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Jahia Releases Wise For Sharing, Socializing and Collaborating on Enterprise Documents

Jahia has just released Jahia Wise enabling document sharing and collaboration no matter what environment you’re working in.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Xerox, MacAfee Partner, Jahia Prepares for Wise Release

It’s quiet enough in the document management space this week. There are a few notable items though including the Xerox, McAfee partnership, Jahia is gearing up for the Wise release, we take a look at, OpenText beats recent earnings trends, and bigtincan upgrades platform.

Box Unveils New Mobile App for Windows 8

Microsoft isn't the only company making an announcement surrounding the newest version their Windows Operating System. Box has also announced that they have designed a new version of their file managing app -- specifically for Windows 8. Connect for SharePoint Aims to Cross Platforms, Devices

Enterprise workflow integration specialist is releasing Connect for SharePoint, a collaboration tool designed to create a single, unified user experience that crosses not only multiple devices but also the Microsoft and Apple platforms.

Mobile App of the Week: Organizing your Files with

It's time for the Mobile App of the Week and this week our focus is on's Android app. Box's cloud-based file sharing and document collaboration platform allows users to view, share and collaborate on files from wherever they are.


Unison Releases 'Room'-Based Enterprise Social Network

There’s a new enterprise social collaboration product out. The New York City-based Unison Technologies has unveiled a new version of its service, a quick-to-launch social network based around virtual rooms. 

Xerox Upgrades e-Discovery Platform, Adds Streamlined Redaction

Xerox Upgrades e-Discovery Platform, Adds Streamlined Redaction While the upgrade to Xerox’s document review platform is interesting from a functionality point of view, it's even more interesting from an industry perspective because it shows the company's ongoing commitment to extending and building its document management capabilities.

The New Box Experience: Building a Dream in a Box #BoxWorks

Aaron Levie is on a mission. The Box co-founder and CEO has a dream: he wants workers everywhere to have hassle-free access to the documents and other content they need to do great work from anywhere, at any time, using any computer or mobile device.  

Jahia Wise Preview: Versatile, Streamlined Document and Social Collaboration

Jahia Wise Preview: Versatile, Streamlined Document and Social Collaboration FunctionalityAt the end of this month Jahia will introduce a new open source solution called Jahia Wise that combines document management and social collaboration. Easy to use, it has all the functionality required to enable workers to integrate all their information sources and populate their websites or intranets with enterprise content.

Box Beefs Up Security, Management Features for Enterprises

box_logo_2012.PNGBox is adding new features designed to make enterprise-wide adoption of its cloud-based online content-sharing service irresistible. 

Wrike Debuts Live, Project Management Tool with Real-Time Collaborative Text Editor, Email Sync

Wrike Debuts Live, an Activity Stream with Real-Time Collaborative Text Editor Project management system Wrike has debuted a new collaborative editing platform called Wrike Live. The new platform offers real-time shared editing of documents and tasks to keep teams on task and in the loop, so to speak. Here's what you need to know.

eXo Debuts Mobile 2.2 with Redesigned Apps, iPad Retina Display Support

Companies struggling with getting workers to adopt an intranet now have a new way to win them over. Style. eXo's new Mobile 2.2 apps have been redesigned with a high style approach, and the iPad version even takes advantage of the tablet's crisp retina display.

Bitrix24: Social Intranets Getting Smaller - Average of 4.9 Users Per Network

Social business is a billion-dollar industry, evident with how big companies like Microsoft are willing to acquire startups like Yammer in their quest to dominate the enterprise market. However, there is one factor that service providers seem to miss: small businesses.

Dropbox Tests Two-Factor Authentication

Following a well-publicized security breach that was discovered last month, document sharing service Dropbox is launching a beta test of two-factor authentication with some users. The new security feature, made available on Friday, August 24 to early Dropbox adopters using Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux PC, sends users a one-time mobile security code they must enter in addition to their standard password.

The iPad Cannot Replace the Company Laptop #ILTA12

Could the iPad Replace the Company Laptop? #ILTA12Is the iPad becoming a laptop replacement? That’s the question three panelists at ILTA sought to answer on the first day of sessions. As iPads become more popular and used within the workplace, it’s not uncommon for lawyers and other professionals to use their iPad to complete work-related tasks. While everyone loves the flexibility that the tablet device provides, not everyone agrees that it’s the right tool for every job.

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