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Enterprise Collaboration Tools a 'Must' For Business Success

AIIM lede.jpgMost organizations see collaboration as crucial to their success, but nearly two-thirds of those organizations feel confused about the dovetailing of collaboration and social tools.

And while document and content sharing outside the firewall is considered a necessary evil, many onsite systems have been secured against access to outside systems, forcing business workers to rely on unsecured file sharing systems.

These results and more from recent AIIM research points to a C-Suite that favors collaboration, but puts many obstacles in the way to achieving it.

Document Mgt Roll-up: A Win - and Possible Loss - for Office

This week there have been a number of interesting stories in the document management space, not least of which is the fact that the British government appears to be reconsidering its contracts with Microsoft. Meanwhile, Huddle has announced an integration with Office, while Box and KnowledgeTree have struck up a new partnership.

Polished! Documentum's Golden Crown is Shining

Golden crown.jpg

EMC Documentum has worn a crown of gold in the enterprise content management (ECM) world for quite a long time. In fact, it’s hard to remember a year (if there was one) when analysts at Gartner, Ovum and Forrester didn’t all call the company a leader.

And a leader, it should be noted, is different from a strong performer, a challenger, a contender and a visionary, all terms the analysts apply to levels below "leader." A leader is a product that can already do it all (or at least the important parts) and that analysts recommend, almost without hesitation — a product like EMC Documentum.

A Look Back : A Mobile, Cloudy World for Document Management in 2013

Looking Back at Document Management

Looking back over the year in document management, one thing stands out. And that is that organizations still appear to be struggling under the weight of paper despite developments in enterprise technologies that should make managing all that information a lot easier. 

In fact, the view from December 2013 is much the same as the view was in December 2012, with some subtle but notable changes. The first of those changes is the growing importance of mobile, while the second is the demand for agile products that can respond to changing market conditions quickly.

Are You Putting Productivity Ahead of Security in the Cloud?


All this talk about big data this month has us questioning the security of it all, especially when data lives in cloud, as most of it does now. A new report from SkyHigh about the risk cloud services present to organization sheds new light on our concerns. 

Nuxeo Platform 5.7.2 Released with Video Player Upgrade, Bulk Tagging

Nuxseo Platform 5.7.2 Released with Video Player Upgrade, Bulk TaggingDigital asset management provider Nuxeo has begun rolling out steady updates to its platform, the latest being version 5.7.2, a minor update featuring an upgraded video player, bulk tagging and more tools for admins and developers.

OASIS Approves Updated CMIS Standard

Oasis.pngEnterprise content management (ECM) systems now have an updated version of the standard for sharing information.

Instaply Launches Customer to Business Texting Platform

Instaply Consumer to Business TextingInstaply entered the customer service fray today with its launch and release of its Mobile Customer Interaction Platform (MCIP), a product that allows customers and businesses to communicate with another via text messages.

Digital Chatter, Information Overload, and How to Get it Under Control

digital, information overload, john mancini

No matter how it’s discussed, we’re all at fault for creating information overload and, at the same time, we’re all victims of information overload. It’s tough enough to keep track of all the photos, videos, downloads and e-mail on our personal systems. Now imagine trying to keep track of the flood of content being created on an enterprise scale. That, in a nutshell, is what information professionals are up against. 

How to Clearly Articulate Your Enterprise Content Management Objectives, Guiding Principles

You’ll often need to explain the goals of your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) program in more detail than an elevator pitch. Here are the objectives and guiding principles applicable to most ECM programs.

Miles Ahead in the Roadmap of an Electronic Records Management Implementation

By the second month of your electronic records management (ERM) implementation, the project plan has been curtailed several times. It happens regardless of your industry or the company you work for. Despite the beauty, simplicity and elegance of your critical path, one or more surprises will suddenly appear.

Twitter Takes Transparent Approach to Copyright Infringement

Twitter is altering its approach to tweets that garner copyright infringement complaints in an effort to increase the “transparency” of how it handles such accusations.

PhoneGap 2.0 Improves iOS App Creation, Adds Windows Phone 7 Support

Adobe-owned open source mobile development platform PhoneGap has released version 2.0 and the system could be a good fit for those who need to produce native and Web based apps all in one place.

Nuxeo, Liferay Offer Cross-Platform Integration via CMIS, OpenSocial

nuxeo_logo_2009.jpgIf you use open source enterprise CMS platform Nuxeo and open source portal platform Liferay, we have good news for you. The vendors announced that Nuxeo’s platform is certified as a content source for Liferay.

Get Social, Local, Mobile at AIIM 2012 #aiim

Get Social, Local, Mobile at AIIM 2012 #aiimThis year’s AIIM conference is a who’s who of social media geeks, academics, technology wonks, journalists and information technologists. AIIM 2012 will be held in San Francisco starting March 20. Among the well-known keynotes featured are New York Times tech columnist David Pogue, Empowered Forrester Researcher Ted Schadler and author and NYU faculty member Clay Shirky, all of whom will be sharing insights about managing information in the social, local and mobile era.

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