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2014 Must-Do: B2B Marketers Must Measure Content's Impact

customer experience, 2014 Must-Do: B2B Marketers Must Measure Content's Impact

Want to be effective in B2B marketing? Wait, don't answer that. Dumb question.

Want to know why you should measure the effectiveness of your B2B marketing?

"B2B marketers are doing so much and trying so much, but do they really know what is effective?" asked Michele Linn, director of content development for the Content Marketing Institute. "I think it's key that marketers find what's really working and what's not. It's better for their prospects as they are getting what they want, and it's better for marketers as they can focus and then use that time NOT doing things to experiment with others."

Today, we deliver the fourth piece in our "2014 Must-Do" series — measuring effectiveness in B2B marketing. Earlier this week, we talked about shutting up and listening in B2B marketing and how blogging is essential these days. Last week, we discussed getting back to basics in Web CMS and becoming agile in B2B marketing.

Crowdfunding Celebrates a Lively 2013, Could You Benefit in 2014?

Crowdfunding Celebrates A Lively 2013, Could You Benefit in 2014?The premier crowdfunding site Kickstarter is promoting a video showcase of some of the successful projects that came to fruition in 2013. From the Pebble smartwatch, Ouya Android console and Oculus Rift virtual reality headset for gadget lovers, to art on the Berlin Wall and short movies at the Cannes Film Festival, it has helped fund projects covering the scope of human endeavour. 

It represents just one of the alternate funding options for entrepreneurs and business, and is increasingly viable as interest takes off. Does your business have an idea that could benefit from crowdfunding, and where will the scene take us in 2014?

Keeping Customers at the Heart of the Internet of Things: Impact, Opportunities, Risks

Keeping Customers at the Heart of The Internet of Things: Impact, Opportunities, RisksThe Internet of Things brings with it great opportunities and great risks. Opportunities for financial gain and greater efficiencies for paying customers, and risks of misuse of data and dangers of turning into another method of unlawful surveillance.

What We Can Learn from the Holiday Customer Experience [Infographic]

Ice storm.jpg

What in the world of B2B can we learn from a holiday retail report? A lot, says ForeSee CEO Larry Freed, whose company released this week its ForeSee Experience Index (FXI): 2013 U.S. Retail Edition.

"The trends of the importance of the customer experience apply to the B2B world every bit as much as in the consumer world," Freed told CMSWire. "All customers, B2B and B2C, demand a great experience, and if they don’t get a great experience they will take their business elsewhere."

A second study released today by Baynote, a provider of personalized customer experience solutions, shows promotions, mobile access, ease-of-use, rating and reviews make or break holiday shopping. Baynote's 4th Annual Holiday Online Shopping Survey, conducted in partnership with the e-tailing group, surveyed 1,000 US online holiday shoppers post Cyber Monday to analyze consumer behavior and buying influencers across various retail channels, including physical stores, e-commerce websites and social networks on both tablets and mobile devices.

B2B Marketing: Who Targets What and Where?

B2B buttons

Who's targeting what and where in B2B marketing? And what works? Depends on who you ask. LinkedIn is hot for B2B. No, actually Twitter's gaining steam. Banners ads are not dead. Yes they are.

Demandbase, a B2B marketing software provider, spent last year analyzing how verticals are targeting prospects. It tracked 2013 campaign strategies and spend from its customer base of B2B marketers spanning over 20 vertical industries.

Any surprises? "Software technology has always been a high-activity vertical when it comes to business marketing and advertising," Demandbase CEO Chris Golec told CMSWire, "so it was interesting to see a change in this pace with other industry players, such as financial services and manufacturing, stepping up their game in online advertising."

The Internet of Things Brings Connected Cars to Life at #CES2014

Internet of things.jpg

The Internet of Things is affecting pretty much everything at the 2014 International CES taking place in Las Vegas. Cars are in the vanguard of this change, as various players try to get their services inside more vehicles, and inside the mind and wallet of the driver. 

With cars now packing 4G, working smoothly with a smartwatch or phone, and with access to masses of data, soon the seat of your car could be just as homey as the couch. 

Are You Financially Influential? Ask Transamerica's New Finfluencer

Are You Financially Influential? Ask Transamerica's New Finfluencer.comA Klout that measures online financial influence. That’s essentially the idea behind, a new microsite from Transamerica that launched this week.

$19T in Internet of Things: How Cisco Plans to Get There

$19T in IoT: How Cisco Plans to Get ThereYesterday, CMSWire reported that Cisco CEO John Chambers thought the Internet of Things (IoT) was worth $19 trillion. Big number, eh? Today, Cisco shares didn't even budge, pointing out the market has trouble seeing this number. Clearly everybody's asking: How do we get the trillions of cash?

Let's take a more detailed look.

Oracle Pushes Social Platform into New Markets with New Languages

Oracle Pushes Social Relationship Platform into New Markets With New LanguagesWith the addition of seven new languages to its Social Relationship Management Suite (SRM) and the introduction of new capabilities and data sources, Oracle is extending the reach of its social platform so businesses can parler, sprechen and parlare with a greater global region.

'Love Handles,' Buzzwords and the Epidemic of TMI

thinking wheel.jpg

Most of us will probably end the year still carrying those 10 pounds we resolved to shed just a week ago. But not all of our resolutions are destined to fail, especially if we keep the focus on things that are easier to change than our weight.

So let's collectively banish buzzwords, protect our privacy and take a few other steps to make our increasingly commingled work/life a little easier to deal with — and a little more fun. Whether you're a CDO or a CEO, a marketer or a manufacturer, here are several universally appealing technologies to help you reach your objectives.

Will 2014 Be a Turning Point for Marketing?

The 2014 Marketing Trends2014 looks like it could be a turning point for marketers. They are finally getting out of their own way in areas that have held back their own success. Yet in other areas they are stubbornly stuck to old habits. released its ExactTarget Marketing Cloud 2014 State of Marketing study (registration) this week. With over 2,600 responses from mid to senior B2C marketing managers, in large to small companies across all industries, the study reveals how marketers plan to spend their budgets, their strategies for success, along with some blind-spots.

Say What? Why Sentiment Analysis Continues to Fail Digital Marketers

social conversations.jpg

Technology can help filter the mighty river of unstructured data flowing into your company’s marketing department, especially from sources like social media. But does it really enable you to understand what your customers are saying?

Does a tweet about a "cool pool" mean a hotel offers ideal water-based recreation -- or simply keeps the water too cold? Does a Facebook post that claims "you have to see it to believe it" reflect sincerity or sarcasm?

It's not always easy to find out, according to Alison Smith, an analyst at Forrester Research who specializes in sentiment analysis.

Though networks like Facebook and Twitter offer goldmines of insight about what customers say and do, the bigger challenge is looking for the meaning behind the words. That means digging deep enough to uncover emotions, opinions and attitudes -- a potentially far more challenging task.

Digital Marketing Files: Crowded Technology Landscape? Bring It On!

customer experience, Digital Marketing Files: Crowded Technology Landscape? Bring It On!The marketing software vendor landscape is nine times the size it was a little more than two years ago. 

The flooded market was represented in Scott Brinker's latest Marketing Technology Landscape, which determined there were 947 marketing software vendors out there split into 43 categories around six major classes. 

And we trust the landscape's even bigger than that. Brinker himself admitted as much in an interview today with CMSWire.

Cisco CEO John Chambers Values Internet of Things at $19T #CES2014

John Chambers.jpg

You probably already know that John Chambers, chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems, likes big numbers. Today in a keynote at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas, he may have picked his biggest number ever.

He pegged the value of the evolving Internet of Things (IoT) — or Internet of Everything, as Cisco calls it — at $19 trillion.

Companies Gobble Competitors for 'Complete' Customer Experiences

Business partners.jpg

Are organizations any good on their own anymore? Not really, it seems. Not by the acquisition trends we’re seeing.

Marketo scoops up Insightera. Oracle grabs Responsys. Salesforce nabs ExactTarget. Just yesterday, Verint acquired Kana and Microsoft acquired Parature. All of this, with the exception of Salesforce and ExactTarget, happened in the past month.

One month.

Customer’s needs are changing fast, and customer experience software providers targeting and tracking their habits want to adapt, too.

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