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Gartner Report Highlights 'Cool' Social Marketing Shops

Gartner - Cool Social Marketing Vendors

It’s not every day that you see the word “cool” used in the title of a Gartner report. But that’s certainly an appropriate descriptor of five selected agencies that strike the delicate balance between brand promotion and e-Commerce, as described in the new report.

It's An App World for E-commerce and Online Shopping

It's An App World for E-commerce and Online Shopping As smartphones and tablets become the device of choice for many online shoppers there's also a e-commerce movement for retailers to adopt an app-based shopping model. As a result, more businesses should reconsider how they engage and connect mobile customers.

Report: E-Commerce Marketers Must Improve Social Engagement

Report: Ecommerce Needs to Improve Social Engagement; Make Note of Customer Trends E-commerce is something that changes as social trends change; however many businesses are failing to find a good link between social engagement and e-commerce traffic.

SDL Fredhopper 7.5: Entire Product Catologs Personalized For Shoppers

shutterstock_119544880.jpg Ever since SDL bought Fredhopper in January 2010 it has been developing the technology to optimize the online shopping experience offered by retailers. Today with the release of v7.5, it has tweaked the Fredhopper technology again to offer retailers the ability to adapt an entire product catalog to target specific shoppers.

Google To Drop Checkout; Begins Transition to Wallet

The way customers shop through Google and retailers is changing, as the company begins to phase out Google Checkout in favor of Google Wallet.

iAPPS Web Content Manager Making Gains for Bridgeline Digital

Bridgeline Digital, maker of the .NET based iAPPS Web content management system has provided its second quarter 2013 financial results, and iAPPS is giving the company a boost of cash and new customers.

Thoughts on the New Cashless Society

Cashless Society

To say that living without cash has been the stuff of legend would be an exaggeration … but only a slight one. And the reality may come sooner than we think.

Commerce Guys Add In-App Shopping Capabilities for iOS to Drupal Commerce

The creators of Drupal Commerce, Commerce Guys, have released Commerce Mobile, an iOS app that's designed to improve the online shopping experience through an in-app connection with Drupal commerce websites.

Are You Using the Right e-Commerce Platform?

This month as we learn more about implementing customer journeys, it occurred to me that one of the integral parts of the customer journey is the online shopping cart experience. After all, we know that while it may be easier to get prospective customers to add items to their virtual shopping cart, getting them to check out and complete the purchase is much more complicated.

PICT Aims to Improve the Power of the Image in Online Shopping

For social media marketers looking to make the most of visuals, there is a new tool called PICT --  a shoppable photos application.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Integrates with hybris + Lionbridge #adobesummit

Commerce platform vendor hybris and translation system provider Lionbridge have both announced integrations with Adobe this week. Hybris is hopping on the Adobe digital analytics bandwagon, and Lionbridge is focusing, of course, on multilingual content the companies announced at the Adobe Summit conference in London.

NICE Systems Launches Customer Engagement Analytics Platform

Understanding what online customers are doing, and predicting what they will do, has become a major part of contemporary e-Commerce. But, with so many online channels and so many types of customer actions, how best to capture, display and interpret? Toward this end, customer analytics provider NICE Systems is now offering it Customer Engagement Analytics (CEA) platform, which it described as the “industry’s first to combine interaction and transaction analysis.” 

Oracle B2B Commerce Trends Report Finds Companies Embracing B2C Best Practices

B2B commerce is trending towards the B2C model, an Oracle report has found, and companies are looking to expand their online sales because customers' expectations have changed in the face of those consumer buying practices.

Twitter Takes Down Ribbon In Stream Payments Just Hours After Debut

Developers working on in stream payment apps be warned. Twitter will close off your service if you try to set up shop on their turf without proper authorization as the company has done with a startup called Ribbon.

hybris v5 Omni-Channel platform has Social and Mobile Enhancements

Commerce products provider, hybris has released latest version of its hybris Commerce Suite that gives B2B and B2C marketing companies omni-channel capabilities. More specifically, this new update is centered on the cross-channel consumer and in-store business tools.

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