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Microsoft, Snapchat Downplay Cyberattacks

Skype Reportedly Hacked + Snapchat User Data LeakedTwo popular online services are off to a good start in 2014 — for hackers, anyway. 

One cyberattack involved Skype, the Internet calls service owned by Microsoft. The service's Twitter and Facebook accounts, along with the service's blog page, displayed messages Wednesday purporting to be from the Syrian Electronic Army.

The other involved Snapchat, the Venice, Calif.- based messaging service. Hackers compromised about 4.6 million Snapchat accounts — and posted the phone numbers of affected users to a downloadable database on a website called

2014 Must-Do: Become Agile in B2B Marketing

customer experience, 2014 Must-Do: Become Agile in B2B Marketing

What do you need in B2B marketing this year? OK, we know. Sales. Leads. Conversions. ROI. Pats on the back from those occupying the C-suite.

But to eat those slices of cake, you need to be agile first, said Carla Johnson, principal at Type A Communications, a Parker, Colo.-based firm that provides marketing strategies.

"Why, how and what marketers need to perform in our roles has never changed so much or at such a significant rate as it is now," Johnson told CMSWire.

In this, the second part of our "2014 Must-Do" series, we look at B2B marketing. Yesterday, we discussed getting back to basics in Web CMS.

2014 Must-Do: Get Back to Basics with Web CMS

web cms, 2014 Must-Do: Get Back to Basics with Web CMS

It's the New Year. Did you push some of your tasks from last month into January because it seemed like a year away at the time?

Well, it's time to stop procrastinating: 2014 is here. 

To help you get going in this infant stage of the new year, we're kicking off a series of "must dos" in areas including web CMS, customer experience and digital marketing. 

We start here with a must do for implementing and administering a web CMS. And top of mind is getting back to the basics, according to Irina Guseva, senior analyst at the Real Story Group, which specializes in technology research and strategic advisory services.

"I think orgs need to focus on usability and user friendliness," Guseva told us. "Everyone says they want an 'easy to use' CMS, but then buy or implement monsters."

Bring the Internet of Things to Customer Service and Support

Bring the Internet of Things to Service and SupportThe Internet of Things promises to make everything that everyone owns Internet enabled. But many of the reasons for doing so -- such as collecting data on customers or marketing to customers when they are doing most anything -- are kind of creepy. Who wants every interaction with everyday items tracked by faceless companies? That’s what scientists do with the animals they study.

But one area shows potential for making the Internet of Things work for the customer: service and support

What a Law Firm Can Teach You About Customer Experience

rainbows and unicorns

What words do you associate with lawyers or law firms? Affidavit? Subpoena? Deposition? Lawyers and law firms are rarely associated with happy thoughts because the time you need a lawyer is either an adversarial situation or the need to avoid one.

Although lawyers can protect you and your interests, that’s not always enough to conjure up images of rainbows and unicorns. Lawyers are often compared to sharks — and put on the far side of mothers-in-law and used car salesmen in terms of folks you’d like to go away with for the weekend.

So what does a law firm know about customer experience?

The CMSWire 25: Our Most Popular Stories of 2013

Top 25

It's a New Year -- the perfect time to take one more long, analytical look back at 2013 -- through a sampling of 25 of the most popular CMSWire stories of the year.

We have selected some of the best of the best stories, based on reader interest. The list does not include SharePoint related stories, a topic that warranted the separate ranking we shared with you yesterday.

So sit back, relax and catch up on all your favorite CMSWire content as you map your strategy for a successful 2014. 

CMSWire's Top 10 Hits of 2013: Digital Marketing

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Top 10 green

What was hot in digital marketing this past year? You tell us. In fact, you've told us. We've collected the top most popular stories with our audience for digital marketing. So, without further ado...

CMSWire Top Contributors 2013 - Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer

tbrenninkmeijer.jpgAs excited as he is about the potential of technology to transform how we communicate, Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer reminds us that it "takes a village" to use this technology to its fullest effect. As much as he might wish to free some time up to do nothing, we don't think 2014 will find Tjeerd sitting still for long.

CMSWire Top Contributors 2013 - Petr Passinger

Petr_Passinger_Kentico.JPGPetr Passinger writes about the hard earned marketing lessons he learns in his day to day job and shares these lessons monthly with CMSWire's audience. While some people might hide their methods, treating them as proprietary information, Petr sees it as an opportunity for other marketers to learn from the trials and errors (that should be so familiar) of managing a marketing campaign.

CMSWire Top Contributors 2013 - Joyce Hostyn

CMSWire Top Contributors 2013 - Joyce HostynRead one of Joyce Hostyn's columns and you will be covered for reading material for a month. Joyce brings the fruits of her prodigious reading habits to every column she writes, opening up the conversation about customer experience to a bigger conversation about the potential of businesses to be human. 

CMSWire's Top 10 Hits of 2013: Customer Experience

CMSWire's Top 10 Hits of 2013: Customer ExperienceIt's been an interesting year in the customer experience management (CXM) space, a broad category that encompasses external marketing, e-commerce and a host of related concepts. Building on Forrester's definition of customer experience — "how customers perceive their interactions with your company” — CMSWire offered readers plenty of insight about experiences that are useful, usable and enjoyable.

Take a look at our Top 10 stories of the year. We hope they help you deliver exceptional customer experiences — and, ultimately, acquire new customers, retain more customers and improve efficiency.

2014 Wish List ... from Gabriele Di Piazza

2014 Wish List ... from Will MorgenweckIn 2014, I wish for marketers to be able to navigate across a sea of customer data and gain a good understanding of who their customers are and what they want. Businesses today have access to more customer data points than ever before. 2014 will be the year that marketers will gain control of the big data boom, access analytics they can understand in a fast and consumable way, and capitalize on this information in a timely and precise manner. – Gabriele Di Piazza, vice president of marketing, marketing optimization at HP Autonomy. 

Title image by Amodiovalerio Verde (Flickr).

A Look Back: Digital Marketing Trends from 2013

digital marketing in my hands

As we wrap up 2013, let's look back to see what made digital marketing news in the past 365 days or so.

From what we can tell, the biggest challenge that still remains is for digital marketers to show their worth. In fact, it's what keeps them up at night -- providing ROI to executives. 

Digital marketers and CMOs want a seat at the table where big business decisions are made. But executives want them to earn it. And with barriers like these, it's not easy. 

CMSWire Top Contributors 2013 - Christine Crandell

ccrandell.jpgB2B marketers have found a champion in Christine Crandell. She understands the pressures, the challenges and the conflicts that marketers face daily and is here to broker a truce between marketing and sales and to align the two in a united front to create business value and a great customer experience.

2014 Wish List ... from Will Morgenweck

2014 Wish List ... from Will MorgenweckDespite the growing adoption of online communities, there’s a dearth of formal training and education programs for community managers. Our wish for 2014 is that new programs (including certifications) are created, as the community manager is central to the success of online communities. The #CMGRclass at Syracuse University is a great start. Let’s see more of these programs, in both higher education and within the industry. -- Will Morgenweck, vice president, product management, DNN

Title image by Amodiovalerio Verde (Flickr).

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