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2013 Global E-Commerce Trends: More Personal, More Mobile, More Channels

2012 was a great year for e-commerce, for both consumers and marketers alike. And from the looks of it, 2013 is shaping up to be even better.

Customer Experience Frustration Points and Their Consequences

Accommodating today’s always-connected, app-enabled customers who interact with brands through multiple devices requires turning many of our thoughts about customer service inside-out.

Adobe Predicts Cyber Monday Surpasses Black Friday Sales With $2 Billion Reach

With the Holiday season just around the corner, Adobe predicts Cyber Monday will become the leading online shopping day for 2012.

SumAll Analytics Platform Raises US $6m For Social & E-Commerce ROI

Free analytics platform SumAll is a startup focused on providing at-a-glance insight into social and e-commerce ROI, and the company has a new round of funding to fine tune its product -- and donate to charity.

Google Shopping Creates a Winter Wonderland of 3-D Greed

Google Shopping is sending out some early gifts to beat the holiday rush. To help you spend your money more easily, the technology giant has unveiled new tools for shopping.

Consumerization of IT: B2B Buyers Edition

More enterprise IT buyers than ever before expect e-commerce to be more consumer like, a new hybris study reveals, and nearly all large companies surveyed said their suppliers needed to make their websites easier and more compelling to use. 

4 Advanced Personalization Techniques to Improve Customer Web Experience

As we head into the holiday season, etailers everywhere are looking at ways engage customers and boost sales. Personalization tactics can be an etailer’s best friend -- helping you in the primary goal of getting an initial product in the cart and purchased -- but to take it to the next level, drilling down into advanced tips for optimized personalization can make a big difference.

Five Tips for Successful Multi-Channel Conversion

With smartphone use growing and tablet sales set to hit 126 million this year, it’s all too easy for marketers to become overwhelmed by the challenges of multi-channel retailing and e-Commerce. But multi-channel commerce need not need be complex if we remind ourselves that it’s for people that interact with brands, not algorithms or stats on a dashboard.

Social Media is Not an Island: 5 Ways to Move From Awareness to Conversion

So, your brand is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. You refresh your Radian6 hourly, have a killer Klout score, and hundreds of thousands “liked” your brand on Facebook. So what?

4 Personalization Techniques for Improving Average Order Values and Conversions

Most people agree that recommendations are a great way to engage customers and to guide them through their shopping journey, but did you know that retailers experience higher average order values (AOV) by around 12 percent and conversion rate increases in the neighborhood of 17 percent when consumers use product recommendations?

How Adaptive Case Management Can Help in the Battle for Same Day Delivery

The award for special delivery arguably goes to Santa Claus, but this holiday season delivery may also prove to be the competitive edge for retailers.

Google Report Looks at Content, Marketing Strategies in a Multi-Screen World

It’s evening, and the family is in the living room. The teenager is on her laptop Facebooking, Mom is reading the news on a tablet, and Dad is checking email on his smartphone. Oh, yes, and they’re all watching a show on television. Does this scene sound familiar? It should, according to a new report from Google

Weekend Reading: The Social Business Ecosystem

ecosystem_shutterstock_72808519.jpgThis week our contributors shared more pieces of the social business puzzle, reminding us once again (to mix metaphors) that a true social enterprise is like an ecosystem, relying on each element for survival. 

Who should "own" social business? What role does content management play? Is age a factor? Our contributors tackled these questions and more this week and will be taking them on again next Wednesday during our Evolution of Collaboration and Communication in the Enterprise Tweet Jam. Hope to see you there!

4 Website Areas to Optimize for Smooth Sailing Experiences

E-commerce retailers face the constant challenge of standing apart in a vast, churning sea of online competition. It’s not enough to simply stay afloat; the real goal is to own the waters. In other words, while you’d like to stand out enough to grab online visitors’ attention, what you really want is to ferry them through to their final destination: making a purchase.

E-Commerce Tracking Tips for Google Analytics Users

Do you have an e-Commerce website? If you do, you're most likely using a web analytics tool to gather actionable insight from your current customers. Beyond straight sales numbers, I use the various e-Commerce reports within the Google Analytics interface to determine where our customers are coming from and what marketing campaigns are paying off. I'm going to go through a method I use to help track these items.

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