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Privacy is Overrated: Ask Your Customers and They Will Tell

IBM Retail What  information consumers will share.jpg

Guess what? New research from IBM shows customers are willing to share their personal information, especially if they get something in return.

Excuse us while we yawn ... But doesn't it seem like anyone who ever signed up for something as innocuous as a store loyalty card could explain the same thing? How many people registered for a website during the heady dot-com days, just to get a free water bottle?

And don't even get us started on the phenomenon of too much information on social media, where everyone shares just about everything, for nothing but 15 seconds of fame in return.

So let's overlook the obvious, and see if there are any deeper insights in the research IBM released this week at the National Retail Federation's 103rd Annual Convention and EXPO in New York City.

Exploring the Potential of the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) isn't a new phenomenon, but it’s certainly one that’s getting a second -- a third, a fourth, a tenth -- look in recent months. Think of the ways you integrated IoT into your every day: sensors in your car that alert you to check the engine, pacemakers and high tech, hands-free medical devices, red light cameras or even the microchip in Fido.

These commonplace devices work without direct human interaction, often sending substantial amounts of information or, in some cases, responding to their environmental circumstances on their own. Today these and other essential and far flung IoT connections account for 1.9 billion devices, with Business Insider predicting upwards of 9 billion by 2018.

9 Key Facts about Web CMS in the Marketing Technology Landscape

MarketingTechLandscape.jpgDom Nicastro recently covered my latest crowded marketing technology landscape. The key takeaway? It's big.

In fact, it's far bigger than this graphic portrays. In the flood of comments on my accompanying blog post, you can see the dozens of amazing companies that have chimed in to kindly point out that I missed them. (Mea culpa.)

Noreen Seebacher followed up with a post that expressed most people's visceral reaction to the scale of this landscape: "Pass the Infographic and the Excedrin: Digital Marketing is Too Complicated."

 It is complex. But one way to tackle it is to focus on one piece at a time. So let's zoom in for a moment on the platform layer, in particular the Website/WCM/WEM category -- i.e., the ever-expanding assortment of acronyms formerly known as "CMS." For shorthand, let's just call it the CMS category.

Why Google Invested $3.2 Billion in the Internet of Things

Iot head.jpg

Google is starting to make John Chambers' case. Chambers, Cisco's CEO, valued the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) in his 2014 International CES keynote last week at $19.1 trillion.

Less than a week later, Google buys Nest, the digital thermostat and smoke-detector maker, for $3.2 billion. Sure, there's a few trillion here and there to go. But what's that?

Welcome to the largest Internet of Things purchase to date.

"It's interesting to see just how quickly this will happen," Scott Strawn, International Data Corporation (IDC) senior analyst, told CMSWire about the growth of the IoT. "Google's acquisition of Nest will hasten the pace of the innovation." 

Internet Of Things Solutions Help Companies Transform Customer Experiences

Internet Of Things Solutions Help Companies Transform and Enhance Customer ExperiencesWe are in the midst of a 20 year business cycle Forrester identifies as the age of the customer. In this era, successful companies will leverage the power of mobility devices, services, applications and big data to transform customer experiences. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions help businesses achieve this transformation using sensors, networks and analytic software to connect objects with computing systems and provide insight and control of the status and activities of assets, products and even people.

A New Way to Look at Digital Marketing

50yardline.jpgThe Super Bowl is coming soon and with it we can expect a variety of eye-popping television commercials designed to capture our attention and provide advertisers a spike in sales activity. The bar is raised every year to see which brands demonstrate the most creativity or controversy. In parallel, the price of the opportunity is rising as well. Thirty seconds of air time will come at the job-risking cost of an estimated $4 million, up from $3.8 million last year.

Adobe Focuses on Consumer Marketing in New DPS Release

Adobe DPS.jpg

Adobe is out with a new release of its Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) that focuses on consumer marketing. This release, version 29, was unveiled in two phases – the first in early December and now the second. Highlights include greater flexibility in targeting text notifications, new support for streaming audio and video and a branded, functional welcome screen.

Adobe Connects Neolane Technology to Experience Manager

adobe experience.jpg

Adobe continues to integrate the cross-channel campaign management technology it acquired when it bought privately held Neolane for $600 million last summer. It is connecting the technology to its web experience management system, Experience Manager to streamline the creation and delivery of content in real time, at scale and across all marketing channels.

Pass the Infographic and the Excedrin: Digital Marketing is Too Complicated

complications.jpgSay what you want about Scott Brinker's latest Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic. It's comprehensive. It's colorful. But more than anything, it's complicated.

With 947 marketing software vendors in 43 categories around six major classes, the headache inducing data visualization makes it very clear that even Sisyphus may have had an easier task than today's digital marketers.

Lest you think I'm exaggerating, consider this. Brinker himself told CMSWire there are probably even more vendors in more categories in more classes. And all this begs a very simple question: Does it really have to be so complicated?

The Internet of Things: It's Big and It's Here to Stay

The Internet of Things: It's Big and It's Here to StayThe Internet of Things isn't just a buzzword -- it’s a thing and it’s here to stay. So what exactly is the Internet of Things and why should you care?

This Week: 10 Ways the CMO Role is Changing + Telling Stories with Data

Changing Role of the Chief Marketing Officer
Multichannel customer choices, data analysis and marketing technology are just a few of the factors forcing radical changes for Chief Marketing Officers.   

Get Ready for More Acquisitions
After Oracle's end of year purchase of marketing cloud vendor Responsys, everyone's wondering what will be the next big acquisition in the digital marketing space.

Tips for Finding ESN Influencers
Influencers in your company can inspire other employees to spread ideas, join discussions and participate in collaboration through a combination of charisma and dynamism. To find them, follow the content trail.

Looking for Work - Home Balance in the Digital Age
Constant connectivity allows you to hold meetings from Disney World, but where do we draw the line between the mobile workplace and home?

Tell a Smarter Story
People tell stories to make sense of things. Combining data and storytelling make complex data digestible. 

Getting Executive Buy In for Information Management
To make a strong business case for your information management project, show the CXOs the money.

Unlocking Knowledge for Better Customer Engagement
Learn how information integration and customer centricity can drive revenue.
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2014 Must-Do: B2B Marketers Must Measure Content's Impact

customer experience, 2014 Must-Do: B2B Marketers Must Measure Content's Impact

Want to be effective in B2B marketing? Wait, don't answer that. Dumb question.

Want to know why you should measure the effectiveness of your B2B marketing?

"B2B marketers are doing so much and trying so much, but do they really know what is effective?" asked Michele Linn, director of content development for the Content Marketing Institute. "I think it's key that marketers find what's really working and what's not. It's better for their prospects as they are getting what they want, and it's better for marketers as they can focus and then use that time NOT doing things to experiment with others."

Today, we deliver the fourth piece in our "2014 Must-Do" series — measuring effectiveness in B2B marketing. Earlier this week, we talked about shutting up and listening in B2B marketing and how blogging is essential these days. Last week, we discussed getting back to basics in Web CMS and becoming agile in B2B marketing.

Marketers Bullish on Data in 2014


A whopping 98 percent of marketers are maintaining or increasing their spend in 2014 — and that increased spending is mostly going to data and analytics and marketing automation, a new ExactTarget survey concluded.

The biggest surprise in the 2014 ExactTarget State of Marketing Report is that while 80 percent of marketers think mobile affects them, only 40 percent have a mobile app, Kyle Lacy, senior manager, global content marketing and research at ExactTarget, said in an interview. "Lots of people say they need it, but not that many do it," he said.

What We Can Learn from the Holiday Customer Experience [Infographic]

Ice storm.jpg

What in the world of B2B can we learn from a holiday retail report? A lot, says ForeSee CEO Larry Freed, whose company released this week its ForeSee Experience Index (FXI): 2013 U.S. Retail Edition.

"The trends of the importance of the customer experience apply to the B2B world every bit as much as in the consumer world," Freed told CMSWire. "All customers, B2B and B2C, demand a great experience, and if they don’t get a great experience they will take their business elsewhere."

A second study released today by Baynote, a provider of personalized customer experience solutions, shows promotions, mobile access, ease-of-use, rating and reviews make or break holiday shopping. Baynote's 4th Annual Holiday Online Shopping Survey, conducted in partnership with the e-tailing group, surveyed 1,000 US online holiday shoppers post Cyber Monday to analyze consumer behavior and buying influencers across various retail channels, including physical stores, e-commerce websites and social networks on both tablets and mobile devices.

B2B Marketing: Who Targets What and Where?

B2B buttons

Who's targeting what and where in B2B marketing? And what works? Depends on who you ask. LinkedIn is hot for B2B. No, actually Twitter's gaining steam. Banners ads are not dead. Yes they are.

Demandbase, a B2B marketing software provider, spent last year analyzing how verticals are targeting prospects. It tracked 2013 campaign strategies and spend from its customer base of B2B marketers spanning over 20 vertical industries.

Any surprises? "Software technology has always been a high-activity vertical when it comes to business marketing and advertising," Demandbase CEO Chris Golec told CMSWire, "so it was interesting to see a change in this pace with other industry players, such as financial services and manufacturing, stepping up their game in online advertising."

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