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Demo2012 News & Analysis

The Best New Technologies from #Demo2012

The Demo Conference funnels a highly competitive field of thousands of applicants to produce only 75 high quality presenters.  Some presentations have a noble goal, others just smell like million dollar ideas. One new company did literally get awarded US$1 million, in the form of a media boost from the show producer, IDG. I was ecstatic to see that it was one of my favorites.  

Location-Based Social Apps Making A Splash #Demo2012

There are a lot of exciting, fresh and hungry young startups launching impressive products amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Demo's Fall conference. While many are presenting us with a more streamlined, personalized digital portal to the real world, the applications inevitably bleed into each other. 

Technology to Solve the Problems of Technology #DEMO2012

We're all familiar with the pitfalls of the proliferation of information. Massive quantities of competing programs and platforms leads to an overwhelming over-saturation of media. Battling operating systems and hardware lead to endless issues with connectivity and compatibility. The majority of the new technology being presented at DEMO Conference present themselves as a solution to those woes.  

Ray Kurzweil Synthesizes Biology and Technology #Demo2012

Skipping effortlessly and fluidly from the brain's "neocortex" to artificial intelligence (without skipping a beat) is a skill that futurist Ray Kurzweil wields with delicate dignity. The keynote presentation delivered at DEMO Conference yesterday was as captivating and profound as it was straightforward and elegant. In Kurzweil's mind, our most advanced machines are mimicking our brains, and in his estimation, the machine may soon exceed the brain. At least, in some ways.

Are Apps The New Frontier of Creativity? #DEMO2012

It seems that alongside the exponential growth of technology there is an equal growth in creativity.  This is not necessarily among the creators of new apps and programs; there's a pretty obvious gold rush to capitalize on any successful phenomenon by creating the newer, better version of it.  Many technologies debuting here at DEMO Conference's Fall Edition strike a similarity to existing mediums, then offer a variation or addition, each with the hopes of being the next company to sell to Facebook for $1 billion. 

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