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SDL Updates Fredhopper With New Targeting & Personalization Features

SDL Updates Fredhopper With New Targeting & PersonalizatioOnline shopping offers so many choices for consumers, which poses a challenge for retailers looking to tailor choices to buyers’ desires. Customer Experience Management vendor SDL announced the release of its Fredhopper 7.2 platform, which offers new features to help retailers target and personalize their online stores.  

Coming to a Store Near You: An Unforgettable Customer Experience

Motorola Sols logo 62112.pngThree quarters of brick-and-mortar retailers believe that an engaging in-store customer experience will be essential over the next five years. That’s one of the findings in a new report from Motorola Solutions, entitled "The Future of Retail".

Taming Fickle Mobile Shoppers with Customer Experience Optimization

shutterstock_93458563.jpg Over the last couple of years even the most timid of technology adopters have made the leap to mobile. In comparison to technological innovations before it -- the onerous switch from direct mail to email, the mass migration to online and the initially slow adoption of social media -- mobile has suffered far less from naysayers preaching the “this too shall pass” gospel.

Social Media on the Rise in China

Facebook may be the world's most popular social network. But in the world's most populous country, Facebook is a virtual unknown, due to government filtering through the so-called Great Firewall of China. In spite of the fact that Facebook has long been banned in the country, social media has taken over the Chinese way of life, where 95 percent of Internet users from major cities are regular users of social media.

Bridgeline Picks Up a Key Partner in UPS, Offers End to End eCommerce

Bridgeline Digital has been through some major changes lately with new management and a new version of the iApps Web Content Management Platform. Now it adds a major partnership with UPS that sees the integration of UPS logistics and fulfillment services, resulting in the full eCommerce package.

EPiServer Integrates Product Information Management for E-Commerce Solution

Web content management and e-commerce provider EPiServer has announced a new product information management (PIM) system within EPiServer Commerce. EpiServer partnered with inRiver to add the new PIM to its platform to make managing products more efficient for users.

Alibaba Buys Back $7.1B Stake from Yahoo!, Opens Up IPO Opportunities & Yahoo! Comeback

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group has been trying to buy back a big stake in the company from Yahoo! for two years now, in a bid to expand its business and eventually issue an initial public offering. Earlier this week, Yahoo! and Alibaba have approved a US$ 7.1 billion deal that analysts consider to be helpful for both companies moving forward. The pressing question now is whether Alibaba can reach Facebook heights if and when it goes for an IPO.

IBM Releases Commerce Cloud, SAP to Compete With Ariba US$ 4.5 Billion Buy

The weather finally turned hot this week in Europe, and it looks like it could fray tempers a bit as Oracle, SAP and IBM once again set upon a collision course -- this time over data management around e-commerce.

Pinterest Edges Closer to E-Commerce Model with $100 Million Investment Round

Pinterest_Logo_2012.pngOne of the newest social networks, Pinterest, may be about to achieve something that neither Facebook, Google+ or Twitter have been unable to accomplish at scale. No, it’s not creating a social network made up almost entirely of women. Pinterest may be preparing to monetize all of those shared photos of things you wish you owned, which could make the social network one of the stickiest e-commerce destinations ever.

Adobe Updates on Communities, e-Commerce & a New Cloud Manager

Adobe kicks off its EMEA Digital Marketing Summit today with some updates to its online customer experience platform and some new cloud capabilities that go that extra mile to support marketers.

Facebooks Expands "Offers" to Include Online Businesses

facebook_logo_10.jpgFacebook is continuing to tune its advertising options in advance of its highly anticipated initial public offering (IPO). The company has repeatedly made major changes to its ad services over the last year. In the last two months, Facebook has expanded the beta test of self-service Offers platform to a small number of international brands and most recently, local businesses. Now Facebook is expanding Offers to web-based companies.

Why You Need a Mobile E-Commerce Strategy Now

If you are focused on e-Commerce, customer support or involved with any website, you need to think about the implications mobile has on your offerings. If you’ve avoided jumping on this bandwagon, there are some trends that might convince you it is time.

Triggered Email Marketing: Why and How to Put Big Data to Work

shutterstock_54877753.jpg E-retailers have a habit of sending messages at least once or twice a day to their database of customer email addresses, regardless of who they are or the last time they made a purchase. Marketing managers are still attempting to unravel the mystery of what makes some people open and read their messages and others immediately trash them.

There is one obvious clue -- settling for mass blasts will do nothing for garnering positive attention.

Four Ways to Find Hidden Revenue on Your e-Commerce Site

shutterstock_46705981.jpg When managing an e-Commerce site, it’s all about ROI. How can we improve the site performance metrics and all media channels used to send in traffic?

Gotradelive Brings Its Social E-Commerce Network to US

Gotradelive Brings Its Social E-Commerce Network to USPreviously, we talked about the social e-commerce network, gotradelive and its aim to give businesses the freedom and flexibility to set their own terms for sales and deliveries. This week it announced the launch of its service in the US.

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