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Emc Information Intelligence Group News & Analysis

Mission Impossible = Mission Accomplished. EMC IIG's Next Goal is Data Gold

Rick Devenuti stepped into a mess when he first took the helm at EMC’s Information Intelligence Group (IIG), commonly known as Documentum (2010). When I asked him if he knew what he had gotten himself into, he gave a theoretical response, “Does anybody ever know?”

EMC IIG, Capgemini Partner to Deliver True ROI via Case as a Service (CaaS)

EMC’s Information Intelligence Group is switching its focus from selling a platform on which customers build solutions to selling solutions (some via certified partners) that work out of the box with “infrastructure included” as an option, thereby shortening time-to-value.

EMC IIG's Massive Wave of Content Management Solutions Rocks the Enterprise #MMTM12

Content management end users of yesteryear too often felt like children being forced to eat their liver -- they knew it was good for them (or for the Enterprise), but they would do anything they could to avoid it … even if it kept their CEO out of jail.

A Look at Documentum's Early Days; Will EMC Disrupt Content Management Industry Again? #MMTM12

Momentum_Vienna.jpgEMC’s Information Intelligence Group (IIG) (formerly known as Documentum) promises to make “the largest product launch in IIG’s History” at its Momentum Europe Conference on Tuesday. Content Management enthusiasts, CM industry analysts, and the Documentum Community at large, are all waiting, eyes and ears open, to see and hear what it (they) will be.

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