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Yammer Co-Founder Adam Pisoni on Collaboration, Transparency and Security

Yammer Co-Founder Adam Pisoni on the Future of CollaborationA little over a year ago, I interviewed Adam Pisoni, co-founder of Yammer, shortly after it had been bought by Microsoft. There was much speculation at the time on how and when Yammer would fit into the Microsoft Office Division’s products.

We recently regrouped. Between Microsoft’s new CEO and Adam’s reaction to my predictions for collaboration in 2014, we had a very interesting discussion.

Collaboration in 2014: 10 Predictions

Social Business, Collaboration in 2014: 10 PredictionsNetworked organizations, personalization and customization, development of collaborative reputations: these trends and more that I predicted for 2013 will still hold true for 2014. But as the cloud and mobile mature, new trends are emerging for 2014. Kelly Services and oDesk just did a deal together -- I think this is the first time an old style temp agency has done a deal with a crowdsourcing / expertise company. Kind of like the lamb lying down with the lion, something you don’t expect to see. But we should expect more of this as markets consolidate, the IoT goes more mainstream and we see collaboration become an important part of big data.

Collaboration in 2013: What Predictions Came True?

Collaboration in 2013: What Predictions Came True?Before I look forward to what 2014 might hold for collaboration, I wanted to look at how I did with my 2013 predictions. It turns out my crystal ball was working well, but some of the trends have been slower to start.

Emerging Platforms and Applications for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) isn't coming, it's here and some companies are leading the way to connect the digital with the physical world. 

Collaboration and the Internet of Things

How to Collaborate with the Internet of ThingsThis is not an article about SkyNet and Terminators that come back in time to save the future. It is not about the rise of the machines, and it is about the rise of the machines … but not in the way you might think.

Collaboration and the Future of Customer Support

KindleFireAdvisor.jpg, collaboration, customer support In the past, the role of collaboration technologies was to help customer support reps work with each other on what I call “exception cases.” These are the 20% of cases that are not solved by the FAQ, or first line support. Often they are more complex, and there is no current solution in the customer support database. Creating a solution may often involve the support rep working with someone in engineering or product development. It is clear that collaboration has a critical role in this process and is not going away.

Does Collaboration Bring Productivity?

Social Business: Does Collaboration Bring ProductivityDid you know that over the last nine years, for the first time, U.S. worker productivity has fallen?

The Challenges of Being a Social/Collaboration Vendor

challenges of being a social vendor, social business, social software

Between 200 collaboration and social technology user surveys and an indepth look at 16 collaboration vendors, we found use of these technologies has changed, and continues to evolve. And while there is no doubt that collaboration is important to any business no matter what size, not everyone means the same thing by “collaboration.”

Innovation, Collaboration and Engagement

"Innovation occurs at the intersection of fear, opportunity and talent.” -- Bruce Cleveland, Venture Capitalist at InterWest Ventures.

2013 Collaboration Predictions: Connectivity, Personalization, Collaboration Reputation

Connectivity, customization and collaborative reputation are just a few of the forces that will change the way we work in 2013.

2013 Collaboration Predictions: Video Conferencing, Big Data Collaboration, Workplace Changes

2013 promises to transform the way we work: in terms of space, in how we handle big data, and in what we demand from collaboration technologies.

2013 Collaboration Predictions: HR Collaboration Tools, 3D Printing

The pace of change from technology is speeding up. So how will 2013 be different than 2012? Will 2013 actually be the “year of collaboration?”  This is something people have been predicting every year for the last 20 years. I can remember writing articles in 1990 about “will this be the year for GroupWare?”

2012 Predictions on Collaboration Reviewed: How Did I Do?

If anything, the pace of change from technology is speeding up. So how will 2013 be different than 2012? Here is a list of my 10 predictions for 2012; what did I get right and where did I go wrong?

Adam Pisoni on Yammer's Long-Term Vision & Future with Microsoft

In this final installment of my interview with Yammer co-founder Adam Pisoni, we discuss the role of culture in social business, Yammer's long-term vision and the future of Yammer with Microsoft.

Yammer Co-founder Adam Pisoni on Collaboration Roadblocks

Continuing my conversation with co-founder Adam Pisoni, we discuss Yammer's integration strategy, and the two things he thinks get in the way of most collaboration. He'll take a look at how business models are changing and driving more value out of employees, how space effects collaboration and how communication drives everything!

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