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Don't Abandon the Hard Drive: Egnyte Embraces the Hybrid Cloud

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Last week when Dropbox announced that they planned to kill the hard drive, some of us may have accepted this as the natural progression of things. But if you stopped to think about what the end of the hard drive would really mean for the enterprise -- you may have wondered if it’s such a good idea.

Egnyte Provides Cloud Access behind the Firewall

Cloud-based file sharing infrastructure provider Egnyte is releasing a new content storage/sharing infrastructure designed to enable organizations with sensitive or regulated data to obtain the benefits of public cloud data access while keeping data behind a private firewall.

Egnyte Announces New Hybrid Cloud File Sharing Infrastructure Platform for Partners

Egnyte, a provider of cloud-based file sharing infrastructure, is releasing EgnytePlus, a platform and partnership program aimed at allowing users to create their own cloud-based file sharing infrastructure that integrates with existing IT investments.

Egnyte Updated Hybrid Cloud File Sharing Aims for Enterprise Market

With an eye toward audit and accountability of content at the enterprise level, Egnyte announced its new Hybrid Cloud File Sharing for the Enterprise.

Cloud Storage/Security for Mobile: Benefits, Risks

Could mobile apps offer a solution to the inherent risks that your business faces when moving its data and functions to cloud-based applications or services? 

Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Welcoming Service Cloud 3 and iPad 2

Among this week's hodgepodge of Enterprise 2.0 announcements: extends its love for Facebook to Service Cloud 3 and lo! The second coming of the iPad!

Egnyte Gets Funding to Help Bring iPad to the Enterprise

egnyte_logo_2010.jpgEgnyte (news, site) picks up a healthy round of venture capital to boost its cloud storage service and offers an iPad 2 app that will smooth the device's way into businesses.

Work Remotely On Files With Your Android Phone

egnyte_logo_2010.jpgEgnyte (news, site) aims to make it easier to work from home (the pub, or the mall) this holiday season with a new application for Android users.

SMBs Can Take Advantage of a Hybrid Cloud

egnyte_logo_2010.jpg A growing number of companies are looking at the under-exploited SMB cloud market and releasing products to fit. The latest is from Egnyte (news, site)  which has just announced that this week its Office Local Cloud is available on the Netgear ReadyNAS business-class network storage platforms.

A Sentiment Analysis Manager for your Online Communities

teragram_logo_2009.jpg Teragram (news, site) is a company that has taken on the brave challenge of turning sentiment into metrics. For any company that really wants to know what users think of its products, the Sentiment Analysis Manager could be the answer.

Drupal vs eZ Publish vs WordPress vs CMS Made Simple

cms-comparison-dcamp-2009-05.jpg As nearly every article we publish on the topic attests, there is no best CMS -- there's only best fit given the context, if that. At the recent DrupalCamp in Helsinki Exove, a Finnish technical consulting company focused on open source solutions, presented their take on how to choose the best CMS given the client's project context.

They looked at 4 web content management systems: Drupal, WordPress, eZ Publish and CMS Made Simple.

Given the context, it's no surprise that their point of reference was Drupal. But what convinced us to mention the presentation was their concise yet useful take on how the 4 products differed and in what circumstances they encouraged the use of one versus another. Let's have a look.

Egnyte Explodes Onto the Knowledge Management Scene

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Just when you thought the knowledge management space could not possibly get anymore crowded, Egnyte bursts into the market with a hybrid storage/collaboration/content management solution.

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