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Mobile Advertising Advances + Problems to be Solved

Advances in Mobile AdvertisingProperly monetizing mobile advertising is indeed the holy grail of the current shift to the consumption of content via smartphones and tablets. Whereas in the past (and even to this day), advertisers will localize content based on IP address, browser language settings and other readily available information; this information is but scratching the surface of the potential for mobile advertising.

Why Microsoft Needs Samsung for Windows Phone to Succeed

So another analyst firm’s report has come out predicting a substantial slice of the mobile platform market share will go to Microsoft within the coming years. What is also interesting is that the same report is talking about the other hot topic of late -- the relative plateau of Android’s market share growth.

Mobile in 2015: People and Disruptive Changes

Following up on yesterday's look at mobile platforms, today I will look at two other elements that will shape the mobile experience in the next three years: people and progress.

Mobile in 2015: Delivering Superior Experiences

In 2012, mobility is no longer a fantasy, rather it's the norm. Yet there are so many areas within the space that are still immature, especially the enterprise.

Key Mobility Factors for the Second Half of 2012

shutterstock_90401746.jpg As the divide between personal and work mobile devices erodes, let's take some time to explore some companies and ideas that may drive changes in the mobile world for the rest of 2012.

Enterprise Mobility: Who's the Real Winner from RIM's Latest Setback?

The rapid shift in platform dominance among smartphone sales in the consumer market over the past 3 years, as clearly seen in NPD’s report on US Smartphone sales 6 days ago, shows how quickly RIM’s decline has occurred.

Information Architecture and Enterprise Mobility

As organizations look to further enable their mobile workers in 2012, there are a number of challenges -- whether real or perceived -- that are standing in the way. One of the most fundamental challenges that I have heard time and time again over the past year is the lack of a sound information architecture to meet these demands.

Mobile Enterprise: How to Convince Your CXO Not to Invest in Native Apps

As the boardroom begins to get more infatuated with mobility, there still seems to be a natural fascination with native apps, even for enterprise mobility. Whereas a native app for your organization may seem very glamorous and cutting edge, there are 2 simple areas for your CXO to consider.

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