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Improving the Mobile Coupon Shopping Experience

Who doesn’t love a coupon? Why, there are even shows about people who love coupons so much they buy things they don’t even need, just for the thrill of the discount. However, for the rest of us who enjoy receiving coupons from the retailers and brands we follow, there’s a problem: coupons have gone mobile. And while they are often easy to access, they’re not always easy to redeem.

Banks, Mobile Carriers Treading Carefully with Digital Wallets #appsworld

Mobile payments may become a US$ 90 billion industry by 2017, but banks and mobile carriers in the US are moving slowly on things like digital wallet technology in mobile phones.

Want This Here 'Used Digital Object'? Amazon Patents That Marketplace

Would you be interested in buying a “used digital object”? Amazon thinks that people will be, and it has just gotten a patent for such a secondary market.

Google Set to Buy eCommerce Firm Channel Intelligence for US $125 Million

Ecommerce platform Channel Intelligence, once a Google Shopping launch partner, will now become part of Google itself as the two have made a definitive agreement on the US $125 million deal.

Top 5 Reasons to Test Your Site at Every Stage of Development

Just because your Web CMS works, the digital assets are live and the site is conducting transactions, doesn't mean there isn't great value in capturing your users' feedback!

Five Reasons Testing Should Be Included in Your 2013 Marketing Plan

So your brand is selling online and on mobile -- after all, who isn't? -- and it’s been working... but you know it could be better. Or perhaps it’s not doing so well at all, and you need to figure out where the problem lies. How do you go about doing that? 

Forrester Predicts Mobile Payments to Reach $90 Billion by 2017

Like paying for stuff with a mobile phone? Then you are part of the zeitgeist, because US mobile payments were nearly US$ 13 billion in 2012, and Forrester predicts Americans will spend US$ 90 billion by 2017 via mobile.

Mobile App of the Week: Credit Card Scanning with Netswipe

For this week’s Mobile App of the Week we look at Netswipe for Android, an app that turns a smartphone into a credit card reader.

Owned it Social Platform Aims to Improve Online Shopping Revenue

Oxygen Accelerator has released a new social commerce platform, Owned it, which aims to improve revenue for online businesses in the checkout process.

IBM Software Targets the 'Omni-Channel' Customer Experience

As part of its Smarter Commerce initiative, IBM is releasing several solutions aimed at delivering a consistent experience across multiple retail touchpoints to what it terms “omni-channel” shoppers -- or consumers who expect a consistent sales and marketing experience across all channels they use.

Retailers Retool for Cross-Channel Shoppers

Forget about online shopping versus brick-and-mortar stores. The new retail environment requires stores to shape their customer experience and their business processes for the cross-channel shopper.

Telco Leads Mobile Ad Spending in New S.M.A.R.T. Report

Telecommunications continues to be the top industry advertising on mobile devices and automotive has seen the biggest year-over-year increase, at 574 percent. These are some of the findings in Millennial Media’s December edition of its Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting, or S.M.A.R.T.

The Five Types of Online Shoppers Ruling Holiday Retail

Despite economic tension, e-commerce is currently embracing its biggest fourth quarter yet.

2013 Global E-Commerce Trends: More Personal, More Mobile, More Channels

2012 was a great year for e-commerce, for both consumers and marketers alike. And from the looks of it, 2013 is shaping up to be even better.

Customer Experience Frustration Points and Their Consequences

Accommodating today’s always-connected, app-enabled customers who interact with brands through multiple devices requires turning many of our thoughts about customer service inside-out.

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