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Newtek Offering SharePoint 2013 as SaaS

One of the principal business considerations around the new SharePoint 2013 official release is going to be pricing. We already saw signs that with the Office 365 upgrade, Microsoft is pushing users towards subscription models. But what about SharePoint 2013 as SaaS? Web hosting vendor Newtek is going to be offering just that.

Microsoft's Top Ten SharePoint Online Features

Since the upgrade of Office 365, we've seen our fair share of commentaries and criticisms of SharePoint Online. But what about Microsoft? What does it think the strong points are? In a recent blog post, Mark Kashman, a Senior Product Manager on the SharePoint team, outlined his thoughts.

The Perfect Storm - Dealing with an Email Blizzard in the Face of Risk

If you live in the Northeast, odds are that you looked out your window a couple of weeks ago and saw snow falling from the sky. Parts of the region were buried under more than three feet of the white stuff, paralyzing the population. The bright side of any blizzard is that the snow, no matter how much, eventually melts away. The same is not the case for email.

SDL Turns Multilingual Big Data into Big Text: Integrates Machine Translation with Text Analytics

Huge data flows can yield virtual gold mines of insights, predictions and other analysis, but what happens when the text-based data is in multiple languages? To address Big Data’s Big Language problem, customer engagement provider SDL has announced that its cloud-based BeGlobal machine translation (MT) solution can now integrate with text analytics processing, boosting the ability to track customer sentiment and business trends in multiple languages. 

Weekend Reads: Focusing on Employees + Big Data - Divider or Uniter?

There appears to be as many ways to tackle employee engagement as there are organizations, but I think there is one point that we can agree on: without acknowledging the humans at the center, it doesn't really matter.

E-Discovery Is Risk Management

e-Discovery is normally thought of as a legal process related to the identification, gathering, analysis and transfer of data (e.g., documents and email) for lawsuits and other legal matters but though that is true, e-Discovery is at its core, a risk management issue.

Traackr Introduces Social Media Marketing Platform that Targets Influencers

Influencer marketing technology provider Traackr is launching a new platform designed to deliver actionable insights based upon identifying influential people and content on social media sites.

AvePoint Releases DocAve 6 Service Pack 2 to Aid in SharePoint 2013 Migration

SharePoint governance and infrastructure management technology provider AvePoint is releasing DocAve 6 Service Pack (SP) 2. This latest version of AvePoint’s enterprise-class management platform for SharePoint governance includes expanded SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 support.

Miles Ahead in the Roadmap of an Electronic Records Management Implementation

By the second month of your electronic records management (ERM) implementation, the project plan has been curtailed several times. It happens regardless of your industry or the company you work for. Despite the beauty, simplicity and elegance of your critical path, one or more surprises will suddenly appear.

Quantum Discovery Acquires Preferred Imaging to Expand E-Discovery Reach

Quantum Discovery, a specialist in providing e-Discovery services to the legal industry, is acquiring Indiana-based litigation support services provider Preferred Imaging. The company says this purchase expands its national scope and also “solidifies” its Midwestern position.

HP Information Optimizer, Autonomy IDOL Integrate For e-Discovery

HP Autonomy has announced several significant enhancements to its market-leading e-Discovery offering, helping organizations automate and simplify processing of large, diverse data sets.

Recommind Introduces EasyUpload to Improve eDiscovery

Data management, analysis and governance solutions provider Recommind has released Axcelerate EasyUpload, a cloud based tool that helps with the management and transfer of electronically stored information (ESI).

Top Three Weekend Reads: Managing the Customer Experience, Death to Internal Email

Everybody out there feel good about their customer experience strategy? Are you on top of all of those emails waiting for a response in your inbox? Then there's no need to read further.

E-Discovery Trends for 2013

Like any relatively young industry, the e-Discovery technology market is undergoing a process of maturation. In a relatively short time span, e-Discovery has evolved from a somewhat isolated activity to an expansive, business-critical operation.

Symantec Surevey Reveals More Retention Plans, More Risk

symantec_logo_2012.jpgSymantec’s 2011 Information Retention and eDiscovery survey found nearly half of respondents do not have an information retention plan in place. Thirty percent are only in the process of discussing how to do so, and 14% have no plan. A year later, according to the 2012 Information Retention and eDiscovery Survey, the percentage of organizations without a formal information retention plan dropped by half.

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