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IBM Pushes Big Data, e-Discovery With StoredIQ Acquisition

Unless one of the other vendors slips a sneaky acquisition under the door by the end of the year, the announcement by IBM that it is buying StoredIQ early in the new year has to be the last throw in consolidation of the information management market for this year.

From Clunky to Cool - EMC IIG (Documentum) Exceeds Expectations in 2012

For a long time Documentum was known as the 800-pound gorilla of the Enterprise Content Management world, a force to be reckoned with, but not exactly sexy or sleek.  

Social Media, The Law and What We've Learned in 2012

You could say that 2012 was the year that the legal industry embraced social media -- but that doesn't mean that social media embraced the legal system.

Social Collaboration in 2012 - Moving at Light Speed

Over the course of the past year, the pace of change in the social collaboration space rivals that of Star Trek’s Enterprise.

HP Underlines Big Data Strategy With Vertica, Hadoop Upgrades, Extends AppSystem #HPDiscover

Earlier on we took a look at HP’s upgrade to its Marketing Performance Suite, which combined technologies from Autonomy and HP. Another set of announcements from today’s proceedings at HPDiscover in Frankfurt cover HP’s future take on Big Data and how it is going to tackle it.

Where Were Your Thinking Caps? Shame On All Involved in HP and Autonomy Mess

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison could very well be driving around in his US$ 445,000 Lexus LFA right about now, laughing uncontrollably.

SharePoint 2013: Make the Most of Your Upgrade

SharePoint 2013 is expected to be available to the public in the first quarter of 2013, and you may be wondering when is the best time to upgrade from SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013.

GRC Roll-up: E-Discovery in Office 2013, OpenText Releases InfoFusion

There have been a number of announcements in the GRC space recently, especially in e-Discovery. Among them are the new e-Discovery capabilities in Office 2013 and the release of OpenText’s InfoFusion. Otherwise, Modus releases Early Insights, LockPath upgrades Keylight, while Catalyst and Rimkus partner.

How Clifford Chance Bet on SharePoint for Enterprise Content Management #spc12

In the legal community, it’s well known that Clifford Chance, one of the world’s largest law firms, has been undergoing a major shift towards using SharePoint as the firm’s Enterprise CMS. At the SharePoint Conference last week, I attended the session dedicated to exploring this implementation in more detail. 

Top Three Weekend Reads: Being Steve Jobs, Leaving SharePoint Las Vegas

Time to play catch up for all of you returning home from the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. Check out what you've missed this past week.

Summary of: Reducing Organizational Risk Through Effective Information Management #spc12

This is the fourth and final day at SharePoint Conference Las Vegas. After a good party last night, it's time to talk risk management in my first session of the day, presented by Paul Olenick: "Reducing Organizational Risk Through Effective Information Management."

Overview of e-Discovery Across the Microsoft Office Platform #spc12

Microsoft has joined in the e-Discovery fray, now pushing a unified offering across the entire Office platform. At the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, I sat in a session by Quentin Christensen, Program Manager at Microsoft, to see exactly what features will be available to end users.

What's New in Enterprise Content Management for SharePoint 2013 #spc12

The topic of enterprise content management (ECM) on SharePoint is always a hot one, and the hype is ever-growing with the 2013 release. 

EMC IIG's Massive Wave of Content Management Solutions Rocks the Enterprise #MMTM12

Content management end users of yesteryear too often felt like children being forced to eat their liver -- they knew it was good for them (or for the Enterprise), but they would do anything they could to avoid it … even if it kept their CEO out of jail.

SharePoint Deployments Increase Despite Rising Costs, Staff Shortages

It’s moving quickly towards the end of the year and enterprises everywhere are starting to do the sums to see how much all their computing is costing them. If a newly published reported by Osterman Research is anything to go by, the cost of running SharePoint has jumped by 16% this year.

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