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Eccentex News & Analysis

Eccentex Finds Knowledge Workers Lacking Necessary Tools for Productivity [Infographic]

How prepared are you to thrive in your work environment? Are you able to access the information you want when you need it? According to a recent survey by Eccentex, many companies are failing to equip their employees with the tools they need to get work done efficiently. Whether it be mobile, cloud-based or business-critical systems, knowledge workers indicated that they don’t have adequate access to the necessary information needed to make informed decisions.

Eccentex: What We Can Learn From Dynamic Case Management in 2012

Of the things that we are most likely to recall from the past twelve months, dynamic case management (DCM) may not be one of them. But chances are you've dealt with the elements of DCM throughout the year.  You may have called it by another name -- like business process management, or adaptive case management, or maybe you know it as the mobile app you access to get work done. Regardless, we've learned a lot from dynamic case management. To help up put it in perspective, we turned to CEO of Eccentex, Glen Schrank. 

Eccentex Invests in PaaS, Dynamic Case Management

eccentex_logo.jpg In January, Deb Miller wrote that “Business agility is all about being prepared for and able to quickly adapt to change." Perhaps Eccentex was listening. Today the dynamic case management solution provider announced that it had raised US$ 7.5 Million in Series A funding that will be used for expanding its PaaS cloud computing solutions.

Eccentex Puts Dynamic Case Management in the Cloud; Improves Productivity, Access

eccentex_logo.jpg Is your company benefitting from the cloud? Are you bringing together the right information, processes and people? If not, then listen up. Recently we spoke with Glen Schrank, CEO of Eccentex to talk about dynamic case management, its drivers and competitive advantages.

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