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Social Media Analytics Can Help Reduce Legal Risks

Information Management, Social Media Analytics Can Help Reduce Legal RisksPractically any discussion of social media analytics revolves around marketing. This is unfortunate since it diminishes the impact social media analytics should be having in other parts of the company.

The Problem with Leveraging SharePoint Records Management Services in Office 365


Where does Records Management fit in in Office 365?

Yammer Plus SharePoint Equals Complete Collaboration

Social Business,Yammer Plus SharePoint Equals Complete CollaborationReal collaboration is multi-faceted and multi-modal. One can’t point to a single way of communicating and interacting as the way to collaborate.

Weekend Reads: The Value of SharePoint On Premises + Providing Remarkable Content

Weekend Reads, Information Management, SharePoint On Premises, Be Remarkable or FailAnother busy work week, another all star weekend reads. This week we talked about the value of on premises vs. hosted SharePoint deployments, took a look at creating remarkable content experiences and explored the relationship between collaboration and productivity.

Boston: You're My SharePoint Home Next Week #SPTechCon

sharepoint, sptechcon bostonSome dirty water, a little clam chowder (hopefully those aren’t connected) and the SPTechCon. 

Boston is home to the 10th SharePoint Technology Conference next week, and we’ll be there Monday Tweeting (@cmswire, #SPTechCon) and reporting. The conference, put on by BZ Media LLC, runs from Aug. 11-14 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel.

Will Your e-Discovery Vendor Support Your Move to SharePoint Online?

Information Management, Will Your e-Discovery Vendor Support Your Move to SharePoint OnlineIt doesn't take a genius to see that Microsoft is making a major shift to the cloud. 

SharePoint Is Dead - Long Live Office 365

If you've visited the Microsoft website lately, you might be wondering what happened to SharePoint. It hasn't disappeared altogether, but it's certainly harder to find. Is this somehow related to Microsoft’s recent reiteration of its "device and services" strategy? I think it is.

Building the Business Case for Information Governance - Contrasting Risk, Value

The Big Data movement has legions of companies showing renewed interest in harnessing the value of information. Followers of this trend know that the 3 Vs of Big Data (Volume, Variety and Velocity) have converged to make it feasible to utilize predictive analytics on everything from social media content to influenza outbreak data. The excitement is both palpable and justified because companies can now analyze data in minutes compared to what would've been practically impossible just a few years ago.

Growing Popularity of Chat Apps Means Revising Information Governance, Security Plans

shutterstock_97785350.jpgAs chat apps overtake SMS text messaging as the mobile messaging method of choice, what dangers does this hold for information governance and security?

Actiance Adds Social Content Review Feature to Socialite

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for logo actiance.png

Communication, collaboration and social media governance platform Actiance released a new feature that allows a user to approve and review social content through multiple reviewers on Socialite, its social engagement and compliance product.

How to Succeed at Email Management if You're a Midsized Organization

Email Management for Midsized OrganizationsAll companies share a concern in reducing the cost and risk of unmanaged email. While the general approach I’m recommending works for large organizations, midsized organizations -- with terabytes or tens of terabytes rather than hundreds of terabytes of email to manage -- are a different animal.

Weekend Reads: Future Proofing Your Mobile Experience + Building SharePoint Solutions

cmswire weekend readsThe work week is over and it's time to relax! What better way than to catch up on some of the must-read articles from this week? In our customer experience space we talked about ensuring your mobile strategy is ready for the future. Over in social business we talked SharePoint solutions and in the world of information management we learned about combating the e-discovery dangers of BYOD. Sit back, put up your feet and enjoy!

This Week: Better Mobile Customer Experience + The Price of Social Connectivity

Creating Great Mobile Experiences
There's no question that a mobile presence is necessary, but there's no consensus on how to get there. Thankfully there are strategies and tools that make building a great mobile experience easier.

Social Connectivity at a Cost
What price do we pay for all the connectivity that the digital world provides? In a new column, contributor Stowe Boyd takes a look at what we gain and what we lose when we use social tools, advocating for a new social contract before moving forward.

One Love, One Microsoft
The wait for Microsoft's reorganization plan is over, but does the new, unified Microsoft signal a more agile organization or more of the same?

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Cloud Service Models (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS) + How Microsoft Office 365, Azure Fit In

Cloud Service and Microsoft IaaS SaaS PaaSCloud is a hot, but ambiguous buzzword in the IT industry. A Sofware Developer may describe the Cloud in a different way than a System Admin, while a Database Admin may have an altogether different definition. What constitutes the cloud is a rather complicated question. However, there is one common view that most IT people share ...

Gartner MQ Secure Email Gateways: Market Moves to SaaS, Microsoft, Proofpoint, Symantec Dominant

Gartner MQ Secure Email Gateways: Market Moves to SaaS, Microsoft, Proofpoint, Symantec DominantIf Gartner’s recently published Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways is anything to go by, email security is still a major concern for many enterprises. As a result, the market grew by nearly 2% last year. Some vendors, however, are bucking the low-growth trend with Proofpoint and Symantec showing double digit growth as potential buyers look to SaaS deployments.

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