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Delivering Drupal to the Enterprise #drupalcon

Drupalcon 2012 Sponsored By At DrupalCon in Denver, DPCI, Achieve Internet and Blink Reaction were three of the vendors offering Drupal solutions for the enterprise.

Taking Care of the Customer: In the Office and Online

shutterstock_92263249.jpg This week our experts continued contemplating the customer, both internal and external. While the interactions may be different between the two, we were reminded once again that making things clear, making things simple and providing a clear goal or reward are always appreciated.

A few of our writers were also trying to establish exactly how and where social fits in the enterprise, and if all the beer you drink at SxSWi is a justified business expense (hint: no).

Read on.

Where Does Social Fit in Digital Asset Management?

There might be no better way to illustrate how important social media is to marketing than the attention that’s been paid to Facebook Pages’ transition to the Timeline format. For better or worse, it’s hard to hear this talked about by professional communicators without getting the sense that the world is being turned upside-down.

DAM Lowdown: North Plains' Revenue Up, Lightroom Prices Drop Down

While North Plains basks in record revenue in 2011, Adobe dropped the price on Lightroom 4.

Leap Year Means 1 More Social Business Day

While it was possibly unlucky for some in the cloud that 2012 was a leap year, for our feature writers it was a boon. They took full advantage of the extra day to share their insights on what social business means for corporate America, approaches enterprises can take to transform into social businesses and looked at the technology that drives the evolution.

Our experts also reviewed the potential of DAM-API integration, looked further into big data, examined the commodification of content and shared practical steps to making your taxonomy more intuitive. Read on to learn more and to get a sneak peek of next week's features.

Does Your Digital Asset Management System Need an API?

PS102_150x150.jpg Digital asset management (DAM) helps groups of people manage and find all of their digital media in one location, and APIs promise the same benefits -- but to other computer systems. Is an API integration necessary to improve your workflow?

DAM Lowdown: Hasbro Upgrades Legacy System, Speedier Social Marketing

Hasbro is spending millions to update its legacy DAM system and wrangle assets for more than 1,500 brands. Also this week, Widen rolls out Media Collective 6.0, how to streamline social marketing with DAM and an interview with Createsphere panelist Jason Perr.

DAM Lowdown: Age of Big Data, Metadata for Government, DAM Product Updates

Last weekend, The New York Times ran an interesting article about big data’s impact on the world. If you didn’t already think big data was cool, you will after reading this article. We also look at recent product updates and the important role metadata plays in the government.

DAM Lowdown: DAM in the Cloud, Adobe's Future Focus, Tips for Growing Your Audience

This week in the DAM lowdown: printers are providing DAM solutions for clients, Adobe's VP of Enterprise Marketing explains the company's fresh focus, tips on how to leverage your assets to grow your audience and a case study relating one company's quest to find the right DAM solution.

Adobe's Kevin Cochrane Talks ReOrg, Customer Experience in 2012

In November of last year, Adobe did a pretty serious restructure, making the decision to focus on Digital Marketing and Digital Media. More than a few people might have wondered what exactly was going on. But when you take the time to consider what Adobe did, you realize they were following their own advice: focus on the customer.

Digital Asset Management: How Liquid Are Your Digital Assets?

Are your digital assets liquid? Can you easily move them from one system to another?



Developers can leverage WebDAM's REST API to tailor third-party applications for their unique digital asset management needs. WebDAM Solutions provides online tools for storing, managing, archiving, searching, retrieving and distributing digital files.

DAM Lowdown: TeleScope, Gobbler, SOPA, PIPA

TeleScope improves mobile access to digital media, what SOPA and PIPA have to do with DAM and new financing for the Gobbler startup.

DAM Lowdown: LiveOffice Acquisition, DAM Integration Apps, History of Classification

This week we tour DAM systems from Mesopotamia up through modern efforts to give us back control of our digital assets.

Symantec Lands LiveOffice

symantec_logo_2012.jpg Symantec Corp. announced the acquisition of LiveOffice for a cool US$ 115 million. LiveOffice, Symantec’s hosted archiving OEM partner for Enterprise, will add a cloud-based messaging protection solution to Symantec's information security and management solutions arsenal.

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