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B2B Social Media Marketing Presence All But Mandatory

digital marketing, social media marketing, b2bB2B marketers will go anywhere and everywhere to get leads. It’s what keeps six out of 10 of them up at night: generating leads is their biggest challenge, according to data released this month by eMarketer.

Twitter Ad Revenues Approach US$ 1 Billion Pushed by Big Surge in Mobile Ads

As Twitter continues its inevitable path towards IPO -- expected to happen in the next year or so --predictions of advertising spending on Twitter for this year will undoubtedly help its initial share price.

Study: 2013 - More Tools Than Ever for Improving Digital Marketing

A new report from eMarketer explores what technology trends will be useful for marketers in 2013. The report concludes that marketers not only have to engage customers across social media platforms, but use other tools available to them, such as mobile and video advertisements.

eMarketer Report Highlights Importance of Brand Advocates

One of the biggest values of social media for brands is the increased influence of “brand advocates.” A new report from eMarketer focuses on how to leverage and amplify their influence.

Social Marketing Approaching Saturation Among Companies

Companies of all sizes are now socializing with their customers, would-be customers, employees and vendors through social media. Does social media have much room left to grow among businesses? 

Going Mobile: Native App Use Explodes, But Disadvantages Remain

Although Nielsen figures indicate that Android and iOS native mobile app users more than doubled the amount of time they spent with apps in March 2012 compared to March 2011, the top 50 apps captured 58% of that time. According to a new report from eMarketer, this indicates the necessity for native mobile apps to contain features that drive user engagement.

eMarketer Predicts Online Ad Trends in 2012: Hint - Video is Big

Once there were radios, then came television, and now, with computers quickly becoming America’s primary source of entertainment, advertisers are being forced to take notice. The latest trends in online advertising reflect this changing vantage point, as a new analysis from eMarketer shows video will be the fastest growing digital ad format over the coming years, slowly but surely gaining momentum against search and banner ads. The oracle has spoken. 

Social Media Minute: Twitter Moodiness, Fall TV

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Study Reveals Mood Swings In Tweets
  • Huffington Post Traffic Hits 1 Billion Pageviews
  • Which TV Shows Are Popular in Social Media?
  • Twitter Ad Revenue to Top $400 Million By 2012

Adding Up the Real Cost of Social Media

Breaking news: Social media is not free. Sure, Twitter and Facebook and a slew of other social networking platforms don’t cost anything to sign up. But they do steal your time and energy.

A recent infographic outlines the specific costs associated with implementing social media in an organization. From staffing costs to advertising campaigns to tracking tools, it all adds up.

The Rise and Fall of Online Advertising in 2009

The Rise and Fall of Online Advertising in 2009

It will be the best of times and the worst of times.

Amidst the 2009 predictions for e-new year, there is a consensus that it will bring both financial ruin and success. Chances are that both will come true.

eMarketer released insights of the Internet's plight into the aught nines -- and well, they're kind of what you'd expect. Their senior analysts offered up their best guesses. Let's take a look.

Report: Online Ad Spending to Rise 23% in 2008

A recent report by eMarketer has everyone scratching their heads. It seems that the Web is set to buck another trend — the rumored economic recession. The report projects that online ad spending is supposed to rise by 23 percent this year (which, keep in mind, is slightly lower than what eMarketer projected in October 2007).

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