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Oracle Keeps It 'Real Time' In Marketing Cloud Update

Oracle continues to put its $1.5 billion marketing technology to use.

The Redwood City, Calif.-based 120,000-employee giant released updates to its B2C cross-channel marketing cloud. The B2C capabilities, born out of the Responsys acquisition, include real time, behavior-driven program orchestration.

Asked why Oracle stands out here, an official told CMSWire that today’s traditional campaign and journey tools create linear paths that aren’t dynamic. They don't "keep pace" with the unpredictable way in which customers move through the world.

"Because they rely on static segments that aren’t real-time, manual work is required by IT and technical stakeholders to work properly," said Chris Lynch, senior director and head of product for the Oracle Marketing Cloud. "Once a customer deviates from the pre-determined path, the journey has an abrupt ending. The result: missed revenue opportunities."

Want Google Love? Better Be Mobile Friendly

2015-4-May-2015-google mobile search.jpg

Google really wants your site to be mobile-friendly. It will even tell you if you are and walk you through steps to get there if you're not.

It started April 21, when Google announced two changes to help users discover more mobile-friendly content.

"When it comes to search on mobile devices," Google officials said in a blog, "users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps."

What do the changes mean for digital marketers and developers? We talked earlier about more tagging work in apps. Get ready for more app indexing, a series of element tags in apps listed in Google Play and connected to Google Webmaster. App developers have to install tags , , and into the app code. But that's not all.

Dirty Data Means Muddied Marketing


A few months ago I ran into an issue that could scuttle many of the marketing automation initiatives undertaken by a multitude of companies. While performing some genealogical research I found out my information had been cross-referenced with someone who was not me and had no relation to me. In other words, I had encountered the bane of all marketing: dirty data.

Akumina Wants You to Love SharePoint

Akumina wants to make business users love Microsoft SharePoint as much as IT teams.

The Nashua, N.H.-based digital marketing and web solutions company continues that mission today with the release of its next generation SharePoint Apps and Web Parts — solutions CEO Ed Rogers said will enhance the SharePoint user experience.

"There's a gap between the platform and the business user. What we're delivering are solutions that bridge that gap," Rogers told CMSWire.

What Rogers is referencing is the latest evolution of InterChange, a suite of role-based authoring and site management tools designed to give marketing teams control over SharePoint sites.

Released in beta early last year, Akumina is announcing several new capabilities today, just in time for Microsoft's Ignite conference in Chicago.

Making a DAM Decision


"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are." -- Roy Disney

Yes, it's that time of year again… Spring has sprung, and with that, energy and renewal comes the Henry Stewart DAM Conference to NY, NY May 7–8. Digital Access Management practitioners and vendors will come together to share their wisdom, engage in vigorous debate, and exhibit the latest and greatest solutions that DAM has to provide.

Many attendees will be looking to buy a new or replace an existing DAM. Choosing the right DAM system is about aligning goals, vision and requirements so the vendor can become a partner that will provide the technology and support to meet key business needs.

While selecting a vendor can often be a complex process, focusing on key elements will guide you to the right DAM system for your business.

The Secret to Scaling Engagement with Marketing Automation


Have you heard about growth hacking? What about how that "one weird trick" can result in increased leads?

Success in marketing boils down to a lot of small things done right, every single day. Success synthesizes what the marketing and sales teams know, what the prospect wants and the ability of the demand team to execute.

And there you have it -- the secret of scaling: orchestration, synchronization, execution and discipline.

This is what organizations can accomplish with marketing automation software.

Could StepOne's CX Solutions Close the Multichannel Divide?

Weaving together the fragmented customer experience across various channels is a daily challenge for today’s digital marketers.

But StepOne, with the release of three new customer experience solutions, hopes to change this.

Using machine learning and predictive analytics, the new solutions – which include post-retail engagement, order fulfillment and customer onboarding and personalized self-help – address the gap between online and offline experiences, the company noted.

How to Plan an Email Marketing Launch

You have to love the value email marketing can bring. Its purpose – whether to announce a sales event, share news or introduce a new product — is universally understood from your neighbor down the street to the clients and customers who are still reluctant to own a Facebook account.

Email marketing gives small business owners an intimate way to reach the “everyone else” of their market. And that’s where its power lives.

But not all email marketing is created equal. Spam arrives there just as much as valued email. So where do small business owners start in tweaking an email marketing campaign to capture what is most important?

A True CMO Focuses on Business Results


In many organizations, the marketing function is still viewed as a cost center instead of a revenue driver. Part of the reason is inertial, formed from years when top marketing executives ran departments instead of taking responsibility for their businesses.

But these days, plenty of CMOs say that thinking and acting like a business leader is the single most important driver for their success. Key to this approach is a focus on business results. 

5 Ways to Create a Marketing Technology Frankenstein


Marketers have hundreds of marketing technology choices, which can make choosing the right ones for your business overwhelming. Making the right decisions can have huge impact on the future of your brand.

Dr. Frankenstein had choices, too. He made the wrong choices. He built a monster and, then he lost control of it. Don't be Dr. Frankenstein. Don't lose control of your technology.

Whether you buy a marketing cloud solution or elect to build one yourself, you need to understand how to avoid creating a Frankenstein monster (to borrow Travis Wright's term).

These five practices are a sure-fire way to build a marketing technology Frankenstein--a platform that will hinder your marketers more than it'll help them. Avoid these at all costs.

Social Media Marketing Tools Aren't Cutting It


Forrester Research called out Social Relationship Platform (SRP) vendors for not providing what digital marketers really want.

A platform that says what to post and when. A platform that measures performance.

With all the hype over social media marketing, Forrester researchers said few SRP platforms share data with "trusted measurement tools" or tell brands what to post and when. They are good at, however, saving marketers time as they manage multiple social media accounts.

"The biggest need many organizations face with social media monitoring is mining truly useful data," said Cappy Popp, principal and co-founder of Thought Labs, a digital marketing agency out of Boston. "Many organizations still shortsightedly isolate social media metrics instead of integrating them with their other company-wide metrics. Such integration takes planning, internal collaboration, strong communication skills and deep understanding of social media."

Where You Need to Be in Coming Weeks (29-April-15)

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Jive Launches Secure, Real Time Enterprise Messaging

We work in a digital world. There’s no time for email or waiting for return phone calls. We need collaboration now, in real time — and few of us work alone.

But can we really be expected to sit at our desks 24/7? Because that’s when we work, ask and answer questions … We’re global, we’re mobile and we need everything now. It has become our nature, and it can even be our key to gaining a competitive advantage.

While this work style might seem intrusive to those who grew up with landlines, snail mail and fax machines, it’s the norm to digital natives. They’ve refused to be weighed down by their employers’ ball and chains, and it’s not really necessary for them to be in the office all of the time anyways. They’re always on alert.

But it doesn’t seem to be a bother— it’s a BYOD world in which 83 per cent of millennials sleep with their phones.

How Evergage Makes Google Analytics Better

Most business owners now understand analytics is an essential tool that can highlight efficiency and opportunities for innovation. This shift in thinking has lead to opportunities for innovating analytics measurement itself.

One of the latest innovations comes from Evergage, a cloud-based platform that supports digital personalization campaigns. The company just released a solution that enhances Google Analytics real time reports to provide a more comprehensive view of visitor behavior. 

It does this via the Visual Editor, a user interface overlay that allows analysts to highlight the website and app elements that users click and enter custom fields. The Visual Editor is available as a Chrome browser extension. The results from the tagged elements appear among the dimensions in the Google Analytics reports.

Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing


Avid travelers have a unique lifestyle. They’re curious. They’re adventurous. And most of all, they value the experience of travel.

Marriott sells hotel rooms. Or does it?

Marriott is one of just a few companies evolving its marketing focus when it comes to engaging audiences. The brand launched an original content studio that creates content that informs, entertains and adds value to travel lifestyle consumers. It's building worldwide communities of people passionate about travel that will drive commerce to the company’s hotels.

This is one example of how companies are shifting into the next era of marketing -- the era in which marketers use content to build audiences by creating differentiating experiences. In Marriott’s case, it understands the need for a formalized process to create, manage, organize and measure a portfolio of content experiences -- a key to stand out in today’s always-on, hyper-connected world.

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