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Electronic Records Management News & Analysis

An Electronic Records Management Journal: Confusing Motion with Action

Electronic Records Management JournalIt doesn't matter if your industry is highly regulated or not. The Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) implementation is a privilege, not a right. You mustn't take the opportunity for granted.

An Electronic Records Management Implementation Journal: Month Three

By month three, everyone is uncomfortable. Don’t take it personally, but do manage it. This is no time to slow down. Doggedly move forward.

Miles Ahead in the Roadmap of an Electronic Records Management Implementation

By the second month of your electronic records management (ERM) implementation, the project plan has been curtailed several times. It happens regardless of your industry or the company you work for. Despite the beauty, simplicity and elegance of your critical path, one or more surprises will suddenly appear.

An Electronic Records Management Implementation Journal: Month Two

Your electronic records management project is planned down to the last detail. In month two, it's time to distribute the message throughout your organization that this implementation needn't be a huge strain on the organization’s resources.

An Electronic Records Management Implementation Journal: Month One

I love the smell of dry-erase markers and whiteboard cleaning solution in the morning … in the afternoons … in the evening … on weekends … in my sleep …

Electronic records management is not for the faint of heart.

Issues Remain With Federal Electronic Records Management Mandate

It’s not every day that you get to meet with the Former Director of Modern Records at National Archives and Records Administration. But when you do, the topic of discussion is bound to drift toward the Federal Mandate for Electronic Records Management.

ASG Records Manager Supports High Volume Environments

ASG_150x125.gifWhen one thinks of advanced electronic records management, what comes to mind? High volume simplification? Indexing and search capabilities? Automated management? If so, then ASG Software Solutions (news, site), a worldwide leader in business solutions for global enterprises, would like you to meet their new Records Manager.

Get Acquainted with 'Rules of the Road' for e-Records Management

Need to get a handle on the ever-changing rules of records management for the almighty internet? The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) is conducting a webinar tomorrow from 2-3PM Eastern.

During “State of Electronic Records Management,” speaker Bob Larrivee of AIIM will walk you through the following fresh criteria:

  • How modern organizations apply records management policies
  • Best practices and new technologies
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance while using new technologies
  • Improving enterprise efficiency amidst all this new techno hoo-ha

If you happen to be super-exacting, you can follow along with the New Rules of the Road pull-out, available on the AIIM site.

The webinar is sponsored by Plasmon alongside AIIM, in conjunction with a number of big brands (EMC, IBM, ABBYY, Kodak, TOWER) that make your professional development less painful on the wallet. Make tomorrow slightly more productive; register now.

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