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How to Maximize the Potential of Localized Marketing

shutterstock_93399937.jpg Eighty-six percent of marketers intend to look for ways to better localize their marketing content, according to a recent survey by the CMO Council. Other findings of the survey reveal the importance that marketers place on localized marketing and demonstrate that more work is needed to make localized marketing effective.

The Time for DAM in Customer Experience is Now

shutterstock_92850838.jpg The intersections of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Customer eXperience Management (CXM or CEM) is an overwhelmingly understudied and underutilized area -- both in theory, and more so in practice. While it is evident that rich media can play a tremendous role in enhancing customer interactions and overall experience, we are not thinking, doing and talking enough about the use cases, specific product features, processes or strategies for employing DAM under the CXM umbrella.

This Week: The Rise of DAM + Optimizing Web Experiences

Our Digital Asset Management (DAM) Tweet Jam was a great success this week. The group worked to define what DAM means today and then dove into strategy, opportunities and the relationship between DAM and Customer Experience Management (CXM).

The views were varied, the insights great. Read the Tweet Jam Summary to get more info or if you're brave check out the full Tweet Jam archive.

Complimenting a great Tweet Jam, we examined the role of DAM in a series of new articles: 

In May, we'll dive in strategies and best practices for creating and optimizing mobile web experiences. Stay tuned.

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DAM in the Enterprise: What Does it Do, Where Does it Belong?

shutterstock_58670884.jpg As this past week's Tweet Jam showed, while the uses and demands on digital asset management (DAM) have evolved, the foundation remains the same: intelligently managing, distributing and delivering rich media assets. While there is disagreement about where it fits in the enterprise, there is consensus that it is time to take DAM out of its silo and integrate it more fully with other workflows.

We also heard about how ads are reaching us everywhere we go, learned some questions to ask to spur creative thinking and were introduced to fuzzy logic which I admit, I am still a little fuzzy about.

Read on.

Tweet Jam Recap: Is DAM the Future of Customer Experience? #CXMChat

There is definitely more to digital asset management than meets the eye. That became very apparent during yesterday’s #CXMChat in which we dissected Digital Assets & the Customer Experience.

To discuss digital asset management with a host of enterprise thought leaders, digital marketing professionals, self-described technology geeks, web developers and leading digital asset vendors is like peeling back the layers of an onion -- it’s so complex, it stings your eyes to think about it all. Fortunately, we’re here to sift through the skins to make sense of it all.

The Decline of the DAM System and The Rise of the DAM Solution

shutterstock_91435838.jpg Before getting into the main discussion points of this article, it is perhaps worth reviewing where we are in the overall DAM product life-cycle. I would argue that not only are we well into the growth stage of DAM, but that the maturity phase is in prospect in the medium term also.

DAM Requirements for Publishers are Changing

Thumbnail image for shutterstock_88356145.jpg DAM's role in the publishing world has changed as the medium has, in response to the demands of the end user and the increased capability new platforms like tablets offer. With these capabilities come new requirements that are changing the way publishers work with their rich media assets.

Tweet Jam Today: Digital Assets & the Customer Experience #CXMChat

It's almost time to come together on Twitter and discuss the evolving role of digital asset management. It's no longer simply about managing digital assets, it's about how you are using them in your customer experience strategies and the challenges and opportunities associated with that.

At 1pm EDT, 10am PDT, join the CMSWire community to discuss:

  1. Given how digital we are, what is your current definition of DAM?
  2. What are the core elements of a DAM strategy?
  3. What 3 things make a DAM solution successful?
  4. How do DAM and CXM/WEM currently relate?
  5. What is the single biggest DAM opportunity in 2012?

A great lineup of panelists -- check them all out here. Remember, your ideas and opinions are important to, so contribute freely.

To participate, join our TweetChat room, follow the #CXMChat hashtag on your favorite Twitter tool, or hang out here with Cover-It-Live:

Just a quick reminder on the rules:

  • Introduce yourself with your first #CXMChat tweet. Include your name, job title and organization you work for.
  • Subsequent tweets must start with the question number you are responding to and the #CXMChat hashtag. For example, "@bigbird Q5 We have a great team that manages our digital asset strategy #CXMChat"
  • Please don't pitch products or services; stay knowledge focused
  • Keep the discussion professional, but informal
  • Remember that this is a public chat — be thoughtful

See you soon!

DAM Evolves into a Key CXM Technology

“What is digital asset management (DAM)?” This is by far the most common question that comes up in Forrester’s DAM-related inquiries. In part, it’s because the DAM term is going to quickly become antiquated.


DAM Lowdown: DAMMY Awards, Tweet Jam, Gannett Leveraging Digital Assets

Createasphere is accepting submissions for its 3rd Annual DAMMY Awards, we're hosting the April DAM Tweet Jam tomorrow, we look at takeaways from OpenText Content Day and how Gannett plans to improve profits by leveraging its digital assets and North Plains acquires Xinet.

Autonomy Offers Media Analytics for IDOL With NewsSocial Release #NABShow

Autonomy-logo-200-x-100small.gifAutonomy is back again -- along with HP of course -- for another product release that continues to expand the use of its IDOL server, this time in the media space where it has introduced what has to be one of the first, if not the first, media monitoring and analytics applications in the media vertical.

CMSWire's April DAM Tweet Jam: Meet Our Panelists #CXMChat

We are only one day away from our DAM Tweet Jam, so let's take a moment to look at the questions that will be asked and the people who will be answering them tomorrow.

This Week: Social Business ROI + Time for a DAM Tweet Jam

Social Business was all the rage this week and these articles stood out from the pack:

But it wasn't all strategy and best practices: Yammer jumped into document collaboration, eXo built a Social Intranet in the cloud and Atlassian released an update to Confluence.

Next Wednesday, April 18th, our Digital Asset Management (DAM) tweet jam takes place. Tune in to get the latest on DAM strategies, best practices and a grasp of how DAM is impacting Customer Experience and Web Experience. All the Tweet Jam details are here.

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SharePoint, Social Metrics, Web Experiences: Experts Weigh In

shutterstock_94267645.jpg Does anyone else find it eerie that the SharePoint 15 roadmap leaked today, following a week of sound advice from our experts on how to better manage your current SharePoint environment, which will ease any future migrations? Spooky.

A conversation was started that we bet will continue about the value (or lack therein) of social media metrics, found out that pretty much everyone likes cupcakes and heard some hard won wisdom gained from years in the field for how to best improve business performance.

All this in one week, thanks to our feature writers. Read on.

Captivate Your Audience with Digital Media #OTcontentday

At Wednesday’s OpenText Content Day, a recurring theme was heard: today’s customer is setting new expectations and businesses need to respond.

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