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April Tweet Jam: The Role of Digital Asset Management in the Customer Experience #CXMChat

Digital Asset Management (DAM) may have one of the most entertaining acronyms, but it’s so much more and over time it has evolved from the management of basic image elements to the management of an expansive collection including textual, digital and multimedia content. This month as we examine DAM’s role and strategies within the enterprise, it’s clear that it’s not just the media that matters, it’s the devices and screens that display media that play a role in how digital assets are rendered and archived. While you might not think that digital asset management is a part of your life, chances are it’s probably already woven into the content you create and share everyday.

DAM Lowdown: DAM Events, Managing University Assets, Picturepark SDK

This week we plan for the upcoming Henry Stewart DAM Conferences, look at the role DAM plays for university advertising assets, check out the Picturepark SDK public release and learn how to use -- not abuse -- digital assets on websites.

A Picture or a 1000 Words? Use and Abuse of Visual Assets on Websites

The theme of this month’s issue is digital asset management, a technology that I know very little about. What I do know is that they help web managers manage photographs, videos and other graphic media assets, so let me offer some reflections on these.

This Week: Social Business Insights & 5 Steps to Effective Content

It's been one of those weeks where a little bit of everything was vying for our attention. A little digital asset management, a little content strategy, a little social business, a touch of SharePoint -- you get the drift.

Here are some riveting reads for your holiday weekend:


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Business Intelligence Applications Dominate Oracle OpenWorld #oowjp

logo-oracle.gif At Oracle OpenWorld in Japan, Oracle announced new BI applications certified on Oracle Exalytics and supported on iPad and iPhone devices, a new release of the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System, and the general availability of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery.

Digital Asset Management Streamlines School Spirit

shutterstock_91335383.jpg When people think about the institutional challenges faced in higher education, they might consider graduation rates, diversity, research and fundraising. We all know there’s a lot going on at colleges and universities, but many might be unaware of the marketing and public relations side of running a top-notch school.

Digital Asset Management for Enterprise Intranets

shutterstock_64722724.jpg Digital Asset Management is a specialist sub-set of Content Management, one which has developed along it's own evolutionary past. It has grown out of the needs of the traditional publishing industry to manage photographic images for print publications, and developed into an adjunct of web content management to manage still images, video and audio files as "rich media" content for web sites and other media.

DAM Lowdown: Social Media Strategy, Webinar Series, Open Source DAM Solution

This week we look at why DAM started, its role in social media strategy, what you should know before starting a DAM initiative and benefits of DAM software.

Digital Asset Management: Let's Not Forget Why it Started

shutterstock_8311399.jpg I was exposed to the need for DAM a few days ago. While wrestling with some clothes in a changing room my eye was drawn to some small graphics about the care and attention this business put into making its products.

Beautifully art directed, fantastic copy -- they stopped me in my tracks and I wanted to share them.

DAM Lowdown: WoodWing Integration From Modula4, NetX 6.1, Conference Reports

We recently attended AdobeSummit and DrupalCon, Modula4 announced integration platforms, NetXposure 6.1 rolled out added functionality and features and the PublishingNOW! DAM-based publishing platform was unveiled.

The Future is Digital & Adobe Plans to Deliver It #AdobeSummit

The Adobe Digital Marketing Summit is over, but the customer experience lessons learned continue on. I had the opportunity to speak with Adobe VP of Enterprise Marketing, Kevin Cochrane, on some of these lessons and where Adobe sees the future of digital marketing. Here's what I learned.

Delivering Drupal to the Enterprise #drupalcon

Drupalcon 2012 Sponsored By At DrupalCon in Denver, DPCI, Achieve Internet and Blink Reaction were three of the vendors offering Drupal solutions for the enterprise.

Taking Care of the Customer: In the Office and Online

shutterstock_92263249.jpg This week our experts continued contemplating the customer, both internal and external. While the interactions may be different between the two, we were reminded once again that making things clear, making things simple and providing a clear goal or reward are always appreciated.

A few of our writers were also trying to establish exactly how and where social fits in the enterprise, and if all the beer you drink at SxSWi is a justified business expense (hint: no).

Read on.

Where Does Social Fit in Digital Asset Management?

There might be no better way to illustrate how important social media is to marketing than the attention that’s been paid to Facebook Pages’ transition to the Timeline format. For better or worse, it’s hard to hear this talked about by professional communicators without getting the sense that the world is being turned upside-down.

DAM Lowdown: North Plains' Revenue Up, Lightroom Prices Drop Down

While North Plains basks in record revenue in 2011, Adobe dropped the price on Lightroom 4.

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