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SharePoint: Get It Right the First Time

In my experience, you need to keep six things in mind to get SharePoint right the first time:

  1. There’s no such thing as out of the box SharePoint
  2. One size does not fit all
  3. If you build it, they will not come
  4. It’s never just about SharePoint
  5. SharePoint is not an IT thing
  6. SharePoint is not an Office product

Let’s take a detailed look at each of these in turn.

Can Documents Become More Social?

Are documents still relevant in the world of Enterprise 2.0? Web 2.0 pundits have argued that wikis, activity streams and real time status updates will soon replace the “archaic” document concept. But they’re wrong, and here is why…

Box Offers a Cloud Connection to your Enterprise CMS #info360 (news, site) has come a long way in the last couple of years, from a small little known cloud-based document storage and collaboration provider to a potential contender in the content management arena. And like every other contender, it's not enough to simply offer your wares, you have to play nice with the others.

Enterprise Collaboration: Focus On Improving Practices

The technology adoption lifecycle is a usable model to gain understanding into the adoption process of a new technology or product within a certain population or culture, such as an organization. What it doesn’t tell us, however, is what value it creates as a result of technology adoption. To understand that, we need to look at how the use of a new technology or product affects the ability to perform tasks and achieve goals. Let's look at this specifically in the context of enterprise collaboration.

Document Collaboration and Metadata: An Unholy Alliance

Metadata, a key component of any document management system. Everyone needs it, but getting it set up and having it used are two completely different things.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Google, Microsoft Square Up Over Connect, Email Use Surges

With the Bing spat still ringing in our ears, the next little tiff looks set to be about Google’s Cloud Connect for Office and Microsoft’s response to it. Email use is exploding, while eXpresso is offering document collaboration on LotusLive. LibreOffice has also been busy.

SMB Tech Roll-up: SMB Cloud Market Under-Exploited, Facebook Beats Google for SMBs

In the SMB space this week, a look at research that confirms what many have suspected: The cloud space in the SMB sector has yet to be fully exploited. We also find out that Facebook is the principal online market tool for small businesses, while Openbravo offers SMBs the agile ERP.

eXpresso Re-emerges With Document Collaboration for IBM’s LotusLive

In November, collaboration specialist eXpresso (news, site) announced that it was no longer offering its services directly, but instead that it was teaming up with IBM (news, site)  and others. There was speculation that it might be some time before anything was heard from them, but here we are only three months later and it has announced that its document collaboration software is now available on LotusLive.

Kick-Starting 2011: Experts Weigh In on Myths and Trends

A week into January and the 2011 expert predictions are still coming in strong. In addition to tips and trends, our little helpers have helped disprove a few popular myths this week.  Want to do right by your business? Read on. 

Salesforce Picks Up Dimdim, Adds Web Conferencing to Chatter Platform (news, site) makes another acquisition in the social space as it aims to widen its collaboration product base.

KnowledgeTree Integrates with MS Office, Enhancing Enterprise Collaboration

knowledgetree_logo_2010.jpg Sometimes, with all the fireworks surrounding Microsoft vs Google for dominance of the business cloud market, we forget that there are indeed other players. KnowledgeTree, another competitor, continues to build its cloud offering for the SMB sector with this week’s new release offering Office integration and new pricing levels that drop as low as US$ 35/month.

Intranet DASHBOARD Review

iD_logo_2010.jpgIf you’re not quite convinced that SharePoint 2010 will be your next technology true love, and are still on the prowl for an intranet solution sporting collaboration capabilities, then Intranet DASHBOARD (iD) could be the candidate you're after. Here's our review.

Interview: Susan Hanley on SharePoint and Knowledge Management

I found Susan Hanley recently while I was researching SharePoint governance. She’s co-authored two books on the subject; I found them appealing and universal. I thought, “if she’s half as friendly in real life as she is in her books, I have to know her.” My gut instinct didn’t fail me. Read on, Dear Reader, and judge for yourself.

SharePoint 2010 Offers Dynamic Publishing with Quark Integration

Quark + SharePoint = New Multi-Channel Publishing Solution  It was October last year when Quark (newssite) and Microsoft announced their new partnership to bring dynamic publishing to Microsoft SharePoint  (newssite). Today, they take it a step further letting us that this integration will work for SharePoint 2010. Adds an Android App to its Cloud Content Management Platform Adding Support for the Android to Mobile (newssite) sees mobile as the next big distrupter for enterprise content management. If you didn't know that before, today's news should bring it home. The cloud-based content management provider has just announced a app for the Android.

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