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Email Marketing News & Analysis

TESTED! Personal vs. Business Email Contacts on B2B Websites [Infographic]

Thumbnail image for personal business emailIt's common practice in B2B marketing to require business email addresses on websites and online forms, but does this requirement leave valid leads on the table? 

Create Engaging Emails with Marketo's Definitive Guide

Create Engaging Emails with Marketo's Definitive GuideNeed advice on how to craft the most engaging emails? Marketo has produced 150 plus pages of tips in an attempt to define the email marketing genre.


Content Marketing: B2B v. B2C [Infographic]

Everyone can benefit from an effective content marketing strategy, but unless your audience is everyone, you may want to tailor your strategy to meet your audience's needs. Not all companies are created equally -- some market to other companies, while other market exclusively to citizen consumers. Let's take a look at some of the ways B2Bs and B2Cs use content marketing. 

Yesmail to Boost Data, Campaign Management with RedPoint Partnership

Yesmail to Boost Data, Campaign Management with RedPoint Partnership

Yesmail Interactive is focused on data and campaign management with its recent RedPoint Global partership. The two companies have teamed up to offer Yesmail customers a more complete view of customers across channels.

SDL Upgrades Intelligent Marketing Suite to Allow Video in Email Campaigns

Digital Marketing: SDL Upgrades Intelligent Marketing SuiteDigital marketers struggle to make campaigns stand out, especially in people's crowded email inboxes. An upgrade to SDL's Intelligent Marketing Suite looks to help, with the addition of video capabilities in email marketing campaigns.

A Timeline of How Marketing Got Personal [Infographic]

Marketing is a continually evolving field; an evolvement that is highlighted in an infographic from Infogroup Targeting Solutions that looks at marketing tools and strategies from the last 50 years.

Provenir's Omni-Channel Listening Platform Solves the Customer Engagement Paradox

Do you know about the customer engagement paradox? It occurs when companies implement a host of tools designed to listen to what the customer is saying across multiple channels but when combined, don’t actually play very well together. As such, the disconnect hinders real personal interaction and engagement — the very thing these tools were meant to amplify. To solve this, Provenir (pronounced /pro͞ov-nir/), has announced the creation of a new customer listening division, dedicated to the growing adoption of its new omni-channel customer listening and engagement platform. 

Salesforce ExactTarget Deal Reactions, the Day After

Salesforce ExactTarget Deal Reactions, the Day AfterNow that everyone has had a day to sleep on the Salesforce ExactTarget deal, we've put together some of the most salient bits of reaction we could get our mitts on.

Yesmail Aligns Email Data to Ad Serving with TrueEffect Partnership

Yesmail, an email marketing firm, has announced a partnership with a company called TrueEffect to bolster its ability to deliver relevant ads by combining email data with TrueEffect's ad serving capabilities.

Silverpop Shows Off Universal Behaviors Tool for Hypertargeting Campaigns

Marketing automation vendor Silverpop has announced a real time campaign buider called Universal Behaviors at the Amplify 2013 conference this week.

Silverpop Introduces Email Insights to Preview Email Marketing Campaigns


Digital marketing service provider Silverpop, which boasts a complete marketing platform with email, social, mobile and marketing automation tools has announced a new app for its collection: Email Insights. This app is designed to help marketers create better emails and email campaigns with a previewing feature that shows how the message will look on different devices and email channels.

Silverpop Nets US $25 Million in Funding for Behavioral Marketing

Email marketing and marketing automation vendor Silverpop has received US $25 million in new funding, and the company has said it plans to use the cash to continue building out its sales and marketing teams.

Marketing Automation: The Basics

Digital marketing is a complex machine. There are a variety of tools from engagement platforms to analytics that are designed to improve the customer experience and better a company’s revenue results. But how these tools are used can vary. One of the most significant processes (and tools) within digital marketing is marketing automation.

Email Marketing Benchmarks Identify Top Performers, Behaviors

Curious about the state of email marketing? Silverpop has released the findings of its 2013 Email Marketing Benchmarks Study, which showed that email is still an effective channel for delivering personalized, dynamic messages at the right time.

YesMail Aims to Improve Subscriber Lists and Message Deliverability with New Service

YesMail Interactive, the email customer intelligence company has released Yesmail Data Intelligence, an email tool designed to improve message deliverability and email marketing ROI.

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