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Mobile Killed the Enterprise Social Network Star: The Unintended Consequence of Stronger Employee Connections

Mobile Killed Enterprise Social Network StarHave you ever accomplished something absolutely amazing, only to be shocked by the unintended consequences months or years down the road? “I didn't see that coming” is the battle cry of the high-achieving enterprise employee who creates better than expected outcomes that give unannounced and unwelcome life to sneaky consequences that are byproducts of any successful program.

Playing the Enterprise Social Hunger Games: May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Playing the Enterprise Social Hunger GamesNot long ago, a spark ignited inside a dystopian society, and the people staged a revolution against the oppressive, all-powerful leadership. But when the revolution failed, the leaders punished the people for their bold actions, instituting harsh policies that sent all but a few into a state of fear and despair.

Irrational Employees Create the Best Customer Experiences

Irrational Employees Create Great Customer ExperienceEmployees, being wonderful, irrational, social, purpose-driven creatures, are your most important weapon in connecting with and delighting the equally irrational customers you hope to convert to loyal advocates.

Forrester to CMOs: Engage, Excite and Educate Employees

Balancing the demands of digital marketing isn’t easy, especially if you’re the chief marketing officer. What makes you most successful? No one can deny that leveraging big data to build solid relationships customers is key, but according to a new report by Forrester, most CMOs believe it’s actually an enterprise-wide commitment to brand building that is critical to success. 

With Employee Engagement, Don't Forget the Humans

There is a lot of talk from technology vendors about creating employee engagement. The message seems to be, “buy technology and you can create employee engagement.” It’s a nice thought but not one that is likely to pay off.

How to Create a Successful BYOD Policy [Infographic]

Everyone has an opinion about Bring Your Own Device policies. Regardless of what you think about it, BYOD ranks high on IT’s lists of mobile concerns and has companies and vendors alike scrambling to accommodate the growing proliferation of mobile devices. Still, we’re so caught up in talking about BYOD, that we haven’t considered how to actually create a BYOD policy. Until now.

Want Social Media to Work for Your Company? Turn Your Employees into Advocates

In this age of social marketing, why not use your employees to help sell the company’s products? A new whitepaper from Dachis Group gives ten steps on how best to do that.

You Don't Work for One of the Top 100 Companies

It's Friday, we've got a list, let's do this. Fortune magazine dropped its list of the 100 best places to work, and since none of us work at these companies, let's pick the list apart to see how terrible it is, or not, to work for these companies. 

2012 - 2013: The Year(s) of Enterprise Collaboration

As we prepare to close the books on 2012, I've been thinking about what the past 12 months have meant for our industry. It’s been an exciting year -- one in which the practice of enterprise collaboration has begun to grow into maturity. If it were up to me, 2012 would be known as the year of enterprise collaboration. And so would 2013.

2013: Make Work Suck Less

Over the last couple of months I’ve presented my vision of the future of work to thousands of people at large events, small private sessions and boardroom meetings around the globe. While the presentation evolved from meeting to meeting, the underlying message remained unchanged: work should be fun.

Interview: Mark Fidelman on How Creativity, Innovation and Golf Relate to Social Business

If you haven’t heard of Mark Fidelman, you should become familiar with his name. 

SharePoint: Empowering Your User Base

In previous articles, we have covered the different solutions that can be built using SharePoint. But even the best of features are no good if they aren’t being fully utilized by the organization. 

What it Takes to Do Good Work and Where Social Business Fits In

There is much said about employee engagement these days -- how it is essential to great business outcomes, and how it is often shockingly low. Gallup’s 2009 statistical analysis across multiple studies show pretty radical correlations between having engaged employees and corporate outcomes.

The Future of Collaboration and Communication is Not The Intranet

Strong title, but if you asked Adam Pisoni, Yammer CTO and Co-founder, that's exactly what he will tell you. The future is, you guessed it, enterprise social networks and the cloud.

The Secret to CRM Adoption: Putting the User First

It wasn’t that long ago that salespeople feared that sales force automation (SFA) tools would result in the loss of their jobs. It sounds like a reasonable fear -- automation in other areas resulted in fewer people doing the same amount of work.

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