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Bracing for the E-Discovery Dangers of BYOD

E-Discovery Dangers of BYODIn today’s fast-paced business environment, companies are increasingly permitting their employees to use their own devices, such as smart phones and iPads, to perform business functions. Known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), this trend has revolutionized employee work habits. 

This Week: Redefining Social + The Human Element of Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping the Customer Journey
Technology helps organizations design and build better customer experiences, but there's something to be said for the human element -- both customer and business -- that can't be forgotten, or replaced.

Redefining Social
Everyone wants to have a social enterprise, but many can't define what that really means. Read Symon Garfield's definition of social business for one perspective.

To Move to the Cloud or Not
Here are 4 reasons not to move to SharePoint in the Cloud. For those who implement the OASIS CMIS content interoperability standard, working with cloud-based enterprise content management system is now easier.

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4 Reasons NOT to Move to SharePoint Online

4 reasons not to move to sharepoint onlineYou heard the reasons why you should move to SharePoint Online and the some of the things you need to be aware of, but let’s step back and consider the reasons why you might not want to make the move to the cloud.

Gartner e-Discovery MQ: 9 Leaders, 4 Main Criteria, A Consolidating Market

We have already seen that the current e-discovery market is characterized by consolidation and the emergence of a number of very large vendors. In spite of this, Garter’s Magic Quadrant for this space is still extremely competitive with 23 vendors overall, and nine in the Leader’s quadrant. The Leaders, we have also seen, can cover just about any aspect of information management from discovery to storage or retrieval.

Gartner e-Discovery MQ: Market Consolidation Led By HP-Autonomy, Recommind, Symantec

Gartner's e-Discovery MQ.jpgFor anyone that had doubts about the volatility of the e-discovery market, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for e-Discovery should put those doubts to bed. In the coming two years the number of firms claiming to offer e-discovery products or services will plunge by 25%, while the market will be characterized by consolidation, with the emergence of a handful of large vendors.

Discussion Point: Records Management Influenced by Cloud, Collaboration Technologies

shutterstock_40040128.jpg The world continues to evolve and as it does so too do the tools and technologies we work with every day, including those that records managers must use. We gathered a group of experts and asked them whether or not the advance of these technologies changed the way they work. Their answers will certainly get you thinking.

A Four Step Methodology for Defensible Disposition

Defensible Disposition: 4 Step MethodologyDoes defensible disposition intimidate you? Follow these four steps to banish your fears.

Actiance Enhances Social Compliance Platform Support for Lync, Jive

Actiance Enhances Vantage Compliance Platform.png

For some regulated industries like finance, social business can become a social headache. To lessen that headache, Actiance’s Vantage flagship product for compliance management of all social business channels provides audits, content inspection and archiving, and now the company is out with its 2013 version. 

What Does Counsel Really Think About Predictive Coding?

Predictive coding for e-discoveryWhile the promise of predictive coding is alluring, many questions remain for corporations and law firms: Where does the software end and the importance of workflow begin? Are companies using it successfully? Is the technology well-suited for all types of legal matters?

Weekend Reads: Avoiding Customer Journey Pitfalls, SharePoint Governance

weekend_reads_customer_journeyThis week we continued our exploration of customer journeys and took a look at making the most of our customer data. Over in social business we talked narrative building, while in information management we went over the ways to build confidence in your SharePoint governance strategy. And remember, Memorial Day weekend means more time to read!

Five Tips to Ensure the Security of your e-Discovery Project

five_tips_security_ediscoveryUnless data security is a fundamental concern that is considered and communicated at the start of each e-Discovery project, any small gap can quickly become a serious information management risk. 

5 Things You Should Know Before You Migrate to SharePoint Online


You've been thinking about it -- moving to Microsoft’s hosted version of SharePoint. Before you make that final decision, make sure you know about these five things.

Bigger Data Isn't Better, Better Data Is Better

Bigger is better. It’s a lesson that’s drilled into us from childhood -- whoever ends up with the most toys wins. Everywhere you look there are people, groups or even entire countries trying to be the biggest one thing or another. Biggest building, biggest car, biggest ball of twine -- they're all out there. You ate the biggest steak on the menu? You're awesome -- here’s your big tee shirt.

Delivering Organization 2.0 with SharePoint 2013

As businesses evolve from being information or knowledge centered to being more people centered, SharePoint 2013 offers a range of features to support the shift. 

How to Develop and Implement Your Discovery Readiness Program

It all starts with a “discovery program framework” -- which is just a glorified checklist. But it’s proven to be one heck of a useful checklist for those organizations who are addressing litigation readiness, compliance and e-Discovery.

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