplenty, many professionals find themselves rapidly amassing an unmanageable stockpile of files.

Picturepark Connects DAM Solution to SharePoint

Picturepark, a Swiss vendor of browser-based DAM software, is now providing a digital asset management layer for Microsoft SharePoint. The layer, known as SharePoint Connector for Picturepark, allows SharePoint users to leverage approval workflow, security, and asset processing functions from Picturepark without leaving SharePoint.

OpenText, Autonomy Lead Digital Asset Management Pack in Forrester Wave

While Forrester Research classifies the entire digital asset management (DAM) market as “immature” in the Q2 2012 Forrester Wave Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience report, OpenText and Autonomy are judged as “leaders of the pack” for having strong, enterprise-class solutions.

DAM Lowdown: Forrester Wave, Brandspaces, Maturity Model, a New Partnership

This week, we look at the Q2 2012 Forrester Wave Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience report, what went down at the Henry Stewart DAM event in New York, a partnership between ADAM Software and ConceptShare, how to measure maturity in the young DAM marketplace and a new white paper from Widen.

Forrester Wave for Digital Asset Management: Market Matures from Confusion into CXM

As the digital asset management (DAM) market evolves, DAM is shifting from a poorly-defined, siloed application to an integrated customer experience management (CXM) tool with four distinct use cases. In its Q2 2012 Forrester Wave Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience report, Forrester Research details the current state of the still-maturing DAM marketplace.

This Week: Better Mobile in the Enterprise + A DAM Maturity Matrix

Creating great mobile experiences is our focus this month. While it's one of the most discussed topics for external web experience strategies, it's also something we need to consider for our employees and partners. To guide some of your thinking consider these discussions:

For the internal customer:

For the external customer:

Also this week, we checked out the new DAM Maturity Matrix and some cool vendors in content management and enterprise collaboration.

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Brandspaces: The Next Move for Rich Media Assets #DAMNY

Everything has a brand. Theresa Regli of the Real Story Group urged those attending the Henry Stewart DAM event in New York to question what the brands are that surround them on a daily basis. Not just the Nike swoosh or Coca Cola. Think of where you live. What visuals would tell the story of your city so that a person who never visited could identify it?

ADAM Software Partners with ConceptShare to Address Cross-media Collaboration

Media workflow/marketing solutions provider ADAM Software is partnering with collaboration platform vendor ConceptShare to develop cross-media collaboration solutions. The companies hope to aid marketers in communicating faster and more efficiently around media files.

Measuring Maturity for Digital Asset Management Solutions

The Real Story Group and the DAM Foundation announced the DAM Maturity Model (DAM3), a structured way to measure technology, human, information and system dimensions of DAM solutions.

Is the Work Being Done What Needs to Be Done?


This week's features had a common thread that tied many of them together: it's time to take a step back and reassess the work that we are doing.

Questions were raised about perspective: is the push towards connectedness and social business a fad comparable to the Dot-com bubble? How well do you know your customers? Your organization?

Do you have the answers to these questions? Read on.

The Social Enterprise: What's the DAM Point?

We have come a long way from corporate wikis. Today, smart enterprises are leveraging advanced social platforms to promote communication and openness.

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