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Live From New York - Key Factors in Enterprise DAM Selection #damny

Theresa Regli, principal at The Real Story Group, spoke here at the Henry Stewart DAM event in New York, providing her in-depth insight to help companies get more out of their Digital Asset Management (DAM) initiatives. Her speech was engaging and enlightening, and provided a thorough analysis regarding the current challenges implementing an enterprise DAM strategy.

Comcast's Richard Buchanan Kicks Off Henry Stewart DAM NY #damny

Richard Buchanan, vice president of Comcast, kicked off the Henry Stewart DAM Conference (DAMNY) with a keynote speech about the changing environment of video on demand -- one of Comcast's prime area of focus.

North Plains Sees DAM Ecosystems with TeleScope

North Plains Sees DAM Ecosystems with TeleScopeEric Raymond once used the metaphor of the cathedral and the bazaar to describe closed source software versus open source software. Who would have thought that one day you could apply the same metaphor to the modern-day marketing department?

SeeFile 5.0 Offers Browser-Based DAM for Photographers

seefile_logo_2011.jpgSeeFile offers digital photographers or artists a lightweight service to help manage and market their photos and images.

DAM Lowdown: DAM Conference in New York, Tape Stock Shortage Survey Results, Quick Hits

After celebrating Memorial Day a little too early and too often, the DAM Lowdown arrives with: an Agenda for Henry Stewart's DAM NY, Consolidated Graphics' Debut of WorkSmart Suite, a Handbook for Image Metadata, Some Alarming Results from a Survey on Tape Stock Availability and Quick Hits.

NewsGator Improves SharePoint's Video Capabilities in Social Sites 2010 v2

NewsGator (news, site) introduced version 2 of its enterprise collaboration platform Social Sites 2010 last week, but it wasn't done with the enhancements. If you are looking for enterprise level video that includes social capabilities, then the Video Stream Solution package may be just the ticket.

DAM Lowdown: ADAM Software Sees Growth, Nuxeo Revs Its DAM Offering, Quick Hits

Just like a subway train in Singapore, the DAM Lowdown arrives on time this week with: Enterprise Demand for DAM Solutions Driving Growth at ADAM Software, Nuxeo's DAM Platform Gets an Upgrade to Version 1.3, 13 Cost Areas of DAM Systems, EMC and Announce Partnership and Quick Hits.

Nuxeo Releases DAM with Combined Content Repository

nuxeo_logo_2009.jpgNuxeo (newssite) is having a busy week with content management goodies. The company has gotten approval for its content repository, dubbed Apricot, and now it's announced a point release of its open source document assessment management (DAM) product over at the corporate blog.

DAM Lowdown: SDL Buys Into DAM Game, a New Developer Network is Launched, Quick Hits

After a far too brief holiday, the DAM Lowdown returns with: SDL's acquisition of Calamares, FocusOPEN launches a developer network, Createasphere hosts an open source DAM seminar, NorthPlains extends TeleScope via partnership and Quick Hits.

pTools Launches System6, Web Content Management for the Cloud

ptoolssystem6.jpgIrish firm pTools (news, site) has been hard at work on its new cloud WCM suite, spending three years and a million euros on the project.

SDL Acquires Calamares, Spices Up its Digital Assets

SDL_Tridion_logo_2011.jpgSDL has previously partnered with companies in need of web content management solutions. Today, SDL acquired a digital assets management solution, and its offering just got spicier. By acquiring Calamares, a cloud-based platform that allows enterprises to centrally compose, enrich, publish and distribute video and other rich-media assets, SDL is able to extend its customer engagement solutions to include video and rich media management, which are more in demand across the enterprise than ever before.

DAM Lowdown: NAB 2011, KIT Digital Acquires Ioko, Quick Hits

The DAM Lowdown was off last week, but that didn’t stop the DAM news. This week we have highlights from NAB 2011, another acquisition by KIT Digital, product and people updates from ADS, a new iPad app for Hollywood production and more Quick Hits.

How To: Building Open Source DAM Solutions with Alfresco

sponsored-article-01.jpg The quantity of digital assets we manage is going no where but up. Yet, a recent CMSWire poll revealed that almost 50% of respondents use things like "shared file servers and other less wonderful practices" to manage them. Given the state of DAM technology, this is clearly not the best approach.

What you need is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) Strategy that supports the organized creation, management and delivery of digital assets across multiple channels and devices.  And part of any good DAM strategy is a solid technology platform.

The open source services firm Rivet Logic is running a complimentary webinar explaining how to build a DAM solution with the Alfresco content management platform. The event is titled "Digital Asset Management with Alfresco" and runs this Thursday April 21st at 2pm EDT (11am PDT).

Emil Loreto, Engagement Director at Rivet Logic will walk you through:

  • The compelling business drivers and use cases for Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Key characteristics/components of a DAM solution stack
  • Rivet Logic case studies and best practices implementing Digital Asset Management using Alfresco
  • What to consider when planning your Digital Asset Management implementation.

Managing your digital assets has never been more complicated, and it's only going to get worse as consumers demand even more from social and mobile channels. Learn how an Alfresco-based Digital Asset Management solution can provide you a viable option. Reserve your seat here.

DAM Lowdown: What H.264 is, Evolphin Zoom Fills Version Cue Gap, Quick Hits

The DAM Lowdown is back with an overview of H.264, a new version of TACTIC 3.5 from Southpaw, Evolphin Zoom 2.8 fills a gap left by Adobe Version Cue, Henry Stewart announces dates for DAM conferences in Europe and Los Angeles and the debut of Quick Hits.

DAM Lowdown: Second Annual DAMMY Awards, Handmark Chooses Unicorn Media for Mobile

The DAM Lowdown returns with: A new web scraper from Helium, the second annual DAMMY awards, the Golf Channel implements IPV, Handmark chooses Unicorn Media for mobile video and Widen discusses SaaS DAM vs. installed DAM.

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