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Ediscovery Trends News & Analysis

The Top 5 Trends for e-Discovery in 2011 According to Clearwell

clearwell_logo.jpgEach year, Clearwell predicts what’s next for e-Discovery. It’s a conversation we always look forward to as it presents an opportunity to look back at the past year and look ahead to next year. For 2010, it was predicted that with more e-Discovery brought in-house, e-Discovery would focus more on the way it is managed and how information is organized. For 2011, we will look at e-Discovery as it relates to evolving technologies and the global landscape outside its door.

Equivio Makes Early Case Assessment More Relevant

Equivio Makes ECA More RelevantEarly case assessment is an important part of the eDiscovery process and Equivio (news, site) demonstrates that with some updates to their product Relevance.

GRC Roll Up: Technology Improvements, Impacts and Social Media Compliance

As we inch closer to 2010, resolutions and predictions for the New Year are not uncommon. Many companies are addressing hot topics with webinars or at conferences. Even the legal industry and the companies that serve them are making lists. Let’s take a look.

GRC Roll Up: A Governance Portal, Cloud Compliance and an eDiscovery Webinar

This week may be a holiday for many of us, but there is still governance, compliance and risk issues to contemplate and analyze. Spruce up the conversation at the kids' table with a little talk of cloud computing and eDiscovery and teach the next generation that the future is now.

Bridgeway Tackles eDiscovery Trends from a Business Perspective

bridgeway_logo.jpgWhen we reported about the top 5 eDiscovery trends for 2010, we were of course synthesizing the issues affecting the industry and predicting as best we could, with the help of Clearwell Systems what the new year may bring.

However, those five trends, as astute as they are, represent a perspective of eDiscovery that address technology. What about the eDiscovery trends that effect business strategies?

eDiscovery Moving In House To Support Rise in Requests

eDiscovery Moving In House To Support Rise in RequestsThe folks at Clearwell think that a storm is brewing in eDiscovery. A storm so perfect that it brings together increased data volumes, litigation, compliance standards and a growing need to cut costs, forcing companies to face their eDiscovery needs head on.

Like storm chasers who investigate the forces of nature, Clearwell wanted to learn more about the status of the eDiscovery. Enlisting help from the Enterprise Survey Group (ESG), Clearwell surveyed over 100 Fortune 2000 enterprises and government agencies and focused questions around the giant whirlwind of activities affecting eDiscovery in the enterprise.

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