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Office 365 Gains Text Analytics With Equivio Buy


Microsoft has bought text analytics provider Equivio — an acquisition that should both add another piece to the Office 365 puzzle and give Microsoft considerable traction in document-heavy enterprises like legal or financial firms.

While neither company would confirm the sales price, there is speculation the deal closed for about $200 million. If that's correct, Microsoft snapped up some pretty impressive text analytics for a relatively reasonable sum. In fact, the technology could end as a premium layer to Office 365 once Microsoft starts pulling it into its wider portfolio.

GRC Roll-up: SharePoint 2010 Gets Physical RM, SOA Offers IBM WebSphere Governance

There have been a number of interesting announcements in the GRC space this week. First, we had the release of a new governance product from SOA to manage IBM’s WebSphere, followed by a physical records management release for SharePoint 2010 and Mimecast support for BPOS. In the meantime, Autonomy was making its move into the healthcare market.

The Top 5 Trends for e-Discovery in 2011 According to Clearwell

clearwell_logo.jpgEach year, Clearwell predicts what’s next for e-Discovery. It’s a conversation we always look forward to as it presents an opportunity to look back at the past year and look ahead to next year. For 2010, it was predicted that with more e-Discovery brought in-house, e-Discovery would focus more on the way it is managed and how information is organized. For 2011, we will look at e-Discovery as it relates to evolving technologies and the global landscape outside its door.

Archiving Everything is Not Information Governance Sanity


The amount of information building in organizations today forces us to put in place smart information governance policies. Simply archiving everything is not a feasible or an intelligent plan.

One of the biggest information governance drivers today is eDiscovery. With eDiscovery pressures management now has the ability to create a solid business case for refining information governance practices: reducing the volume of records flowing into eDiscovery systems translates into real cost savings.

But creatingan information governance plan is no easy task. Consider for starters that most of the involved groups don't typically talk to one another.

Enterprise CMSand Information Management firm Open Text, along with Forrester Research Senior Analyst Brian Hill, is holding a mock eDiscovery meeting on November 16th at 2pm Eastern time. The event will bring together key players from IT, legal, Records & Information Management and the executive team to hash through strategies for meeting requirements while reducing current pains.

Along with a discussion about the current state of information management, this light-hearted session will examine many of the serious issues organizations face when trying to manage the mounds of information they're responsible for.

This event is designed to help you understand the concerns of different groups and provide solid guidance for creating an information governance strategy that works for your organization.

The bottom line message is that it's time to get smarter -- stop archiving everything and utilize the proven business case to support a more discerning governance strategy. Reserve your seat for this session and learn how to take the next steps towards governance sanity.

GRC Roll-up: Solving the Challenges of SharePoint Recovery, Betting on GRC Pays Off

One of the challenges with SharePoint is tooling for both farm recovery and granular recovery, and one company is aiming to solve the problem.

Autonomy, in the meantime, publishes strong Q3 results with GRC at their center.

Afflicted Governance Vendor Vamosa Finds a Buyer


As you may have heard, governance and content migration vendor Vamosa (news, site) fell into administration, despite the recent investment of 1 million through Glasgow-based Maven Capital Partners. According to our sources in the U.S., Vamosa has been sold.

GRC Roll-up: RSA Sees GRC Moving to Cloud, AIIM Outlines Records Management Concerns

This week RSA identifies a number of new trends that will increase the pressure on companies to look to the cloud for new GRC solutions. While security concerns have always been a concern in cloud deployments, there is no shortage of companies like Agiliance to offer solutions for this, while Applied Discovery has added document review to its hosted services.

Are you Keeping your ESI Policies Up to Date? Survey Says Maybe Not

krollontrack_logo.jpgAccording to a new survey, more companies than ever have a strategy to address electronically stored information (ESI) discovery, but may not know what it covers or when it was last updated to reflect new technologies. Whatever steps companies have taken to protect and find information are quickly undone by their inability to revisit their policies after they are developed.

Clearwell Adds Identification and Collection Module to E-Discovery Platform

clearwell_logo.jpgWhen companies began to bring e-Discovery in house, the relationship between IT and general counsel intensified. Because both teams require a significant amount of time and functionality to effectively filter, review and analyze a lot of data, working together isn’t always smooth sailing. Today, Clearwell makes an attempt to unite the two departments all while improving the e-Discovery process.

Forrester: More Companies Put Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery First

Forrester_logo_2009.jpgAccording to new research by Forrester, IT managers within the enterprise have their eye on disaster recovery and business continuity. From power outages to other weather-related disruptions, the 2,803 respondents indicated that they are primarily focused on helping to keep systems up and running despite whatever conditions may arise.

KMWorld's Trend Setting Products for 2010

kmworld_logo_2010.jpgKMWorld (news, site) has released its list of trend setters for 2010, so what's making the pace in the new decade?

GRC Roll-up: EMC to Offer VM Compliance, Guidance Brings e-Discovery in-House

After all the hoopla around the ILTA conference in Las Vegas last week seems things have quieted down a bit GRC-wise. Even still EMC is looking to guarantee the safety of data located in cloud services, CA is trying to set itself up as the cloud security provider and Guidance Software has just released a complete e-Discovery platform.

GRC Roll-up: Autonomy Unveils Risk Management Platform, Open Text Adds Legal Social Media

This week from a GRC perspective was always going to be about announcements from the International Legal Technology Association’s (ILTA) conference in Las Vegas that runs until tomorrow. Nearly everyone is there including Autonomy, Open Text, IBM and Recommind. But there are others too and we’ll catch up with them next week.

Measuring eDiscovery Software Performance

Companies face many challenges when it comes to choosing the eDiscovery platform that is right for them. Price, productivity and accuracy are all factors in their decision. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to effectively compare platforms and solutions against each other?

Taming the Information Management Beast

The rise of Information Management as a business priority seems inexorable. But how do you go about taming the beast?

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