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Making Sense of B2B Marketing Analytics


Almost every B2B marketer understands analytics have changed the way goods and services are sold. Many, however, don't understand how to translate all those numbers into actions that generate more revenue.

That reality came into focus yesterday in the CMSWire webinar "Trends and Challenges of B2B Marketing Analytics in 2014." The program was based partly on a results of a survey of more than 500 marketing professionals authored by Holger Schulze, vice president of eG Innovations.

Schulze and Amit Varshneya, vice president for consulting and strategic services at Demandbase, offered suggestions to marketers based on the study. 

Segmentation Is About to Get Interesting

2014-30-May-Halloween.jpgFor marketers willing to ask the question, “Who is my customer?” the response now comes as billions of data points. Few of these fit into the neat set of demographics that once defined marketing. It’s age, race, sex, weight, height, marital status, education level, politics, buying habits, household health worries, vacation dreams and much much more. Understanding this deluge of data -- and the people or segments they represent -- means a whole new way of understanding customers.

Demandbase Invests in B2B Marketers with Cloud Release


The difference between B2B and B2C marketing is simple: all web traffic amounts to potential customers in B2C, and B2B relies on targeted audiences even down to a particular department within a company.

That’s how B2B digital marketing provider Demandbase sees it. Today, it releases its B2B Marketing Cloud, which it calls the first subscription-based marketing platform that helps marketers target accounts, plan ad spending and tie acquisition costs for target accounts to revenue.

In the new offering, Demandbase pulled together several solutions and introduced Performance Manager, a dashboard that brings ad impressions, website activity and CRM data into one unified view. 

“We plug into CRM marketing solutions you already have in place to make them more B2B enabled,” Chris Golec, CEO of San Francisco-based Demandbase, told CMSWire.

Competitor: Oracle's Latest Acquisition Fills 'Major Gap'

Oracle's $1.5 billion acquisition of Responsys last month is the company's attempt to fill its “major gap” in the marketing technology space, an Oracle competitor told CMSWire.

“This announcement continues to provide validation and further attention to the importance of the marketing technology space,” Suresh Vittal, vice president of strategy at Adobe Campaign, told CMSWire. “However at its core, Oracle is a CRM company and doesn’t understand marketers’ daily issues. It realized it was missing market share. Through another acquisition, it is trying to fill a major gap as the stakes are continuing to increase.”

B2B Marketing: Who Targets What and Where?

B2B buttons

Who's targeting what and where in B2B marketing? And what works? Depends on who you ask. LinkedIn is hot for B2B. No, actually Twitter's gaining steam. Banners ads are not dead. Yes they are.

Demandbase, a B2B marketing software provider, spent last year analyzing how verticals are targeting prospects. It tracked 2013 campaign strategies and spend from its customer base of B2B marketers spanning over 20 vertical industries.

Any surprises? "Software technology has always been a high-activity vertical when it comes to business marketing and advertising," Demandbase CEO Chris Golec told CMSWire, "so it was interesting to see a change in this pace with other industry players, such as financial services and manufacturing, stepping up their game in online advertising."

B2B Marketing Insiders: Marketo-Insightera Acquisition Industry's 'Next Frontier'

Real time personalization for websites is the “next frontier” of marketing, according to Karl Wirth, CEO/founder of Evergage. In that sense, Marketo’s acquisition of Insightera makes sense, he told CMSWire.

“As marketers, we spend a lot of money — I’m looking at you Adwords — and time — yes, a keyword optimized blog a day takes time — driving people to our websites,” said Wirth, whose company offers real time web personalization. “We are inventing new ways to drive traffic to our sites, but our sites have stayed static.”

Marketo, Leadspace Team in Latest Marketing Automation Partnership

Social lead management meets marketing automation today in a partnership between Leadspace and Marketo -- and based on market trends here, we're not surprised with the partnership.

Demandbase B2B Feature Targets Company Profile for Facebook Ads

At the Adobe Summit earlier this year, Greg Ott of Demandbase made two things clear to B2B marketers: Buyers no longer make purchases alone, and most of the buyer’s journey happens before they actually engage with the potential vendor.

Marketo Teams With Demandbase For Better Targeting, Personalization

demandbase, marketo, marketing automation It’s been a busy spring and summer for Marketo, the San Mateo, CA., cloud-based marketing software platform provider and marketing automation specialist. It’s been a busy time for the fast-moving marketing automation industry. Period.

HootSuite App Directory Releases New SugarCRM App

customer experience: hootsuite sugarcrm appSales and customer service professionals who use the HootSuite App Directory now have a better way to find, engage and nurture leads through a new SugarCRM app.

Demandbase Secures US$ 15 Million in Funding; Scale, Adobe Invest

B2B marketing technology provider Demandbase has secured US$ 15 million in financing in an investment round led by Scale Venture Partners and including existing investors Sigma Partners, Altos Ventures, Costanoa Ventures, Sutter Hill Ventures and Adobe Systems.

Managing Employee Engagement When You Have No Employees

Contract workers, contingent workforce and “solo-preneurs” are on the rise. 

Targeting and Personalization in a Changing B2B Marketing World #adobesummit

The traditional linear marketing funnel is evolving into a circular buyer’s journey, and B2B marketers must employ targeting and personalization of key segments in order to accelerate that journey and better predict its paths and outcomes. These were the main points delivered in the “B2B Targeting and Personalization: Web Engagement and Predictive Modeling” session at the Adobe Summit.

SharePoint Conference 2012 Live Coverage (#SPC12)

Spc12_logo.jpg Learn all you can from the 2012 SharePoint Conference right here. We have exclusive coverage from Jennifer Mason and a number of our regular SharePoint columnists including Christian Buckley, Mike Ferrara, Frederik Leksell and Symon Garfield.


Images from Conference:

WP_000347.jpg WP_000346.jpg SPC12 074.JPG SPC12 069.JPG SPC12 027.JPG SPC12 087.JPG SPC12 078.JPG

The Latest from the Sessions & Keynotes

SharePoint Online or On Premises: Who is Microsoft Betting On?

This year's SharePoint conference is now over, and as people return for Las Vegas there is time to reflect on the many announcements made at the show.

Overview of: Social CRM Using Microsoft Technologies For Real Business Benefits

This session was unusual at a Microsoft SharePoint Conference for two reasons. Firstly, the session was part of the all new “Business” track for non-technical business decision makers. Secondly, it was about Dynamics CRM, and this is the first time I remember the Dynamics products making an appearance at a SharePoint conference.

SharePoint Community: Loud and Clear

This year at the SharePoint Conference something was different. Something that has existed at all the other events, but something that this time was front and center, loud and clear! This year the Community was made into a central component of the conference. Community efforts were noticed and encouraged.

SharePoint Center of Excellence - Why You Need One

For the first time, this year’s Microsoft SharePoint Conference had a dedicated “Business” track for non-technical, business decision makers and judging by the 600 plus people that packed in to this session there was a huge demand.

How Clifford Chance Bet on SharePoint for Enterprise Content Management

In the legal community, it’s well known that Clifford Chance, one of the world’s largest law firms, has been undergoing a major shift towards using SharePoint as the firm’s Enterprise CMS. At the SharePoint Conference last week, I attended the session dedicated to exploring this implementation in more detail.

SharePoint Conference, Surface Style

At this year's SharePoint Conference I took the opportunity to put the Surface device to the test. Instead of dragging around my laptop I wanted to see how well the Surface would do to fulfill my computer needs for the week. I was pleasantly surprised.

How Unisys Used the Power of SharePoint to Socially Enable a Global Workforce #spc12

By Symon Garfield  |  Monday Nov 19, 2012

Fresh from the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, my overview of a great session looking at how one multi-national company created a vibrant knowledge sharing culture using SharePoint.

A Few of My Favorite Things in SharePoint 2013

By (@jennifermason)
This year at the SharePoint Conference, Laura Rogers and myself had the opportunity to present two express sessions. Our sessions were relatively short sessions, designed to quickly highlight key features with SharePoint 2013. One of the sessions was designed to cover five simple improvements in SharePoint 2013 that will make everyday tasks easier to complete. In this article we will be reviewing the five features that made it into my top five list!


Summary of: Reducing Organizational Risk Through Effective Information Management

By (@LetsTalkGov)
This is the fourth and final day at SharePoint Conference Las Vegas. After a good party last night, it's time to talk risk management in my first session of the day, presented by Paul Olenick: "Reducing Organizational Risk Through Effective Information Management."


Social - It's Nothing New

By (@jennifermason)
There is no way that you've heard anything about the newest release of SharePoint without hearing about the new Social features. With this release of products, the SharePoint team has put a huge emphasis on social and how it works within the environment. After being here at SharePoint conference, I think the best summary of the Social features that I can give is that this release of products simply highlights things that users already do. Wait! Before you stop reading because you think I am flat out wrong, hear me out.


Overview of e-Discovery Across the Microsoft Office Platform

By (@mikecferrara)
Microsoft has joined in the e-Discovery fray, now pushing a unified offering across the entire Office platform. At the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, I sat in a session by Quentin Christensen, Program Manager at Microsoft, to see exactly what features will be available to end users.


Summary of: 'Planning for the Lifecycle of Your SharePoint 2013 Website'

By (@LetsTalkGov)
Here at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas where things are in full swing, I attended Geoffrey Edge's presentation on "Planning for the Lifecycle of Your SharePoint 2013 Website." Following is a brief overview of Edge's suggestions for creating a strategic plan that sees your website through from inception to launch and beyond.


What's New in Enterprise Content Management for SharePoint 2013

By (@mikecferrara)
The topic of enterprise content management (ECM) on SharePoint is always a hot one, and the hype is ever-growing with the 2013 release.


Project 2013 - A Few Surprises Under the Covers

By (@jennifermason)
Thus far, the SharePoint conference has been full of conversations surrounding the Project Server and how it fits into the vision of this release cycle. From the pre-con session, to mentions in the keynote and a full set of sessions, Microsoft has proven that it is committed and will be coming out strong with their new release.


Finally - It's All About Us! Thoughts from the SharePoint Conference Keynote

By (@jennifermason)
The keynote of any Microsoft conference is really not to be missed, it is when the entire group comes together to hear the latest and greatest and to get a glimpse into the vision of the product team. Any good keynote will have some surprises, laughter and good demos. Yesterday's SharePoint Conference keynote fit the bill and in some cases raised the bar for keynote events. A great foundation was presented that will really carry us through this next release of the product. Here I touch on the high points and focus on the aspects that really detail the future of SharePoint. - from Jennifer Mason


Building a Social Platform with SharePoint and Yammer at Nationwide Insurance

By (@buckleyplanet)
On day one at the SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Chris Plescia and Jeff Schumann from Nationwide Insurance provided a detailed view into their company's successful efforts to develop an employee portal and social platform based on SharePoint and Yammer. Their presentation presents an excellent case study in how to build out an enterprise-wide social platform that both meets the requirements of the business and the expectations of the end users. - from Christian Buckley


SharePoint 2013: A Small Piece of a Greater Puzzle

By (@jennifermason)
This year has been abuzz with the newest Microsoft product releases, from the much anticipated Surface, Windows 8 phones and a new version of Office, there really is a whole new wave of products that are available to the masses. SharePoint 2013 is a huge component of the story, but it is important to see that it is still only a piece of the story.


Microsoft Grows Social Features With Cut-Price Yammer-SharePoint Integration

By David Roe (@druadh20)
The great thing about conferences is that by the end of them, you usually have a better idea about products and vendor offerings. The SharePoint conference is Las Vegas is no different. However, true to form, Microsoft has only half-answered one of the burning questions of this year: what will it do with Yammer?


From the Vendor Floor

Nintex, Colligo, Workshare Add Mobile, Cloud, Collaboration Capabilities to SharePoint

A variety of IT vendors debuted add-on solutions that bring functionality including mobile, cloud and collaboration features to SharePoint at last week’s SharePoint Conference held in Las Vegas, NV. Solution providers making noteworthy announcements included Workshare, Colligo, Nintex and Axceler.

Webtrends Analytics Release For SharePoint 2013 Extends Use For Social Business

Webtrends has been quick off the mark and announced the release of Webtrends for SharePoint 2013.


Axceler Offers Yammer Views, Governance for SharePoint 2010 #spc12

SharePoint 2013 was always going to be the focus of the SharePoint conference, which means that Yammer, and its relationship to SharePoint was also going to be a big issue. Axceler has announced a couple of new solutions that demonstrate where this might all be going.


Qumu Updates SharePoint Video Tool; Releases Survey about SharePoint

Business video platform provider Qumu, has released an update for their SharePoint Video Content Management 3.0. This update was introduced alongside survey results regarding SharePoint’s video capabilities and aims to improve platform's video capabilities.


Titus, Equilibrium, Adapx Release SharePoint Security, Visualization, Mobile Upgrades

Vendors including Titus and Equilibrium unveiled major upgrades to solutions for SharePoint at this week’s Microsoft SharePoint User Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Application upgrades target SharePoint user needs for security, image and video preview and tablet-based data capture.


SharePoint 2013 Extranet Collaboration Manager by SharePoint Solutions Released as Beta

The Extranet Collaboration Manager beta for SharePoint 2013 has just been announced by SharePoint Solutions, and as the SharePoint Conference 2012 gathers steam, the tool is ready to download for deploying and managing SharePoint extranets.


HiSoftware Parters with NewsGator for Social Communications Compliance

HiSoftware has announced that their HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff SP2010 Suite will be paired with the NewsGator Connector service. The combination product, the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff NewsGator Connector, works with NewsGator Social Sites to monitor internal and external communications on social platforms to ensure that only appropriate material is shared.


BA Insight, MetaVis, SecureAuth Prepare For SharePoint 2013

This year’s SharePoint conference in Las Vegas is the conference that just keeps giving. We’ve covered a lot of releases and interesting news already and there are more to come. Here we look at new SharePoint offerings from BA Insight, MetaVis and Secure Auth.


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