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Emc Greenplum News & Analysis

EMC Introduces Pivotal HD - May Be the Most Powerful, Friendly Hadoop Distribution Yet

The earth may rattle and jaws may drop in Silicon Valley this afternoon when EMC Greenplum introduces Pivotal HD, the world’s most powerful Hadoop distribution in history. (The latter according to EMC Greenplum).

The Real Reason Why EMC and VMware are Pooling Assets to Create Pivotal Initiative

If you really listen when people talk, you can learn some amazing things. And in an age where chatter about the Cloud, Big Data and the shortage of Data Scientists has gone viral, there’s a quieter, compelling conversation going on. 

The next wave of computing will be about Big Data App development.

EMC Greenplum Acquires MoreVRP, Fueling Speculation on New Business Unit

What's up with EMC's Big Data spin machine? First, rumors of a new PaaS business unit plaster the Web, then EMC Greenplum announces purchase of MoreVRP via... a Blog Post? -- Really?

EMC and Kaggle Partner-up to Forever Change How Data Science Gets Done #stratany2012

The Age of Aquarius has dawned on the World of Big Data, at least if you’re in EMC Greenplum’s orbit, that is. 

EMC Greenplum, Alpine Data Labs Partner to Put Big Data Predictive Analytics Within Reach

Alpine_logo_2012.jpgFor all the hype around Big Data, the numbers of organizations outside of the Internet and Advertising industries who leverage it to the hilt are still fairly few.

EMC Greenplum Open Sources Big Data Apps, Acquires Pivotal Labs

“What Java did for the Internet, they (EMC Greenplum) will do for the web.” That’s a pretty profound proclamation, especially when you consider who’s making it; none other than Scott McNealy, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, where Java was created in the early 1990’s.

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