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Flipboard Redefines Digital Publishing, Raises US$50 Million

Flipboard Redefines Digital Publishing, Raises US$50 Million A Flipboard magazine on Climbing & Mountaineering

When the history of digital publishing is written, the social magazine Flipboard could get a whole chapter for its successes in mobile publishing, socially-based reading selections and stellar display of aggregated content. This week, the company fueled up for more forward motion, raising US$ 50 million in investment funding. 

Top Publishing Tools for Tablets: Adobe, Quark, Flipboard, Zinio & More

The tablet market has been heralded as a savior to the magazine industry. This is still playing out, but what's more clear is that tablets are invigorating software producers.

Adobe Updates Mobile Features, Analytics, Adds iPad Preview to Digital Publishing Suite

In the most recent version of its Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe has added previewing and embedding capabilities as well as updating older features, such as iPhone support and analytics.

WoodWing Enterprise 8.1: Content Station Updates, Tighter InDesign Integration

DAM/digital publishing technology provider WoodWing is releasing version 8.1 of its Enterprise multichannel publishing solution, with an emphasis on simplifying and optimizing the workflows that support multichannel publishing.

ThisNext Introduces Glossi, a New Digital Publishing Platform

Social commerce company, ThisNext has released the public, beta version of their digital publishing platform: Glossi.

A Handbook for Collecting, Publishing and Presenting Content On Mobile Devices

logo_infoteria.pngWhile there are many ways to create, publish and share information across a variety of social, mobile and web channels, it’s not always easy to collect it all in one place. The folks at Infoteria, a company that develops and markets software and services that connect various corporate computers and devices, have a solution, called Handbook.

Newsweek Drops Print Edition, It's Digital Publishing Only for 2013

After almost 80 years in print publication, weekly U.S news magazine, Newsweek is leaving the print world behind. Today, the magazine’s parent company, The Newsweek/Daily Beast Company LLC, announced that the long time magazine would cease the publication of their print version, in favor of a digital one in early 2013.


Snapplify Offers One-Stop Digital Publishing for Mobile Content Providers

With mobile devices blossoming, how can content publishers best distribute their wares? A South Africa-based company, Snapplify, is providing one solution. 

You Say You Want to be a Media Company

Many companies say they are different because they are a true media company on the Internet or that they aspire to be a true media company. But what does that really mean?

Quark Unveils HTML5 Based Digital Publishing with Latest App Studio

With HTML5 all the rage, Quark has announced that the next generation of its App Studio will enable cloud-based, HTML5-based app development for Apple and Android mobile devices, or for Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Google GSA 7.0 to Speed Up Doc Search, WatchDox Adds App for SharePoint

It may have been a holiday weekend, but it’s still busy in the document management world. Google has just released GSA 7.0, which makes document search and retrieval a lot easier, WatchDox has released a SharePoint application, Perceptive is offering an e-signing tool, and Central Desktop has introduced single sign-in.

Quark Releases Integrated Publishing Platform

quark-logo.JPGWeb publishing provider Quark is releasing an integrated enterprise publishing platform designed to automate the creation and delivery of rich content.

Free or Paid Content Online? Five Things Publishers Should Consider

A recent Adweek article noted that print magazine newsstand sales are still falling, with major titles like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle and The Oprah Magazine experiencing double-digit drops. The majority of readers still get content through print channels, but as tablets catch on, more and more consumers are turning to digital sources.

New Publishing Platform Offers Flexible Ad Engine, Real-time Content Updates

When it comes to publishing great user experiences on the iPad, the first name that comes to mind is Adobe (as in Adobe DPS). But there's a new offer in town that takes a different approach to mobile publishing and integrated advertising.

Big Data Presents New Challenges for Online Publishers

shutterstock_70007632.jpg Big data is changing online publishing. As a result of this growing phenomenon, publishers are now facing four key challenges and exploring new ways to tackle them.

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